Marty’s mom!

June 10th, 2008

If your friend’s mom is a hot MILF you just can’t get her out of your mind, your cock is dreaming of her mature pussy, and you’ve got to do something to get it!

I am a 27 year old guy. I am tall and have quite a healthy figure, coz I’m going to the gym class 4 times week and each morning I go for a jogging. Due to this physical training I look much younger than my age. Any first met stranger can assume I must be around 22 years old. So, as far as you understand I have a rather good complexion. My friend’s mother is a 42 year old lady. But she has a slim and very good body that makes her look on all 36. She has black hair, big boobs what makes her a sexiest woman in our block, and good round ass that any man would love to fuck. My friend’s mother drinks every Sunday. Sometimes when she is in a really good mood she lets me join her with a beer. However she never lets her son drink as well.

Now I can still remember how it all started. A few years ago, (I still remember it was a hot summer period) we went to a party. I was studying. It was the anniversary of my friend father. However she hadn’t seen that I have arrived also, and was surprised to see me, but then she offered to take her home. I rushed downstairs and searched for Marty, her son. I couldn’t find him at first, but soon I managed to find this guy outside. I told him I was gonna take his mom home in car with me. Marty thanked me for taking care of his mother and said:

“Take care”

I drove them home. After that I went on back to my home, but on the way a few thought came over my mind. I saw Marty’s mom was looking very bad, so I decided that I had to do something about it. I went back to there home, parked the car and opened the side door and found that Marty mother had vomited all over dress. I tried to stop her from falling down.

What a stupid sight that was: me standing in the back doors and holding my friend’s drunken mom, and this adult woman, unable to even move. I cried out for Marty, but he appeared to go back to the party hall! Hell, now I was alone with her in their house and she wore a loose dress which fell down from her body. So I realized her embarrassment and pulled her attire back up. She whispered:

“Thank you”

Then I sprayed water on her and I led her into the bedroom, then I asked her whether she would sleep in bed. She said, she would manage herself and tried to stand, but her dress fell on the ground. Now Marty’s mother stood before me naked. It turned out that this lady was not wearing any underwear. But I was too worried about her sight and pull the dress up from feet. After putting her to bed I decided that I couldn’t leave her in that state, because I didn’t know when she might wake up again. So I went to other room and lay down on the sofa, turning on the lamp. Can’t say how it happened, but soon I fell asleep, coz I was tired. It took me a whole night to sleep, till the morning. When I woke up she was drinking tea staring at me. She kept staring at me and I asked her whether she was all right. So I narrated to her all about previous night.

One Sundays I went to meet my friend, but I found her alone in house. Her son was away. Then suddenly she appeared in front of me naked, I was totally shocked! However I viewed her cleavage and saw her breasts were hanging downwards. I began to feel a hard on. To hide it to her I turned around and told her that I will be waiting for her at the dining table. I had nearly reached the door when she said:

“Wait, look at me.” So I half-turned and I fixed my eyes on her breasts, I could almost see the nipples. She wasn’t moving, watching me. She sat down and asked me:

“Why are you staring at me? Did you like what you see?” I was too worried on hearing this; she chuckled and started to drink water from the glass. Then she splashed some water on her breasts! I had a real trouble sitting. I had a tremendous hard on, and my underwear was making it feel pain with strain.

I saw a lusty smile on her face. I was confused. After all, she was my friend’s mother. But my bulge down there was making things difficult for me to understand! She was getting me seduced. Just watching her I began to have a hard on, so I stood before her and pulled her up to me. I understood that I had to make it out with her. She seemed to accept that and I moved in to kiss her again. I put my tongue into her mouth, and began to explore her mouth. Our tongues met and caressed each other. I kissed her cheeks and then continued onto her neck. I knew she was getting aroused. She was leaking my tongue like a wild porn star! I continued to knead and suck her breasts until I realized that she was well excited.

So I slowly pushed her back on the bed and kissed her belly. Then I began to kiss the inside of her thighs, the softest place of a woman’s skin. I looked at her completely shaved vagina, put my mouth onto her vagina and licked it. I put my forefinger inside her and began to finger fuck her. She came soon. My fingers were glistening with her fluids. I continued to finger her ass. Then I put her on all fours, spread her legs wide and began to lick her from behind. I explored her asshole with my tongue. With all this foreplay she was extremely excited, I turned her over again and she lay on her back. I could see that she was ready for penetration. So, I kissed her vagina one more time, and spread her legs wide. Then I positioned myself so that my penis was right in front of her cunt. She arched her back when I just touched the outer lips of her vagina with my rod! She raised her lips to swallow my penis inside me. I guided myself inside her carefully. She was tight. I mounted on top of her and began to kiss her. I wanted to give her the maximum pleasure.

She was moaning and wrapped her legs around me. She put her arms around me on my back and I began thrusting my wang deep in her wet cunt! She told me to fuck her as hard as possible so I did! I fucked her for a few minutes, and finally pushed out a big load into her soaking cunt!

When I eventually got back home, I couldn’t stop thinking of what had happened. Marty and his mom. I fell asleep.

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5 Responses to “Marty’s mom!”

  1. maneater Says:

    fuck u

  2. hode Says:

    go to hell that is nasty

  3. iluvthepuss Says:


  4. shaggyjon Says:

    fair try for an alien visitor, but you learn our language first. Maybe your little cock will get hard enough to inspire
    you to jack off before spurting your watery cum in such weak
    stories. Get some whore to show you how to fuck before you
    out you penis to paper again.

  5. oqwejdfjq[pj Says:

    this is very stupide story

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