September 30th, 2008

A guy who is tired of jerking off finally manages to hang up with his landlady who is much older than him…

I woke up early… My landlady was cooking something in the kitchen and clattering with dishes, it was the very sound that made me awake… Fuck!… It was Saturday… Fucking morning! I wanna sleep… I didn’t want to get up desperately, but the dream I had had couldn’t be returned anyway.

I was lying on my belly. My penis evidently woke up earlier than me was stuck into the mattress. I was eager to jerk… lie on the back, spread the legs and fondle my erected friend.

I think jerking off the phallus is very useful especially if there is no a dame beside you who you can pull the panties off, put in a doggy fashion and push your stiff cock inside her hot leaking twat… So, I was willing to fuck a chick, to enter a moist cunt… But the problem was that no one was so close to be rammed by me right now. A minute later I had a plan…

I made up my mind to go to the bathroom and find my landlady’s panties. She was quite Okay for her age. Not young but rather slim. Breasts were trash and old but as I was here alone it was a chance… I moved to the bathroom. Damn! I had to go past the kitchen with a bulge in my boxers and say good morning to her… I felt shy… Why should I feel shy?.. She must have seen a lot of cocks in her life. I passed her, said hello and rushed to the bathroom. Aha! They must be right here in the cabinet…

Yeah! Here they were!.. She had probably put on fresh ones and pushed these here not long ago… Wow… They smelled of a woman, a cunt… My left hand was holding the panties and the right one was jacking off the phallus. I was inhaling the odor of her crotch holding my breath occasionally. Suddenly I exploded, my cum splashed on the wall and my boxers, all over. I thought I was going to scream from pleasure. Now I had to calm down, wash and go to the kitchen to drink tea…

While I was smartening up myself I felt so relaxed… and hungry as a hunter.

The landlady was still cooking something in a big sauce pan. I sat at the table with a cup of tea, took a slice of bread and started eating… I was looking at her ass seen through the gown and thinking “What would you say, bitch, if you knew that I’d shot my loads on your panties?..”

“It’s still not the half of what happened… Soon at this very cooker I’ll fuck you every morning and then spread my cum on slices of bread… Well, I’m not experienced enough. I don’t know how to make up to a woman, how to take her to bed… Probably, I should just come up to Adela and say: I wanna fuck you… Will you go to bed with me? Yeah, it’s really funny…”

I decided that better than jerking I would come up to her from the back while she was cooking, give her a hug and say she was a hottie setting my cock against her buttcheeks… She lived without a hubby and I thought she would agree for certain. Ok, that was the plan…

A couple of days later I entered the kitchen. Birds were singing outside, the radio was on… Very romantic…

I approached to her and closed her eyes. Guess who was it?

A silly question as there was nobody in the apartment except us but that was my plan…

- Good morning, Alex, – she was in high spirits, nice!

- You’ve guessed! – And I moved my hands to her tits.

I embraced her… Her boobs fit to my palms… She wasn’t wearing a bra under the gown. She resisted a bit but it could be clearly seen she hadn’t expected that and didn’t know how to act in the situation like this. Allowing her no time to come to her senses I said:

- You’ve got nice breasts! I’ve been dreaming of touching them for two weeks already. Weren’t you hurt when I cupped them?

- Set me free right now!!

- No, no!! – And I pressed her tighter. – Can you feel that? – And I pushed my cock between her buttocks. I saw she turned crimson and tried to tear off me, but I had more strength and didn’t let her do that. Now I was touching her bare tits as the gown had unbuttoned.

- Alex, set me free, – she said that in a persistent voice and tried to scream for help but she did that rather weakly. At that moment I was working in her panties already.

One hand was caressing the bosom, another one was stroking the pubis and moving further to her vulva lips the smell of which I was enjoying in the bathroom. Oh, here they were… Little, soft, wet… And the chick was sexy… She was leaking but the face was very strict… Funny to look at! I began pulling her panties down… It’s not so easy to do all that with one hand only… The second hand was holding her…

At last they were down and my hot prick pressed against her hole. A-a-ah! Yes… it was going in wearing down the resistance and deepening into pleasure… She moaned too. I was moving slowly leaving the slit fully and then coming inside up to the balls. Now I wasn’t afraid she would stop that and go away. I positioned her in a doggy style and was ramming her enjoying my power over her. I was gradually building the speed. I’d promised to pump her with all my might! My bollocks were beating her and I was holding her thighs tightly thrusting furiously. She was leaking so much! Her juices in little drops splashed at my belly. She was obviously enjoying the gang bang!

I felt I was near my climax. I decided not to pull the phallus out; when you fuck a bitch for the first time you should come into her.

I felt the eruption of my orgasm spread from my sac into my shaft. I let my cum finally burst out of me in huge jets of sperm, again and again. Then I collapsed on her… I wanted to lie still enjoying the first minutes after the climax. At last I took my flaccid cock out, it was glistening with her juices and looked really miserable. I plopped on a stool nearby and relaxed…

Adela turned to me. Our visions met. She was red and disheveled but her eyes were full of enjoyment.
She looked at me:

- It was a fantastic fuck! – She said smiling, it wasn’t a lustful smile, it was a happy one. – I haven’t felt anything like that for ages.

And I liked the thought of having rammed her so well, I brought her a lot of pleasure and now my semen was flowing out of her and I was looking at her as a male and a winner. Now you are my bitch…

- I can use all my holes any time…

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3 Responses to “Adela”

  1. shri Says:

    hi, what`s your name

  2. James Says:

    Let me fuck your hot pussy

  3. teddybear Says:

    Man that was hot. Sounds like something I did with my girlfriend many yrs ago. I was in her apartment and she was in the bathrm getting undress to take a shower. The bathrm door was open so i had a good few of her undressing. My cock got very big and hard that i need to jerk myself off in a hurray in a pair of panties. So i asked her where her panties were. she told me and i found them. i pulled out a pair of blue nylon panties placed them against my cock and fucked myself in them bringing on a good size load of hot cum. Then i saw her totally naked, i striped myself and went into the shower cock in full view and made love to her. The best sex i ever had. She was finally mine i broke her virginity. So i know i would break this girls virginity as well Good sex and good fucking I’d do the same. she’s hot.

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