This guy is so much in love with his girlfriend but he gets even hotter when he meets her horny mom, now he has to prove to her that he is the right kind of guy for her daughter…

Now read the story of mine, which occurred to me. That was when I got to know my school mate girlfriend’s mom even better! While I and Sarah continued to study together, we got really close as well. She would often time tell me about her parents and how her father was never home, out on business trips. She would also tell me that Sarah always suspected him of cheating, so really never cared for him. One day, when I was approaching their house, I saw Mrs, Anderson’s hubby Harry leave, I think it was business, because eh had just finished packing his case in the car. Mrs. Anderson sat there staring out the window watching her husband drive down the street. Then she caught me staring at her, she smiled and waved.

I did the same, and then she waved me to come over. When I walked in, she was sitting in a chair and I could get a better look at what she had on. She looked like a Goddess, about 5”5, real thick, tanned, she was wearing a very short skirt with no panty line, so I imagined of her wearing no underwear! No pantyhose, just nice legs, and a blouse that was undone showing her white bra, which hugged her big tits.

“Hi Franky, how have your studying been going? Sarah said you have passed your final exams and soon you are gonna leave for college!”

“Yes, it’s been a very hard term this year, but I did all the exams well” I said smiling.

“Well I need a favor, if you don’t mind?”

“Yes anything, Mrs. Anderson”

“Please, call me Jessica.”

“All right!” I replied. Then she started saying:

“Franky do not be offended and don’t get me wrong! OK?” I nodded. She went on:

“Sarah has told me about your dates, and we often talk about sex, she is my daughter anyway! So she has told me that having sex with you was one of the greatest experiences in her life!”

I looked a bit puzzled, smiled and said:

“OK, what do you mean?”

“I think you know that my husband is going to business trips frequently, may be too often, so I know that he has been cheating on me. Well, he doesn’t show it at all, but I am feeling it. He changed a lot. Franky I want you to fuck me like you do Sarah and put it on camera”

I looked at her for a second and hesitated:

“I think it is not good idea, what you are talking about, what if Jessica found out!”

“She won’t find out, I promise! Don’t you like me?”

“Oh, Mrs. Anderson, I think you are very hot and very beautiful woman”

“So what do you think of it?”

“Well, if it is ok with Jessica, I don’t mind! Can we start now?”

She got up took me by my hand and lead me upstairs. Before entering her room I asked where Sarah was, she said she was out with her girlfriends. I said OK and proceeded in her bedroom. It was very nice and clean. There was a very big Kings sized bed with white cushioned headboard. Well, it was my first time in a milf’s bedroom I was anxious. She went into the closet and pulled out the camera. It was a digital Panasonic camcorder. She set it up right behind the bed so that it could take everything in front.

With that she smiled, walked over to the camera and turned it on. She walked back over to me and kissed me softly. Then taking my shirt, there was some skin oil on the nightstand, she grabbed it and poured some over my body. Doing this she moaned as if she was getting pleasure from this. She said that I had a gorgeous well hung body. After I felt it was enough her putting oil on me, I ripped her shirt off. I stared at her for a moment and kissed her neck sucking hard -she moaned. Then I opened her white bra, she had nice perky tits, kings size! They stayed put, she had pink nipples, with brown circles around. I cupped her left breast, squeezed it sucked it, and then nibbled. Then I took the other and did the same.

Her breast was so nice and firm. There was a bulge in my pants and she noticed it, and said that I was ready. With that she began rubbing my cock while still in my pants. I grabbed the skin oil and poured some on her breast, and rubbed them a bit more. Then I pulled her short skirt down, that revealed her white thong (so, I was wrong and she was wearing underwear) that I had predicted earlier. I turned her around and dropped my pants to reveal my boxers and half erect cock. I slid my cock out and put it between the strings of her thong and slowly slid it in and out. She moaned at the touch of my 8” inch cock. After that I removed her thong and turned her back around. Now I could play with her neatly shaved pussy. I dropped to my knees and teased her clit with my tongue. I sucked her clit, licking it with the flat of my tongue continuously, rapidly after a minute or so she was grinding my face in her pussy with both hands telling me not to ever stop. So I didn’t, I turned over and let her ride my face to her climax. She came yelling and jerking on my face. Then it was my turned, she laid flat on her back with her head hanging down off the side of the bed. Her mouth was open waiting for me to come inside her. I walked over to her and positioned myself just above her head. I gently placed my balls in her mouth and she tickled them with her tongue.

Then I put the head of my now fully erect cock in her mouth it opened her mouth wide but I didn’t stop there. I shoved my cock down her throat until she gagged and coughed on it. She started gagging and spitting on my cock, only giving it more lubrication. Saliva was pouring out of her mouth down her face over to her eyes. She sucked all 8” of my cock balls deep each time until I finally shot my cum in her mouth and on her face. She gargled some and let it drip out her mouth onto her breast and eventually licked that up too. When she was done sucking cock and gagging it so fucking hard, her eyes were white and make-up was running off her face. I grabbed the oil, and told her to turn over. I poured a large amount of oil on her bubble butt! It was so fucking wet and huge! I rubbed it really good, and fingered her ass hole just a bit.

“Do you like it in your ass?”

“Oh, yeas! Please fuck my tight ass!”

First I licked it just to get a taste, and her ass hole tasted really good! Then I took my now erect cock and forced it in her virgin ass hole. She screamed with which sounded like all her might, I felt her ass contract around my cock.

I made long hard strokes pulling all the way out and thrusting in with all my force! Using all muscle I was shoving my cock in and out of her ass. When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she stopped and told me to lay down. She climbed on top of me and went to work. She made sure she could impale her pussy on all of my 8 inches! I could tell she was in love with it, because it was like nothing she ever had, she was wild on top riding me like a horse, screaming, moaning! I think she was very close to cumming, so was I. a few more hard strokes and jumps on my cock and she yelled like a beast! She was crying very loudly, and I could feel her pussy muscles contract around my cock! After she was over, I got up, put her on her knees, and made her suck on my cock. She grabbed it with her hands, stroking it really hard, and taking all of my erection down her throat! That was so much for me, so I just came all over her face! Now my cum was even more, than previous cumshot, I counted 7 long white shots!

The movie was over. We were lying on the bed, panting and exhausted, her face still covered in my cum. She crawled on her knees to the camera fixed, looked at the screen and demonstrated her face to the objective glass. Cum was dripping off her face to her chin and some drops were on her tits. Making sure the camera took every single spot of her face, she said to the camera:
“Now you see what a great deal of fun your wife is having over here? You see?”

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