Some party!

October 16th, 2007

These two people meet at a party, they don’t know each other, but they feel they are attracted to one another, to deepen their intimacy they decide to take a bath together and then…

Once, I was invited to some party. That was supposed to pass very funny and gorgeous time and they promised there would be lots of girls. I was rather shy guy, so that’s why it took me so long to pick somebody up. There was some vast hall with drunken hotties dancing around. I went in and in no time I was harder than a rock looking at all the girls there. I think some of them were under my age but that was not my problem. I watched them dance. I ordered a drink. Soon, when I was drunk enough, I asked one of the girls to sit with me. But she refused and I had to go upstairs to see around the house. When I entered some door I saw someone was already there. It was the maid; she was putting soap in the bath room. She smiled at me and said she had just come and was happy to have fun here. Her name was Vera. I said I was Jenya.

I smiled and said it was OK. She continued with saying that she had not been at parties too much, so tonight she was gonna have a whale of time. This girl seemed to be very cute and funny. Vera also said that she wanted to take a bath. I said she might do whatever she wanted, as this was a free country. I could not see her body because the bubbles were covering her. I asked her if I could wash her back, and Vera said yes, but she never had a man do it for her. Her tan shoulders were so sexy. Her jet black hair ran down her back, and shined and looked like silk. As soon as my hands reached her back I knew I now might use my chance to have fun. Soft and smooth back, Vera smiled and closed her eyes as I continued to squeeze her shoulders as my cock wanted to spring out of my jeans. She asked for a towel because she said she had soaked enough. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that body of hers, even though it was for a brief moment. I didn’t expect of such a fine coincidence when I was on my way here. Her tits were really fine and her cunt was well manicured with a nice Brazilian bikini design. I could not help myself and pulled her to me. Vera told me that she had a boyfriend. I told her that that didn’t matter to me. After those words my lips met her lips and we were in a deep embrace.

Soon the towel fell, and her tits were pressing against me. I moved closer and could feel the nipples of this babe harden. Vera told me her boyfriend wanted to love her but she would not permit. I placed her back in the shower/bath tub joined her with the hot water coming down on both of us. Her eyes popped out at the sight of my cock that was much longer and thicker than her boyfriend. I asked Vera to get down and suck up. She hesitated at first, but then Vera’s knees were on the floor of the tub. My cock needed her lovely virgin lips. She said but that she was a virgin! I said that she still would be the virgin, if she sucked me off. I helped Vera with my cock as I had her take my cock with both hands and had her suck and masturbate me at the same time. Oh what a feeling, this babe apparently loved blow jobs, she enjoyed it and got into it well.

When I was about to come I pulled out of her lips, put her up and then, I and got on my knees. My hand separated those sweet lips and I could see that fucking hole. It was wet but very slippery; I knew she had gotten herself horny. I put her against the wall and sucked that pussy until she started moaning words. I knew she would be begging for it soon. She wiggled and her head moved side to side… I took that as a message and carried her out of the shower to the bedroom. I dried her off in front of the window, and then put her so that Vera’s face was looking at the street. I spread her legs with my knee and told her we would fuck in front of the whole city. Vera said she was a virgin that she wanted to please me in any and all ways, but she was afraid of that. I said if she really wanted to stop it, let her say that right now. But Vera didn’t. Her legs immediately parted and her pussy was visible from the back. I reached around and told her to spread her pussy lips with her hands as I put my massive cock to her back… I had Vera put her elbows on the windowsill as I slowly entered her cunt from the back. There was no resistance, at that time she told me that she had lost her virginity to a vibrator earlier in the year. With that news, I pushed my cock to her inner vulvar walls.

Oh so smooth was her inner hole. Such a tight butt and nice nipples that were hardening more with each stroke my cock to her pussy. She said that she knew when she was the most fertile each month and the next three days could be dangerous for her to become preggo. She thought that would turn me off or make me wear a condom… I didn’t put any, as at this point of time it didn’t matter for me. The thought of my sperm swimming up her sexy fucking hole, made my heart beat faster! Soon I would explode inside her. I wanted to make sure she would have her orgasm so I reached down and played with her clit which was peeking from of its hood and soon she screamed loudly as I shot my cum right into her dark hole.

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5 Responses to “Some party!”

  1. Dairren Says:

    That’s a real bitch if she allows to fuck herself on the first date at the party, but I like peverted bitches and I love fucking their tight holes!

  2. omg people are gay!!! Says:

    that girl is a hoe for sure. that i bet she didnt even look at the dam guys face. one minute judgement. xD but didnt really get the fucking infront of whole city. =S

  3. jhon Says:

    I want to seeyou without cloths,

  4. Jerkloff Says:

    fuck! My cock is throbbing just reading this! =D

  5. Blam blam Says:

    So ur saying u screwed her in the bathroom without som1 walkin in then carried her to the bedroom without any1 seein and screwed her in thier without a peep seein you’s and no1 hears a scream at a party?…not one? hrmmm

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