My Barbie

July 21st, 2009



This guy gets really hot every time he sees a maid in the hotel, his cock is virtually jumping out of his pants and he can’t think of anything else…

We extend our thanks to the author Amit.

I belong to Mumbai in India and would frequently visit Delhi for my work. I’m a bit smart, courteous, soft spoken (Something which is always missing in Most of the people I met there.) I visited Delhi every 15 days and stayed in a particular hotel provided by my company, most of the hotel staff new me.

I have a habit of remembering everyone’s name. That helped me become one of the most important and famous customer. There was a new girl who had just joined in. In my second trip, in her presence, I was introduced to her. She was looking after housekeeping, i was supposed to inform her, in case i have any problems in that segment. I had her extension number with me.I was stunned by this beauty and wanted her to talk to her be with her then i just called her up. “This is Amit.” She said, yes sir. I said “Could you come over to my room please.” She said – in couple of minutes I will be there. I put the phone on hook and was waiting for her in my room.

She knocked. I said – please come in. As she walked in, I was dressed up in formals. I smiled, I am going to ask you for a personal favor. There were confused looks on her face and i smiled again. It’s my brother’s daughter birthday day after tomorrow, can you please buy a Barbie doll set for her. I would be very obliged if you can do this favor as I have meetings lined up today and tomorrow and would not be able to buy it myself.

She said, why not, it would be her pleasure to assist me for this sweet purpose. I placed 2 thousand rupee notes in her hands. She just turned around and was about to leave and I just said. “By the way Neena – You look like Barbie yourself.”Hearing this she just glanced back at me with a small smile and blushed. Opened the door and walked out. That evening came back late & when i walked in the room she had bought me the Barbie. She had kept the Barbie and the remaining Rs.800 in envelop on the table in my room.

Next morning when I went out i kept the same envelop with cash on her desk. There just one word on top of it – Thanks. In coming visits i always had some request of purchase something or another for some one or other as i loved spending time with her and this way even she was coming close and being frank with me & even she was comfortable with helping me, as the amount that i left behind was quite a pocket money for her. It was beginning on March now. She was wearing her uniform trousers, top, tie and blazer. I met her again this time. As we spoke in my room i glanced at her and said, “hey Barbie doll, you look pretty in this outfit, and I am sure, you would look amazing in other outfits too.” She said, “I usually wear jeans and skirt when not at work.” Then i said “Tomorrow is Sunday. I shall be free by 1 and my flight is at 8. If you don’t mind, can you show me around in Delhi?? I have been here so many times but have never done any sight seeing.” I looked into her eyes and said, “don’t worry Barbie doll, I am a very gentle man.” She just smiled and looked back into my eyes and i was almost mesmerized by her persona.

I said, “I shall pick you up at 1.30 from outside the hotel and we shall have lunch together.” I had hired taxi for the entire day as usual. We went around to couple of places and finally we reached her place, where she was supposed to get down. I got down from my side and opened her door. she was so surprised. I said, “thank you Madam, it was so wonderful to have you around the entire afternoon. The time passed so quickly.” I just couldn’t control myself from getting attracted to this girl she was so magnetic. Then what she did blew me away. She just took her hand to her lips, kissed and put them to my lips & said, “goodbye Mr.Amit, may be this will help you think of me sometimes.” My My, for the first time, “My BARBIE” was blushing. I just couldn’t control myself from going closer and actually kissing her good bye.

From that day, I eagerly started waiting to go to Delhi. On my next trip i couldnt find her then i said to myself, what have I done? Was it because of my kiss, that she is shying to see me. Then i asked Ms. Seema what was the problem & why was Neena not there. Then i came to know that one day while traveling from her apartment to Hotel she met with an accident. Her feet got fractured and was supposed to be home for 3 weeks. Winters had passed and it was summers. Summers in Delhi are killing. To add to the trouble, there are power cuts. On one such afternoon, i went to her house to see her & knocked on the door. Bell did not ring, as there was no electricity.

The door and guess who…. there was NEENA herself. I just couldn’t believe myself. My Indian Idol, the girl of my dreams was back. This is how 20-24 yr old thinks, cannot help it. The happiness of seeing her brought tears in my eyes. She just held my hand and brought me in and closed the door behind me. I made her sit on the bed and sat down on the chair beside her. Seeing her i said “Hey Barbie sweetheart, what have you done to yourself?” “If you don’t meet your Barbie, this is what happens” she replied. “Sorry Neena, my mom was ill, and I was taking care of her like a good son.” She said “Good, I hope she is well now.” We sat all afternoon talking to each other and in evening i left. From then instead of spending time talking to each other at hotel or somewhere else, we used to sit at her apartment and talk. We used to share all experiences we had in our lives and our relation also started growing. Once such afternoon, when we were talking, She asked me about my love life. I just ignored the question and kept talking about something else. She put her hand on my lips and looked into my eyes and asked, “what do you think, your Barbie will never grow up? I am a woman now and I can communicate on such topic with you.”

Then she removed her hand and kissed me on my lips. After few minutes of kissing she sat back. I smiled at her & said “was this your way of communication?” And we burst into laughter. I then went close to her and made her sit on my lap. I then put my arms around her and started kissing her on her lips. Then I gave her a love bite on her neck. She opened my shirt buttons to find a muscular hairy chest. She got me undressed to my undies. Melting into her hot body, I thought the world should stop. I wanted to stay captured in those moments forever.

I started kissing her. She was in her shorts and short t-shirt. I had made no moments towards getting those off her. I was just moving my hands all over her sexy body pressing every inch and her moans started growing. I made her sit over me facing towards me and her legs of my 2 sides. I think her vagina could feel my strong throbbing cock from over the layers of clothes. Her moments to rub her pussy over my cock increased involuntarily. I just couldn’t contain my heat and I took her top off her body. She was wearing no bra. She stretched herself such that her nipples reached my lips. I kissed all over her boobs to finally reach her pink nipple. I opened my lips and I thrust her nipple into my mouth. I was sucking them hard. She held My head very close, crushing her boobs and moved even more vigorously over my cock. After few minutes She had her biggest, wildest and most satisfying orgasm a woman can ever experience (this she told me later). She just fell lifeless into my arms after her orgasm.

Then she said The way i caressed my body after her orgasm made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Men need to learn that sex is not about having orgasm but about making your partner feel beautiful, loved, liked, wanted and cared all at the same time.

Saying this she lied on the bed and called me in her arms. I just did not want to stay away from her either, even for a minute. “Amit, did you have orgasm too, She enquired? I said, “no Barbie, not yet.” Our senses were back and we were ready to play again. I pushed down her short, panties and my underwear. I opened her virgin pussy for me. I first kissed her pussy till the juices started flowing again and she was well lubricated. I then inserted my fingers and started moving my hands. She asked, what i was doing? I said I did not want to pain her by suddenly pushing my big cock in her. She said don’t worry, I can bear that much for me Saying this she took my cock and kept its tip on her pussy and sat on me, pushing my cock all the way inside her. Hmmmmmmmm it was most unforgettable moment of my life, i was making love to my GIRL, the girl of my dreams. Slowly her pain just vanished and we were filled with pleasure into tiniest cell of our bodies. Her legs squeezed me and She started riding my cock. I held her ass and kept hitting them in between. I was sucking her tits all the time. After around 10 minutes i stopped and made her remove the cock from her pussy. I told, i did not want to risk her pregnancy.

Hearing this she instinctly bent down and took my cock in my mouth. Her hands and lips kept stroking my big penis. I started to orgasm and sprayed my cum over her face, boobs and all over her body. I just love remembering those days of my life.

If you liked reading my experience, do write me a message please. Until next time, goodbye from me– Amit.

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30 Responses to “My Barbie”

  1. lalakhan Says:

    hi,friend i like to talk with sexy babes & wish to put into my arms tightly.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you & your barbie

  3. fred Says:

    A story I could believe!

  4. Broiddio Says:

    Pretty poetic story, that was nice, better than most of the stories on this site. Good work.

  5. fuck Says:

    u suck!!!! how many time you will publish your story again and again????

    Bloody Indian!!!

  6. zexy Says:

    omg that the most romentic story ever I wish I was her

  7. MissRose Says:

    This reminds me of a love I had in Turkey, Engin. We never made it to the perfect ending though. I’ll just pretend over your story :)

  8. Good amit carry on Says:

    That was a good once……

  9. Nice to see Says:

    The story is not wel sexy

  10. Nice to see Says:

    It a wonderful sex story,keep it up

  11. Nice to see Says:

    It’s a nice sexy story,keep it up

  12. Vicky Says:

    With the weather being so good I thought i’d do an outdoor meet :P so I decided to meet Chris in the park!

    We met on a park bench, when he arrived he I was surprised to see he was a lot taller than he looked! He towered over me so I was hoping he had the package to match!

    We chatted for a bit and I warmed him up, rubbing up and down his thigh and giving his cock a good rub, it felt quite big and was even more impressed by his balls, they felt huge :D one thing I love is a heavy cummer so I was looking forward to this!

    He started getting very hard and I was getting a bit moist at the thought of all his spunk so we walked off to find somewhere quiet. He had brought a picnic so we found a nice quiet spot and laid it all down to set the scene.

    I had worn a short skit with no knickers for easy access, and he took the hint and slid his hand up my leg. He was a bit gentle with his fingering for my liking but it still got me going, he used 2 fingers inside my pussy and was also giving my clit a good rubbing. He didnt make me cum but he made me very wet, and he licked his finger afterwards, which I found hot!

    Someone had noticed us being raunchy so I decided to speed things up. He had said he wasn’t a fan of blowjobs which was a shame because I wanted to see how much he could come down my throat. I unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock, which was a bit wet at the end with some pre-cum. I hitched my skirt up a bit and mounted him, I started by sliding my pussy all over his cock getting him to beg me for it! I slid down hard on his cock (which wasn’t a bad length) I started riding fast, perhaps a bad decision as he came instantly! I didn’t mind too much, I loved feeling his cum inside me, which was a lot! It covered my legs and skirt in cum. He apologised, which was sweet and said it was because of how tight I was! He said he would return the favour so I laid down and he started licking the cum off my pussy. He then started sucking and licking my clit hard, which really got me turned on and only took him five minutes to make me cum pretty hard. His mouth was covered in my cum so i kissed him tasting myself and his cum. It was very dirty and we had attracted quite a bit of attention so it was time to go!

    We skulked off both with cheeky grins on our faces, it was very fun, definitely going to be doing some more outside, public meets!

    Even though I only came once, I enjoyed it and will definitely remember that spot for future reference.

    Chris had to go so I went home alone, with a very wet cum stained skirt and a satisfied pussy!

  13. Impressed Says:

    A Story Totally different 4m others ..

    I m simply ImppreSSed with d author ..

  14. reader Says:

    Excellent story.

  15. disser Says:

    nice story how long did it take u to make tht up
    bitch ass nigga

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Tanx man! Write another one!

  17. Rima Says:

    Wow.. I really enjoyed reading your story because there’s a thrill between you and your “barbie”, before getting in to intimate seduction.. Nice post, it really excites me while reading it..

  18. rouja Says:


  19. AB Says:

    ok-ok types…but believable…

  20. partyman Says:

    whaat happened after that did u ever do it again or get maried

  21. CoollDude Says:

    Great story dude. I had a similar experience with someone else

  22. Anky Says:

    Good job amit i believe in ur story very deeply it was amazing n dam good buddy .

  23. shazz Says:

    hey amit nyc story man…wel done…..

  24. sled Says:

    pretty much like falling in love.people ahve sex nowadays

  25. Mark Says:

    That story was so great… I am so hard, need to get a little barbie relief. Thanks, hope you tell us more…

  26. vintage Says:

    Hope at times we too get lucky like you

  27. hmm Says:

    nice one.. a bit softy thought.. looks like too good to be true.. or may be everyone is not equally lucky

  28. Singh Says:

    the all fake content in this story…

  29. pahari Says:

    Yes, I would like to make love with you.

  30. hornygal Says:


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