A shy college teacher is still a virgin, although she knows much about the theory of sex cause she teaches human sexuality, well, I bet it is time for her to get some practical experience…

We extend our thanks to the author David Trask.

Mike and Dave were labourers who worked construction ages 29 and 28 respectively. They were hardworking guys who earned their money and were roommates in an apartment building. They were drinkers and people often mistook them for college students because of living so close to a community college.

One day Mike noticed a pretty but shy well dressed young lady who moved in one September day to attend the community college. He checked her out but she was overdressed not much to see. Mike carried on without thinking much of her.

As weeks past he noticed that she kept to herself, lived alone, and was very quiet and her posture gave a signal that she was extremely introverted. She was very pale, probably from studying all the time inside, she was very voluptuous, skinny, 5ft 6 inches tall, she wore glasses, she wore blazer jackets, sweaters, skirts below the knees, opaque stockings and black shoes.

Mike was so curious about her that he asked a busy body neighbour type and they said she her name was Tracy and she was a business student and she kept to herself.

Mike and Dave got to talking about Tracy when they were drinking. They both had a history of loving and leaving women. They fantasized about her for days about getting in her pants. Dave often stroked his penis thinking about her and Mike would masturbate also longing to shoot his cum in her.

One night while doing laundry in the communal laundry room Dave noticed Tracy in washing her clothes. She was still in her business type clothes and Dave decided to initiate conversation.

Dave first phoned Mike on a cell phone and said he was going to invite Tracy over.
Dave said, “Hey how is it going?”

Tracy hesitated blushed and said “Oh good”

Dave said” I have seen you around though you might want to come over I thought I have seen you on campus” Dave decided to lie.

Tracy stopped and said ” You go to my college?”

“Yes” said Dave, “and maybe we could just take a break from our studies and have some sort of intellectual conversation”

“Sure, I guess” Tracy spoke in a soft quiet shy way blushing.

The two walked to the apartment where Mike greeted her and winked at Dave.

Dave offered to take her blazer, and she took it off revealing two boobs that pressed in a perked up way against a tight sweater. She removed her black shoes and walked in her opague stocking feet to a couch where she sat down.

All three sat in a living space Dave and Mike on Lazy Boy type chairs and Tracy sat on the couch. Tracy looked nerdy but sexy in her stockings, skirt and tight sweater. A sight for sore eyes for a bunch of horny guys.

Mike said “Do you want a drink, we do not want to have a drink alone”

Tracy said” I do not really drink, but I don’t know?

Dave said” one drink will not kill you”

Tracy said” Ok I guess I could”

Mike said” I have a perfect chick drink a type of strawberry cooler that is from Mexico”

The drink was nicknamed panty remover and had a highly intoxicating affect in very little doses.

Tracy said ” Well, I guess I will try that” while she adjusted her glasses.

Tracy was very conservative prim and proper. She wanted and started to engage in a very snooty conversation with Dave about what he was studying. Dave lied about taking engineering and Mike said he was doing the same. Dave wondered to himself ‘is this is all she was about she must be a virgin!’

Dave asked “Are you just taking business or are you taking any other course?”

Tracy blushed a bit swallowed hard and said” Human Sexuality”

Dave and Mike’s cocks were hardening under their clothes. They served up rapidly a potent cooler for Tracy.

They all drank for about a half hour talking about different things and then the alcohol started to change Tracy for the better. She began to have a loose tongue.

“I feel hot in here” Tracy said

Mike said” we keep the heat on high in the cold months that is why we are in t-shirts and shorts.

Dave said” You can remove those stockings if that makes you comfortable.”

Tracy got up and in her drunken state removed her stockings midway down her thighs and struggled after that with her balance. Dave and Mike went to each side of her and offered to help. Tracy murmured a yes and Dave and Mike feeling her nice firm legs and feet removed her stockings.

Dave and Mike both had erections.

Mike said “what have you learned about human sexuality in your course?”

Tracy hiccuped took a sip of her drink and said ” I learned about penises, sex, breasts, nipples, and vaginas and some fetishes.

“Have you ever had sex?” Mike asked

“No never” said Tracy

“Neither have we” the men lied.

“Can we have like a show and tell and get some education on body parts” said Dave

Tracy said drunkenly” Yeah I was always curious about what a cock and balls looked like”

Dave who was stimulating himself under his pants was careful not to cum over himself hearing these words from a formerly prim and proper young lady.

Dave and Mike both stripped nude revealing their hard boners pulsating upward with their ball sac full of cum.

Dave said “these are penises they have to be rubbed and stimulated”

“Proceed rub and stimulate using your hands” said Mike

Tracy grabbed and rubbed their cocks in an amateur way saying” these are very big cocks bigger than the ones drawn in the textbook.”

Dave said ” You rub them long enough and they will squirt that babe making seed to get your egg pregnant.”

Tracy rubbed and looked at the penises with a fasination and curiousity. ” Maybe according to the text book to get an education it would be practical for me to insert one of your penises in my vagina to experience what it is like.”

Mike almost shot his cum hearing this dirty talking from this conservative virgin woman.

Mike said” First you must show us you boobs and vagina darling”

Both men lifted her sweater off and bra revealing big perky breasts with pointy nipples.

Tracy said “The text says that stimulation of female nipples could cause arousal in a woman and erotic sensations.”

Mike said ‘Yes!”

Dave and Mike licked and sucked her nipples while Tracy closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at this new sensation.

Dave said ” It is time to remove this skirt and show us your virgin cunt for exploration and experimentation.”

Tracy uttered a yes still in excstasy over Mike still sucking on her nipples.

Dave told Tracy to get on all fours on the couch.

Tracy drunkenly complied and Mike and Dave took off the skirt and revealed a nice plump ass and her cheeks jiggled a bit when you moved round well as her tits. The two men moved her legs apart and parted her cunt lips revealing a nice moist tight cunt.

“Look at that it is a fresh virgin cunt!” yelled Mike

Mike fingered her and licked her cunt sending pleasurable sensations through Tracy while Dave sucked and licked her nipples.

Mike sat on the couch and Dave maneouvered himself behind Tracy and stood up rubbing his cock. Mike ordered Tracy to suck his cock while pinching her nipples. While that was happening Dave inserted his cock slowly in Tracy’s cunt while she yelped while being deflowered.

“She is so tight Mike!” exclaimed Dave

Dave pumped Tracy faster and faster doggy style.

“I am beginning to understand this concept of sex very much indeed” said Tracy still wearing her specs then continued to suck on Mike’s penis.

Mike pulled out and exploded some cum on her face and hair.

Dave went to sit on a chair and pulled Tracy down on his cock ordering her to ride him. Tracy did and Dave admired her pale body tits bouncing and bum jiggling as she hopped up and down on his very hard cock.

Mike got hard again and masturbated out in the open watching the great sexual encounter going on.

Mike rapidly shot more jizz on Tracy’s tits and face.

Then Dave put her on the floor and took a moment to suck her toes and lick the soles of her feet. He inserted his cock in her pussy and fucked her violently and jizzed in her pumping wave after wave of cum into her. Tracy never remembered a thing. Dave and Mike put her clothes on and put her in her bed in her apartment.

Months later Mike and Dave saw her develop a pregnant belly. She still wore her blazer and sweater and skirt but while pregnant revealed her nice fair bare legs and wore barefeet in sandals. The sight of her gave the two men hard ons and not long after that the men discovered another shy student who just moved in the building.

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  1. baba Says:

    hey come i m ready to slide

  2. Kel Says:

    oh damn im stil cummin while writing this. That was a great story.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Was good story except for doing it the wrong way

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