Virgin fucked!

June 2nd, 2009



The guy is really in love with an 18 year old baby-sitter, once they stay over and the guy is determined to try her virgin pussy…

I am telling you this real story, which had happened to me. I am 23 years old, quite handsome, not tall, with 6”8 penis in length. Before this accident I used to masturbate hardly as I didn’t have any sex partner, so in my case, I had to just rely on zealous masturbation, daily and nightly. When this story happened to me, at that time I was staying with my uncle, away from my home city. When my uncle and his family were supposed to meet their relatives, I had always been alone at home. So I got more time to masturbate because at my own home, I couldn’t jack off comfortably.

So let’s start from real fun. During my stay with uncle, one day my uncle called me and said that he hired a babysitter for his son, who was just a toddler. I said to him that it was a pretty good idea to do so. After this I went to my College to take some classes. After returning home, I met with that babysitter, who was looking at me very strangely when I rang the bell. I introduced my self to her, then she opened door to me.

She was really a sexy girl that I had ever seen. Her name was Elizabeth. She would be almost 18 years old. She got round ass, perfect figure with long hair, and sexy looking legs. Of course, at my first meeting with her, I could not take my eyes from her tits, which was looking tight and slim. At that day, I felt pleasure inside me. Then I got to my usual work and late in the evening I went to sleep. I knew that I couldn’t dare to advance this babe right there, I was really nervous. And I could only dream about her.

I think it was late night, 1 am or so, when I suddenly felt thirsty. So I made my way to kitchen and got some drink for me. Stepping backward, I saw a most admirable thing that I would never forget. Well Elizabeth was sleeping and she was wearing a loose nightwear! But the main thing was that she was moving her hand in her trouser. She was doing this unconsciously but his made me mad looking at her. This babe was obviously masturbating at sleep! I quickly got an idea to touch her.

I looked around to ensure that the area was empty, because my uncle’s room was conjoined with my room and Elizabeth’s room also. So, any time, they could appear to see if everything was OK. I just then touched her ass over trouser, she made no movement, as she was sleeping deeply. This was my first time to touch ass, it gave me a lot pleasure and I felt my cock erecting. Then I made some advancement further: I inserted my hand under her trouser and touched her bare skin. It was so hot! She got really sexy smooth ass. I moved my hand down to her asshole and finally reached her pussy. She made some slight movement but again slept.

Then I quickly took off my trouser, exposing my cock and positioned myself from her back and tried to insert my cock in her pussy first. It went in just for an inch and that’s when she woke up! When she saw me lying behind her with this most obvious pose, she got afraid and told me to let her go. I said NO and that I won’t let her alone. She made protest but I put a hand on her mouth and showed my cock to her. When she saw cock, I realized that she was no longer able to ignore it! I could see a great lust in her eyes, to get my cock in her pussy. And also it was her first time to see such a nice cock in her life.

I took her to my room and now she was ready to play with me. I told her that first she would make me jerk. So she grabbed my cock and started masturbating me. I felt like I was reaching to sky. This was lot of pleasure in my jerk-off life! These were the moments I am recalling now. She was not doing her work skillfully because this was her first time to do this! Then I told her that I was far from cumming and demanded her mouth to suck that cock! She did the same and suddenly I felt a pre cum. I told her to continue this. She wrapped her soft lips around that fat cock and moved her head steadily, sucking more passionately and greedily. Finally I was close to cumming, so I stopped her. Then I inserted my cock in her mouth making her deep throat and gag and she almost consumed full of me! She was looking flushed, doing this for the first time, I could also see tears in her eyes.

I did not to cum so early, and stopped her. Then I got her tits in my hand, so smooth and hard and gave them some squeeze. I could feel her pleasure by doing this. Finally, I could see her nipple was turning red and becoming hard! I almost loved every inch of her body. At that time she was also moaning but when I realized that this noise could wake my uncle up, who was sleeping next room, and then I put my hand on her mouth and made her to stop.

Now it was turn of her body. I touched her ass and put my hand to her pussy, I could feel that she was all wet! Now I wanted to make her cum so I started to lick her pussy and tasted her juice that was too salty. But doing this, I found myself close to cumming again. I quickly leant forward and gave my cock in her hand and told her to taste my juice! She grabbed it in her mouth and the next moment her mouth was full of that white clammy cum of mine! She felt nice to eat all of my sperm but still I could see some drops of cum on her mouth, so at that moment I kissed her!

Then I took her on bed, and inserted my cock in her ass, because after releasing of so much sperm, I was again able to fuck her! That was my first time to see a nude girl and to fuck a girl. So I felt power inside me. When I inserted my cock in her cute hot ass, she moaned extremely as she was small girl with small asshole! It was only able to insert a finger in her ass, and it was my mistake that I directly inserted my cock up there! I kissed on her lips and she took her tongue inside my mouth which made her not to moan.

Then I put my one finger in her ass, when she consumed it fully, and tired to insert 2 fingers of mine. After that, I finally inserted 4 of my fingers successfully in her ass. Then I inserted my cock and fucked her poor ass so badly. I lost control on my movement and the next moment my full cock was in her lovely tight pink ass! After that now it was a pussy’s turn! At first, I fucked her from the back, and then I positioned myself between her wide open legs and tried to fuck her like that! Her pussy hole was also as small as ass. So I told her to do the same job as I did with her ass. She took one of her finger in her pussy and finally she could insert her 4 fingers in her! to make me hot, she also tasted my balls and suck them so good! She said that my balls were her fav bubbles!

Finally, I considered her pussy was ready now, and inserted my cock in her. When I felt that my cock was touching her pussy, she warned me not to be quick so that I won’t hurt her. That’s why I slowly shoved my cock in her and later I felt that my cock had stopped by something. Well this was a final point and I was about to tear her. I informed her about this and she begged for me to fuck her brains out! I could hear her horny voice! So I gave a sudden jerk to my cock and she took my cock in her! The next moment I was giving her a jerk, so badly… She was holding her tit from one hand and her other hand was on massaging her pussy.

She could not breathe well and the same situation was with me. Her tits were bouncing up and down. When she said that she was about to cum, I got my cock out of her and kissed her pussy to eat her semen of her first orgasm! That was so tasty! Next moment, white semen was coming out of her pussy which I devoured all. I again fucked her. And this time I emptied my balls inside her!
After that, we both got shower quietly and I massaged on her pussy for I fucked her so badly…

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11 Responses to “Virgin fucked!”

  1. mohamed Says:

    my phone (0167647088) i live in egypt sohag tahta ahmed anber streat i wait for sexy girl or women in(20_35)
    she will be happy with me in fucking

  2. touchmybodyxoxo Says:

    Wow hay! I’m 19 yrs. old and that was an incredible story you can fuck me anytime. I also masturbuted like4times with a sharpie. Awesome story!!!!!

  3. I want 2 kno hw 2 fuck my girl’s virgin pussy. Says:

    I want 2 fuck my girlfriend’s pussy,but it’s too tight.

  4. Haha that good Says:

    Very good and horny story

  5. SexSlut321 Says:

    Wow this story made me really hot. I wish I were their age so I can be fucked!

  6. Girl Says:

    An amazing story.
    This might sound weird cause its a story about sex, but you seem sweet :)

  7. thatcool guy Says:

    is this shit for real why do all these foreign guys make shit up then fail at translating. can someone just put them out of there misery

  8. readyforyou:) Says:

    Wow, this was an awesome story. You could fuck me anytime ;)
    I masturbated like 3 times during time. <3

  9. Naqvi Says:

    my cell is 0345-7578009, I live in Karachi.Waiting for the response from hot n horny girls.

  10. Tommy Says:

    Wow! I am a guy of not more than 30years. I live in Nigeria and love to fuck a married woman. Email me on [email protected] for sexual healing

  11. Wtf? Says:

    Was this originally written in latin or something? I mean, what the fuck..?

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