Johnny’s mom and I

April 24th, 2008

A guy falls in love with his best friend’s mom, she is a hot and mature lady who is twice as old as he is and she knows ways to seduce guys like him…

I’m Andrew! Here comes my story and it’s 100% true! It is really worth reading, so enjoy! When I was born I was said to have a big cock and it wasn’t until I went to the high school I realized it was bigger than other guys. Everybody wanted to see it. They used to ask me to lower my pants to see how big it was. I think for them I was like some freak! However I had never boasted about my gift, coz in many cases it brought to me more troubles than peace. When I was 18 one of the chaps we played football with told his cousin how big it was and asked me to show him. You know guys asked me to show my manhood so many times that I got used to it and had no problems showing anybody. His cousin, a guy of my age, was impressed and asked me if he could wank me off. I just said OK.

He gave me a good time and I enjoyed it a lot. When I was ready to cum he went down and took all my cum in his mouth. It was a double pleasure for me: a hand job and my first oral contact. After that they both gave me oral again and I loved it. At this point of time I didn’t know these guys had been practicing hand and blow job to each other and it was a regular thing for them. I was reluctant to do the same on my turn, but they convinced me, so I gave them some oral delight but without any cumshot in my mouth. After I done they helped come each other by hands. After that I repeated this procedure a few more times with my friend, Johnny, and eventually swallowed his cum. I rather enjoyed it after I got used to it.

One afternoon I went to his place but he wasn’t home. At school he told me he would be home when I arrive, and promised we could have some fun. His mother was there and said he had not been home since the morning. I was surprised because Johnny had said he would be home. She then asked to stay and wait for him. She offered me some drink, juice. I thanked her. Then she began to talk to me, and, by all appearance it was obvious she knew I had a big cock. Then she asked me if I would show her. Sure, I refused, but she insisted perseveringly. On top of all, this mature bitch said she might let my parents know I did oral sex and let other guys masturbate me. I knew my father will kill me if he finds out. I had no idea how she found out, but she began to get impatient and very persistent, so I showed it to her. Frankly, she looked pretty young, like about 30 or something and she had a great figure. Moreover this day she was wearing very open clothing that hardly covered her boobs.

She went on to convince me I should show her. Her voice was so nice, she kept getting closer to me, she smelled wonderful and her tits were right in front of my face. I got hard on just looking at her tits and staying near her. It didn’t take much to see my cock form a bulge in my shorts.

She put her hand on my shorts and said it was massive. Before I realized it she opened my fly and let my cock out, then she touched it with her warm palm, feeling and stroking it. Milf said how much she admired it. Then she ordered me to take my pants off and started removing her own cloth. When I did that, she took her dress and bra off remaining nude in a few seconds. As expected, she had no underwear, and she had her cunt shaved neatly so that I could see her pussy slit. I stood and stared at her while my cock jumped up, saluting her with excitement.

She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. Upstairs she told me to lie on the bed, then kneeling between my legs she played with my shaft, kissing and stroking it very carefully. Finally, when I was about to blow a load in her mouth she asked me if I ever fucked a girl. I said No. she said she believed me as no girl of my age would take this monster inside, she also said she hadn’t had anything like that in her, so she wanted to try it. I also wanted to know what it felt like, so I nodded my head.

She got up on the bed over me. It looked very strange to me, I was a bit confused because I only knew one way of sexual intercourse, when a man was on top of woman. But this type looked like she was going to sit on my cock. I asked her if she was doing everything right. She said she will show me another way of having intimacy coz my cock was very big and she needed to control it all the way. I was surprised as her cunt looked bigger than any of the girls that I had seen. I was laying there and she squatted over my cock taking it in her hand, then she slowly lowered herself down onto it until my wang started disappearing into her warm and wet cunt. It felt wonderful when she slowly lowered herself down, so I could see my cock head opening her cunt lips and slowly sliding into her. As it went in she made some enjoying noises continuing impaling herself onto my rod. Further and further, as my cock slowly disappeared into her cunt, it was feeling better and better every second. Finally she was virtually sitting on me, and my entire shaft was inside of her. She moved about a bit and I could feel her cunt tight around my dick. My eyes fixed on her shapely tits. She said:

“This is the most amazing sensation I’ve ever had! I have never had anything bigger in me before and I have never enjoyed anything like it.”

She saw me looking at her firm tits and leaned forward letting me suck on her tits. I took one of her nipple sin my mouth and sucked it slightly. It felt really good. After I sucked hard she told me to do it with my lips, tongue and teeth. She liked me biting her nipples softly with my teeth, sucking and pulling on them with my lips. I was having a whale of time. Then she said she wanted to get fucked and started lifting and lowering her cunt up and down on my cock.

I always loved having my cock sucked but this was much better, she was all warm and tight and every time she moved I could feel her insides rubbing up and down my cock, it was fantastic! After a few minutes she changed her position a couple of times, but stayed on top of me. She said if I was ready to cum, I should let her know and she would slow the pace down. She wanted to prolong the session as long as it was possible. I said

“I must confess, I’ve never thought of having sex before, but now I feel very horny and you are so beautiful. Even the fact that you are Johnny’s mom makes me feel even hotter!” She replied:

“His father left us for another woman a few years ago, I don’t wanna see him any more, and so I don’t do this very often now, but I hope you and I can have some fun from time to time…”

I asked her what happens if Johnny finds out I fucked his mom. Her response surprised me a lot:

“I want you and him to continue as if nothing had happened and I will make sure he never finds out anything about you and me. I hope you will keep it a secret as well.” I assured her it will be only between me and her. Then I asked how often she wanted to do this.

She said time would show, but she hoped it will be a couple of times a week perhaps, and sometimes 3 times for a week. Then she said it was my turn to please her, and then she got off me, elide on the bed and told me to fuck her hard. I got onto her and my cock slipped into her very easily; her hole was huge because my shaft had already widened it up for a while.

I began to fuck her like crazy, 2 or 3 times I rubbed my cock over her cunt, but she didn’t mind, I pulled in and out of her without even touching my cock! I just aimed it at her cunt and my penis went in easy. I fucked her for about 3 or 4 minutes, soon she started to get excited and began to shiver and shake. Her boobs bounced up and down in pace with my thrusts, she let her hands caress them and squeeze them in ecstasy. I thought she was having an orgasm coz I had never seen a woman come. It was great! So I went on really hard, fucking her faster and faster, like I was jerking off my own cock. She began to moan and to cry like a slut: “Fuck me, fuck me harder! Just fucking don’t stop and fuck my slut cunt!” When I was on the verge, I began to cum, when she raised her face to me and asked: “are you cumming?”

I could only nod, I couldn’t speak, I was still cumming! My hands were fixed around her tits squeezing them hard. My ass was going up and down fast as my cock spurted my hot cum into her and flowed into her filling her cunt with my warm cum. It felt unbelievable: her wet and warm cunt all around my cock squeezing my meat and my cum was filling her! I had never experienced anything like that before. My heart was beating fast and the sweat was dripping off my face onto her body. It was the best orgasm I had ever had even better than Johnny sucking me off at times.

I collapsed on top of her all wet and sweaty, we were both soaking wet. She kissed my cheek and said that was the best fuck she had ever had. However, I wouldn’t share her optimism. I could not believe what I had just done. I had fucked my best friend’s mom and I felt good. Soon, as my orgasm calmed down, my cock shrunk and slipped out of her cunt, I began to feel ashamed of what I had done. For I just had fucked my best friend’s mom! Apparently she didn’t notice a storm of discrepant feelings in my mind. She kept saying I was the best fuck and she wanted some more! She said:

“I want you and I need to fuck like that again!”

We lay on the bed together for about 15 or 20 minutes, she was telling me what a great fucker I was and that her ex-husband would not ever match me. When she asked me to fuck her again I got hard on immediately, and she told me she wanted to ride my cock as previously. So we started our session again. This mature slut got over me and we fucked again for at least half an hour enjoying it a lot. Then I fucked her from behind, she called it doggy style, like dogs’ fuck! It was great and I could slap her ass checks while fucking her. Soon I came filling her cunt with my hot semen. She didn’t, so after a while we did it for the 3rd time and this time she came as well. I wandered if that was safe to cum inside of her, and she told me she was taking birth control pills to stop getting pregnant. We had been in her bed for the next 2 hours and we had fucked 3 times: her cunt was full of cum and it started to run out making some mess on the sheet.

Everything comes to an end. As well she said I would have to go because Johnny would be home soon. She took me into her bathroom and we had a shower together. That was my first time when I was taking a shower with a woman. In the shower she wanked me off again by hand and got me cum again. I thought my balls were totally drained. After that she dried me off, kissed the head of my rod and said it needed a rest for some long time. She was right, coz I had never been fucked so often ever. I thought when I come home, I would have the sleep of the dead, because I was exhausted after 3 hours of hard sex!
We had to walk naked together back to our clothes and we got dressed together and she kissed me really hard and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed like that but it was nice.

After we pulled apart she said, now there is something else I can teach you � how to kiss.

On the way home I though about having fucked my best friend’s mother who was over twice my age! Now she was going to repeat our sessions weekly. If only he wouldn’t catch us together! However, I wanted to know more about her body indeed. One thing I wanted to know for sure in detail: all about her cunt, I had never really seen woman’s crotch, so it was of high interest for me. I had fucked her cunt and had no idea what it looked like, but I knew perfectly what it felt like.

She taught me various sex positions and much more over the next 5 months. I even began to have oral sex with her and we both really enjoyed that.

Johnny found out I was fucking his mom and we were no longer friends from this time. We didn’t even talk to each other. After that I would go to her room and fuck her for hours, even when he was home. Time after time I actually spent a number of nights in her bed. He got used to hearing us moaning and I believe he even watched us a few times, peeking into the room. We even wandered around totally naked on weekends and I’m sure he saw us as well. In the long run I was never available for sport or some college or social activity coz I was too busy fucking Johnny’s mom.

We eventually got found out. After we got found out she left town with Johnny. I wasn’t blamed but everybody learnt about my cock size, but they said it wasn’t my fault because she had led me into it. Anyway, I felt ashamed because I was the one who wanted sex more often and she never refused it! I became a local celebrity after that. Many women made comments about me right in my face. A lot of men said they would kill me if they ever found me fucking their wives.

Now I am happily married and my wife is the only one to share my cock! :) But I recognize that I was well trained and experienced and I had a good school before getting married.

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  1. Ethan Says:

    It’s really hot to fuck your friend’s mom especially if she is a hot milf, I just love abusing mature pussies, there’s nothing better than a leaking pussy of a mature hot slut!

  2. Nomi Says:

    These stories are very erotic and Sexy I love to read all of your stories.I hope you will do your best job as bettrr as fine. Thanks for your’s stories

  3. rocky Says:

    I loved the story and I wish Icould also fuck & bugger the dame with my 8 1/2″ rock-hard cock. Only thing I wish more is that she had full bushy pubic hair…mmm I love it..!!

  4. eric Says:

    These stories are very erotic

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