Lecherous mother-in-law

July 4th, 2008

Can you imagine how surprise the guy is when he finds out that he is having virtual sex with his mother in law on the Internet, will it turn into reality?

She was lying on the bed and gently biting her breast. I liked watching her masturbating. She had a very big breast, it was so big that she could lick it and even bite her nipple. It is really bliss to observe such a woman satisfying herself! She is a short peroxide blonde with a large bosom, she is 52 but still very sexy; though in usual life she is a hard-working and affectionate wife.

We’ve been living in the same apartment for two years and I’ve always had an erection when I see her big-sized panties.

She is very beautiful now so you can imagine how attractive she was in her youth. I saw her photos and I immediately understood why my father–in-law married her two weeks later after their first date.

And she is my mother-in-law… For two years I’ve looked forward to going to our country house where I could see this chic woman absolutely naked in various poses masturbating. I liked to see her putting a small vibration toy or a cucumber inside and enjoying that… During this two years I got to know what she liked, how she liked it. But for the story below my observations would possibly continue.

Once with the help of the Internet I got acquainted with a woman. We had virtual sex. Then we decided to exchange photos and meet at a rented apartment. When I received her photo I lost the power of speech – all this time I had sex with my mother-in-law. I could just leave the house and not send my photo, but the information about her said she had a partner and wanted to find a couple for sex. Then I knew from her messages that her partner was not her husband. It made me feel better because I couldn’t imagine myself having a gang bang with my parents-in-law.

Anyway I sent her my photo and expected a serious row, but nothing such followed. However she didn’t visit the website for a long time, at home she never showed that she wanted to say something about that.

When it was time to go to the country she came up to me and said she was looking forward to showing me how to make love with a woman, but in contrast to the previous experience I would be able not only to watch but take part, too.

I was shocked by the fact she had known about my peeping and never said a word. She’d known about my masturbating while watching her!

This time working in the kitchen-garden was much sexier! My mother-in-law bent lower, her bust (without bra this time) touched my hand, shoulder or cheek…

In the evening we had dinner, drank some whisky. I was going to bed but my dick already bulged in my pants.

She went to veranda as usual. I was lying on my bed not knowing how to come to the keyhole I used to look into. However when I heard light moaning I couldn’t lie still, I took off my boxers, pulled a condom on not to stain the pillow and looked into the keyhole. I was very impressed by what I saw there. In about 20 inches from my keyhole I saw her pussy and a big-sized dildo she was putting inside. I began fucking my pillow greatly when suddenly she came in.

She said nothing and sat on my face, I could smell her now… I was on the verge of coming but restrained with the help of my will. She was sitting on me and pouring her juices on my face. I was licking this lewd, but when she pushed my pillow away and began not even sucking but swallowing my prick I couldn’t restrain myself any more and came right into her mouth. She didn’t swallow that, she turned round and lowered on my limp dick trying to help it enter her cunt. She bent to me and began kissing me, my own semen was flowing into my mouth and past it and she was spreading my own semen over my face… I was shocked. All was happening like in the virtual sex…

After that we got dressed and went to bathe in the river. There I fucked my mother-in-law as she described in our virtual relationship. All the time I wanted to get the main meal and at last I made up my mind… I entered her from the rear and started slowly pumping her. She pushed me aside and put her enormous dildo into her twat and switched it on maximum. Her body was trembling and I didn’t have to do anything, I was just inside and we were both enjoying the vibrator. Then the battery was dead but we weren’t sad about that.

I began fucking her butt with an incredible speed and she put her hand inside and tried to catch my phallus through the walls of her vagina. That was in vain but then I stopped and she was caressing it with her fingers faster and faster. We had orgasms simultaneously. I shot my loads into her arse and lay on the grass; she wasn’t satisfied… that wasn’t enough for her… She squatted over my face and my semen was flowing from her anal in rhythm with movements of her shrinking anus. I was lying without moving and she, having poured the most of my semen, lay on me, made her breast dirty with it and began biting her nipple… I understood that this woman would teach me many things….

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3 Responses to “Lecherous mother-in-law”

  1. alibaba9 Says:

    this message for shameless7u7. you are the most, you are
    exciting, sensual and so much more. send me email, crank it

  2. Ravi Malaysia Says:

    Really nice fuck this mother in-low, i liked

  3. Mike Says:

    Very hot story.! Must be lucky to fuck ur own horny mother in law.!

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