This guy continues his relationships with Alison, a mature woman who is always looking for a young cock. This guy is lucky to have found such a horny MILF, read and get your cock hard! Please read the first part of the story: Keeping Alison Company.

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Hi there, Im writing to update a story of mine on your website – its called ‘Keeping Alison Company’ – true story about myself and a friend.

So, it’s the festive period, an ideal chance for Alison and I to meet up at the flat where it all began for another night of passion – and boy was she horny. She had been shopping and bought a naughty santa girl outfit, tight fluffy red underwear, including an amazing push-up bra (looks so good on her saggy breasts).

For almost an hour we fucked real slow and passionately; I was driving my throbbing young shaft into her smooth mature pussy, she was cupping her silky-soft breasts for me to suckle on. After two gorgeous, loving orgasms, Alison held me tight and whispered “I love you Jack”. I snuggled up to her, kissed her, then focused my hands on her butt cheeks.

She got the hint – she slipped my cock out of her pussy, got on her hands and knees, then pointed her hot plump butt towards my groin. At this point my cock still had a glossy covering of her cum all along the shaft, so I got behind my married, mature mistress and slipped my bare cock into her ass.

With an initial squeal, Alison began rocking back and forward to match my thrusts. I bent over her body, my cock deep inside her body and I held her saggy breasts in my hands. Teasing her nipples, she began to squirm – she needed to cum. I quickly wiped down my cock with some wipes, then thrusted into her hot melting pussy – it didn’t take long for both of us to cum, I blew an intense load into her mature cunt.

We settled down for the night, wrapped up and snuggling together we slept well into the next morning. I gave Alison a massage, caressing her older body all over- the best thing is with her, she isn’t perfect: feeling her tense back, her slightly flabby tummy (from having had 2 kids), her loose thighs, her soft breasts. I love her body! Sure, if I was with girls my age (19 now) I could get firm breasts and tight ass, but I prefer the mature women like Alison (45). She has much more character and passion about her.

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