School leaver’s first time

December 28th, 2007

After not seeing each other for many years old friends meet again, one of them has a beautiful daughter and she’s really hot, can a friend resist this hot, young chick?

There were two men sitting at table – Sam and Peter. They used to be best friends but due to certain reasons they hadn’t met for several years. They met on the street some weeks ago. Life’d changed. Sam became editor-in-chief in a popular magazine, he had a large apartment, a good car, and a good life. Peter hadn’t been so lucky. He married and he had a daughter. His wife died in a car crash leaving him with a daughter. He had to bring her up all alone. His daughter was his pride and joy. Jemmy (that was her name) was 18, she was a school leaver and she was going to go to a prestigious collage.

Sam finally had a chance to meet her. They were sitting in Peter’s kitchen. Jimmy was about to get back from school any minute. Sam’d heard so much about her that he was really excited to see her. Peter often told him about her schooling, but he didn’t say a word whether she was pretty or not. So Sam had to use his imagination to guess. He thought she was a short plain girl with a small pimply face short legs and big round glasses. But as soon as he saw her he realized how wrong he was. Jemmy was a very pretty gal: she was tall, she had a beautiful face, thick black hair, and fantastic body. She had a thin waist and flat stomach. She had really out-standing boobs though she was a teen. Sam guessed she was wearing glasses but she looked great anyway. She was dressed casually: a sweater and a long skirt. She definitely had her style.

They were talking, though Jemmy wasn’t very talkative. When she was going out of the room Sam caught himself at thinking he wanted to fuck her ass. Why ass? Maybe cause it was really difficult to imagine her in such a position. By the way, Sam wasn’t married but he was a real skirt chaser. He liked young girls most of all. And he wanted to do that schoolgirl. He mustn’t think about it. Jimmy was his friend’s daughter! She didn’t look like letting him do it anyway.

Some 10 months passed. Jimmy became even more beautiful, she was looking more feminine and her body became just perfect. She’d finished school and had 6 weeks before going to college. Sam invited Peter and his daughter to his cottage. Peter couldn’t spend a lot of time out of town cause of his work, but Jemmy liked it there so she decided to stay there for another week. Sam was busy too, he spent a lot of time out of house, so Jemmy was left alone pretty often.

Once Sam went to office early in the morning but later he saw he left his laptop in the cottage, so he had to get back. He thought Jemmy was out on the beach and he didn’t expect to see anybody in the house. The editor got upstairs to take the laptop, he was about to leave when her heard some moaning. Jemmy’s room was next to his study. The door was unlocked and he peeped in.

He was shocked to see what he saw: Jemmy was sitting on her bed, her legs were spread wide, her hands were roaming somewhere under her skirt. She was sitting with her side to the door, so he didn’t see what her fingers were doing under her skirt, but her face expression as well as her moaning assured him she was masturbating. Her left hand was squeezing her boob through the blouse. She looked very hot, so Sam’s dick was rocky hard in several seconds. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He opened the door. He was standing on the threshold, Jemmy didn’t notice him immediately – she was too absorbed in her action. Then she noticed he was watching her. Her hand appeared from under the skirt, she jumped on her feet, her pretty face was blushing. The school leaver wanted to say something to explain, but she couldn’t. Jemmy thought Sam would be reproachful but she could never expect the following. Sam came up to Jemmy, cupped his hands round her waist and kissed her sweet plump lips. She was so surprised that she was numb, she was staring at Sam seeing desire and lust in his look.

When he started kissing her neck, and his hands were squeezing her buttocks she tried to push him away, pressing her hands against his chest.

-What are you doing? Let me go! – She said.

Her words made him hug her closer. His fingers were undoing her blouse, almost tearing it apart to fall off her shoulders. He pounced on Jemmy looking for the zipper on her bra. She straightened her hands trying to protect herself but it only helped him pull off her bra easier. His lips sucked on her pink nipple. She tried to push him away again, but his strong hands were holding her tight, pressing her against the bed.

Sam’s head was getting down to her navel, he was kissing her stomach. His fingers were unzipping her skirt. Jemmy realized what was gonna happen, so she tried once again to thrust him away, begging him to let her go. Her words made him even hotter. He threw her skirt and her panties on the floor. Jemmy was lying naked, she was helpless and unprotected. And Sam wanted her. Sam saw her curly black bush, but her legs were brought together not letting him see more of her crotch.

He moved them apart. He saw her virgin vagina, he smelled her fantastic aroma. It was the last drop. He couldn’t wait anymore. He threw off his pants and briefs, playing no attention to her words begging him to stop. He got between her hips and thrust frontward. His cock got in her pussy smoothly cause she was all wet after masturbation, then he felt her cherry. He thrust hard and tore it. Jemmy cried out with pain, he saw tears in her eyes, some drops of blood dripped on the bed sheet. But he didn’t care. He was ramming her snatch rhythmically, impaling her on his shaft, speeding up. Jemmy wasn’t crying or begging to let her go anymore. Sam remembered what he thought about when he saw her for the first time.

He paused. He turned her around and told her to get on her knees. She didn’t know what he wanted, she didn’t wanna know, and she didn’t care anymore, there was no use to resist – Sam would get everything he wanted anyway. She obeyed his order. Sam spread her buttocks and thrust his dick at its full length in her small virgin asshole. Jemmy yelled again, she was crying. Her glasses fell on the pillow, she was lying on her belly, Sam was holding her by the waist. He paused for a moment for her butt to get used to his size. He started drilling her slowly. Jemmy yelled every time he penetrated her ass, she wasn’t resistant.
The editor stopped and turned her around. She knew she was his toy, he could do whatever he wanted to do with her. She looked at him. He read pain and suffering in her eyes, but it didn’t stop him. Vise versa it was driving him crazy and making him want more. He entered her pussy, his balls touched her skin. The girl cried out and turned her face aside. She was moaning now and then, clenching her teeth. Sam was screwing her fast, his dick was moving to and fro in her cave, he came in some 30 seconds. And it happened: the school leaver arched her back and cried out. She was cumming too. It was so strange cause he literally raped her. Sam lay down by her side.

Some 10 minutes passed. They were silent and naked but for Jemmy covering her body with a bed sheet. There were two opposite feelings she felt that moment: on the one hand, she hated Sam with all her heart because he raped her; on the other hand, she’d never felt such a strong orgasm before. She used to masturbate before but her climaxes were different they weren’t that bright and strong. “Maybe I’m a masochist?” she thought. Sam was absolutely happy, his old dream had finally come true.
He felt her young nude body by his side, he heard her heavy breathing, he saw her boobs rise up with every breath. He saw her erect nipples through the bed sheet. It made his cock get larger and harder. He pounced on Jemmy again. She sounded unconfident asking him not to do it, but she gave up resisting, hoping to feel another orgasm again. Sam wasn’t in a hurry that time. He was fondling her young body, starting with her face and then kissing her neck, going all the way to her tip toes. Jemmy was trembling. She just couldn’t accept the fact that that impressive man was her dad’s best friend and he was fondling her nipples, her butt, and her vagina, the parts no other man had seen before. Sam saw she was embarrassed, so he told her to relax and enjoy the sensations.

She did. At this very moment, the editor’s tongue spread her vulva lips vibrating in her snatch. She closed her eyes and started moaning. Sam felt she was wet. The gal was aroused enough to accept the fact she wanted his dick to penetrate her again, but Sam was taking his time. He stopped licking her and got on his knees so his dick was right in front of her face. She’d never seen a phallus before so close. She didn’t know what to do but then she kissed the dickhead, licked it carefully. She sucked on it. She wasn’t experienced, she was a rookie, but she felt what he wanted. She was doing just great! Nevertheless, Sam managed to get his cock out of her mouth to get it in her other hole.

Jemmy spread her hips wider, her wet lips were inviting Sam to get it. She cried out as he entered her pussy. She was crying for a long time. Sam was accelerating the speed or slowing down to make her feel great sensations as long as possible. And he got what he wanted. Jemmy was bucking, impaling herself on his cock. H wanted to show her more. He lay on his back and told her to mount him. Jemmy got on her knees so his penis was between her hips. She was asking him to tell her what to do next. He put his hands on her ass and pulled it down slowly. His dick got in her anus. The girl sighed with pleasure. The editor was showing her the tempo at first but as soon as he felt she knew what to do he squeezed her tits, making her sensations brighter.

Jemmy knew she’d taken control over the situation. She sped up. She bent frontward and pressed her hands against Sam’s chest. She was moving her hips, moving them quickly. She was crying and moaning. Her long hair was tickling his body. Unfortunately the bliss couldn’t last forever. She came soon. Sam ejaculated too. She was pressing her body against his, feeling his dick in her insides getting flaccid.

She had no doubts they did everything right. She was grateful to Sam for everything he did. She knew she would have a great life in collage.

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    Lucky guy indeed, wow, what a fuck he had!She really got a fun of a lifetime.

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    it was so bad

  7. Sarah Says:

    wow im getting off on all of this…i was mastribating while reading this and i had the best orgasm, only bec i was imagining that was me :)

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    fantastic story.

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