Sven’s early years

September 6th, 2008

When you have the power of hypnotizing people, you’ve got it all, this guy uses it to fuck young girls and make them pregnant…

We extend our thanks to the author DAVID T.

As you are aware from previous stories Sven has been known as a person who has run a porn empire and master hypnotist. He thoroughly enjoys sex and also putting the rich snooty young women in their place ie fucked/pregnant. This line of thinking originated and evolved in Sven’s late teens around 19 of his need for sex, to see sex, and to live out his fantasies. Sven and his buddies were poor working class types who were geek glasses wearing types who did not get any sex. They were all on scholarships in engineering and business at University. He belonged to a circle jerk not gay club, with his buddies Jack and Danny. They thoroughly enjoyed beating their hormone charged cocks to porn and fantasizing. Sven discovered early that he possessed a unique ability to hypnotize people with his endless reading on the topic. Sven and his friends wanted him to use this skill to satisfy some of their horny lust for women. They wanted hardcore sex!

One day in a fall semester of University, Sven and his friends were hanging out in an isolated area on the 2nd floor of a library. They were young and horny and could not concentrate on their studies thinking of lust especially seeing the old young ladies walk by.

“Man I am horny” said Danny

“Dido” said Jack

“Hey look fellas” Sven said in an excited whisper, “there is Julie the 19 year old daughter of one of my profs!”

” She looks sexy with her tight turtle neck shirt showing her nice perky titties with nipples pointing out, nice tight fitted corduroy brown pants, black boots ” said Danny

“She looks like she has spent a lot of time in doors with her pale skin!” said Jack

“Her dad is very strict, he is a prick because he gave me a C on an assignment and I have to work even harder to make a good grade” said Sven angrily.

“She looks so snobby with her designer clothes and her stubby nose stuck up in the air” said Jack

“Yeah I know that they own a real nice car and house in a nice neighborhood and her parents both have high paying jobs” said Sven

“First let us see how snobby she really is!” Sven said ,”then we will have our fun!”

The others agreed being horny

The trio approached Julie where she was sitting. She was in a seating area with couches and a few chairs. Sven decided to hypnotize people and staff in the area to leave the library and got the head librarian through hypnosis to lock the doors to the library.

The trio sat themselves done beside Julie.

Julie kind of looked in shock as these drooling young lads eye balled her. Julie looked at saw Danny with a big boner jutting out pressing against the inside of his pants.

Julie swallowed hard, looked the three up and down and said in an haughtly way, “Is there something I can help you with and do I know you?”

Sven said,” I know your dad he taught me in school”

“Oh, you do not look rich!” Julie said boldly,” you all should invest in a new wardrobe.”

The trio was affronted by these comments.

Sven said “Well we are poor and have trouble making ends meet”

Julie said ” Maybe you people should go and get jobs and work more then”

Sven said” You have a real sense of entitlement don’t you, maybe we feel entitled for things as well!”

Julie looked shocked as all three young men were close to her. Jack caressed her thigh and Danny had a boner now in his pants. Sven got a diamond fake of course out of his pocked ant dangled it in front of Julie’s face and it mesmerized her. She was so transfixed and hypnotized Sven immediately started on her. Before he did though he noticed a video camera with her and decided to record the whole scene

“Are you a virgin? inquired Sven

“Yes” said Julie

“Do you desire sex?” asked Sven

“Sometimes, when I am hot and horny?” said Julie

“My parents do not let me wear the clothes I want to express my desire to show off my body to get sex from rich men! said Julie

“You would like to bare more of your body to get fucked! said Sven

“Yes” said Julie

“Such lustful statements!” said Danny laughing.

The trio then started caressing Julie’s body rubbing her tits over her shirt and clit over her pants.

Sven tongue kissed Julie and told all his mates to get nude. When they did they all had big pulsating erect cocks standing straight up. Their penis heads were all huge and stiff. They all had big ball sacs red/pinkish colour full of lots of sticky cum.

“Take off your shirt” demanded Sven

Julie did so rapidly her perky tits bounced while she did so.

“Take off the bra too!” demanded Jack

Julie complied and all three young men relished the scrumptious sight of her tits with her bone hard nipples standing erect.

Sven and Jack both leaned in on both sides of Julie and licked and sucked her nipples.

Danny, who had a major foot fetish took Julie’s boots off and socks. He admired her shapely pink soled feet and sucked her toes and licked her soles.

All of this happened simultaneously and Julie moaned and sighed the whole time.

Sven proceeded to unbutton her pants and Jack slid down the zipper. Danny grabbed the pant legs and pulled her pants off revealed nice toned legs and her panties.

Sven ordered Julie on all fours on the couch with her butt facing out towards them. Sven grabbed one side of the panties and Jack grabbed the other and they pulled down her pants to her knees and then ripped them off.

“What a fairskinned brunette beauty” said Danny

All three men put their faces close to Julie’s cunt and put their fingers gently outside her cunt and pulled the lips apart.

“Man she is tight!” said Jack

“Not for long ” said Sven

“Get up and go over and find some sexual education pic books in this library”

Sven and the rest of his pals watched, rubbing their penises with pleasure as this young woman walked about bending over and standing on her tippy toes with her body jiggling with each step trying to find her books on the bookshelves.

Eventually she did and returned to the couch opening up books that had instructions with pics on how to fuck in different position and what they were called. She also had a book on fetishes.

Danny said to Julie,”I have a foot fetish give me a footjob with my cock”

Danny got on the floor and with Julie sitting on the edge of the couch she masturbated his cock with her shapely feet.

Sven and Jack returned to caressing and sucked her titties again and kissed her all over.

Sven then said” rub our cocks with your hands and keep giving Danny a foot job!”

There was about five minutes of rubbing. Huge cocks being rubbed with ball sacs bobbing up and down and a cock being rubbed and squished between two soles and toes.

Danny eventually exploded with cum shooting up in the air and all over Julie’s feet. Danny was relieved with a super orgasm.

Sven then ordered Julie to suck Jack’s cock which she did quite well licking it as well. Sven spread Julie’s legs apart opening her cunt so that he could fuck her from behind. Sven pushed his cock up to her cunt lips and pushed in. He grinded his cock in putting his weight to it while Julie continued suck Jacks cock. Then with a big shove Sven’s cock was in and he was doing the old in and out. The whole scene turned Sven on he always got aroused in musty hot libraries. Sven and heard Jack’s orgasm as cum shot all over Julie’s face and fucking Julie rapidly now he shot his load in to her cunt with horny bursts of pleasure give her multiple orgasms. Then Julie went into a massive orgasm herself and they all collapsed in a heap of satisfied lust.

Now Sven was not done. He looked around and as libraries often do they had artwork around. Sven eyed a statue of a cave woman a skimpy animal skin outfit on. He ordered Julie in it and took some roman sandals off another woman statue from a medieval era. This hypnosis will probably last for about a couple more hours so hurry home and gather up your stuff. The trio watched with glee as people honked their horns and whistled as they saw her walking down the street in her bikini skins outfit and roman sandals.

“So you got your cum inside of her?” said Jack

“Yes I shot it all in!” said Sven

“We will see her in the future to see what happens” said Danny

The trio a number of months later were in the same library and saw Julie. Her belly was sticking out and this made their cocks hard.
She was dressed in a uniform for one of the fast food places although she was studying.

Sven approached her hypnotized her,” you are pregnant, studying and wearing a uniform for a fast food joint why?”

“My rich daddy got mad thought I was partying and fooling around so he now wants me to pay for some of my education” Julie said

“Do you feel like you were spoiled in the past?” said Sven

“Yes I was and this really puts me in my place because I was really too much of a snobby person instead of someone who was down to earth”
said Julie.

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