December 28th, 2007

It can’t feel better when you are losing virginity with your ex girlfriend, you are inexperienced and want to feel the new sensations, so go ahead and enjoy!

The phone rang. Carter was sitting repairing some old walkman. He got distracted from his favorite hobby and picked up the phone.


-Hi! – It was Apple. They broke up about a year ago.

-Oh, hi! – Carter was trying to sound calm.

-How are you?

-Fine, thanks.

-Let’s meet.

-What for?

-I wanna talk to you.

-Talk now.

-Now, I gotta see you. I need it, you know. Let’s meet.

Though Carter still felt hurt and offended he thought he’d better stop quarreling.

-All right. Where do you wanna meet and when?

-Come to my place.


-Fine, let’s meet in the cafe at 7.

-All right. I’ll be there.

Apple’s call made him think back on his days with her. Then he got back to his walkman. But he couldn’t stop thinking about her. They met about a year ago. His friend Diego introduced him to Apple cause she was his girlfriend’s best friend. Carter as well as Apple was inexperienced and longing for new sensations, longing for love. Everything seemed to be fine at first. They often spent time together. Apple lived with her mother that time. Her mother seemed to have nothing again their relationship. She probably thought it was easier to control her daughter when she had somebody to love. He loved to kiss her. Sooner or later but he started persuading her into getting laid with him. Apple was still a virgin and was really afraid of sex. Every time he tried to get under her skirt or dress her off she said no. The only thing he achieved after two months of dating was that she allowed him to fondle her boobs through her blouse. Somewhere deep in his heart he could understand her feelings, but he could do nothing with the desire that was burning him from inside. They had to talk. Apple said she loved Carter but she wasn’t ready for sex yet. Carter listened to her and then broke up with her. It was a year ago. They hadn’t met or even called each other during all this time.
He was thinking about it while repairing the walkman. He had enough time to think.

He was in the cafe at 7 sharp. Apple was waiting for him. She’d changed greatly. She looked more feminine now. She was in her blossom, Carter thought.


-Hi, – Carter sat down by her side, waiting for her to star the conversation.

-I wanna meet with you, -Apple started suddenly.

-We are, – Carter tried to pretend he didn’t get her.

-You know what I’m talking about.

-No I don’t, -Carter was waiting for her to continue.

-I’m really sorry I didn’t let you touch me… that time.

-Oh, really? – Carter liked to feel her embarrassment and humiliation.

-I want you to come over some day.

-I can’t.


-It’s been a year…

-I know. I’ve changed. I’m not a virgin anymore, – Apple said quietly. She forced herself to say that.

-Are you seeing somebody?

-I was. After seeing you. I was seeing him for some two months. I’m single now.

-But you let him fuck you, right, -Carter tried to hurt her.

-Yes, I did. I was angry. I wanted to see why you’re all so crazy about it.

-What do you need me for then?

-I still owe you something.

-Sorry I can’t.

-Why the hell not?

-I’m seeing somebody, – Carter lied.

-So what?

-I can’t be seeing both of you simultaneously.

-I’m not asking you to be my boyfriend. I just want you to come over some day. Once. I want you to take me. – Apple said firmly.

-I’m not promising you anything. – Carter was shocked by her confession tho he was trying his best to stay calm.

-Can I call you?


They spent some time sitting on the bench discussing the things that happened during the last few months. Carter went home then.

A couple of weeks passed by. Carter almost forgot about their conversation with Apple. It was summer. He spent days partying and having a lot of fun. Apple never called. He thought she’d probably changed her mind. Once when he was sitting and repairing some other gadget he heard the phone ring.


-Hi there, – it was Apple.


-Listen, I’m really close to your house. Is it Ok if I come over for a moment?

-All right, – he replied in a second.


He wasn’t intending to have guests that day. He had to clean hi room immediately. She knocked on the door in several minutes. She was wearing blue jeans and a light blouse that made it possible to see her lacy underwear. Carter let her in.


-Hi! Come in.

Apple got in his room and sat down on the couch. He turned on the music and sat down by her side. They spent some time talking about some stupid stuff. Carter noticed then that her hand was lying on his leg. She was apparently seducing him! He realized what she wanted and he also wanted her though he was still offended. He put his hand on her shoulder, sort of accidentally. Apple didn’t seem to notice it. They continued talking.

Carter was still a virgin. He hadn’t been seeing anybody after breaking up with Apple. It was his first time, so to speak. He had a lot of theoretical knowledge about sex, but no practice. He knew how it had to be. It was time to get some practice. His hand slipped down and his fingers felt her breast. He was talking, caressing her at the same time.

-Do you want me to take off my blouse? – Apple asked him and looked straight in his eyes.
-Yeah, – Carter replied stammering and blushing.

Apple undid the buttons and put off her blouse. White lacy bra fitted her petite boobs like a glove. Carter touched her soft skin with the tips of his fingers, thinking it was just a mirage and it could peter out. Apple was doing something Carter had been talking her into for quite a long time. The beginning was really promising! Carter had a chance to fondle Apple’s boobs as much as he wanted. She was lying on the couch, he was lying by her side. His dick was rocky hard. He decided not to force or accelerate the events. He started kissing Apple. He started with her belly and hands and soon he was close to her boobs. When his hands finally reached her knockers he wanted to raise her bra to kiss them, but Apple didn’t let him so it.

-Wait, – she said. She undid the bra and put it off.

It was the first time Carter saw her breasts. They were petite with hard cylindrical nipples. He hugged her from behind holding both of her boobs in his hands. Apple closed her eyes. Her breasts were soft and firm, her nipples were erect with arousal. Carter’s fingers were fondling and squeezing her boobs. When he was pinching them Apple was moaning. She lay on her back and Carter started licking one of the nipples while pinching the other. It made Apple gulp for air. She arched her back trying to get more of his caress. Carter was licking and sucking her nipples vehemently. They became darker in color. Her knockers were red cause of his kisses and hickeys. He couldn’t help biting her nipple.

-Hey! It hurts! – Apple shrieked and closed her boobs with her hands.

-I’m sorry.

-All right, – she exposed her bobs again.

She was lying with her legs moved slightly apart. Carter was caressing her stomach and her legs while kissing her. His hand was getting closer to her pubis. She didn’t bring her legs together when he reached it. She spread them wider instead. Carter felt her hand on his hard dick, she was fondling it through his jeans. Carter was fresh enough to unzip her jeans and stick his hand under her panties. Apple moved her hips wider apart and started unzipping his jeans too. He helped her undo his belt and then he felt her palm on his cock.

She was slow at first but was speeding up jerking it. Carter’s hand was resting on her crotch. Her bush was soaked with her juices. She was very aroused. His fingers could easily slide, roaming over her vulva lips. He touched her love button several times. He didn’t know what kind of effect it could have on girls so he missed it. His finger got in her cave. Apple sighed. She arched her back letting his finger in her insides. Her vagina was tight and warm. His finger was fondling her pussy while his hand was caressing her boobs. He was kissing her deeply and passionately. Apple was fondling his cock for some 10 minutes. They were on the verge of bliss fondling and caressing each other. Then Carter said:

-Do you still want it?

-Yeah, – Apple sighed.

-What should I do?

-Just a minute.

Apple stood up from the couch and threw off the rest of the clothes. It was the first time Carter saw her totally nude. It was his dream coming true. He liked what he saw. He was almost fucking Apple with his look. He was admiring her cylindrical nipples, her sort of chubby stomach, her thick bush, round hips, and slender legs. He got on his knees in front of her and kissed her lower belly. He smelled some strange aroma. Apples pressed his head to her pubis. It was Carter’s turn to dress off. He was quick. He was hugging Apple in less that a minute. Her hands were cupping round his neck. He felt her nipples pressing against his chest. His erect dick was poking against her belly. Apple let him go and took her bag. She took out some box. It was her pill.

-What for?

-I don’t wanna get pregnant.

-You gotta swallow it?

-No, I gotta stick it inside. Will you help me?


Apple gave him two pills and lay on her back. She spread her hips wide. Carter stuck both of the pills in turn in her pussy.
-We’ll be able to make love in five minutes.

They spent those five minutes petting each other. Then Apple said it was time. She lay on her back and moved her hips apart. Carter was on top. He could only hope intuition and instinct would help him do everything right. He didn’t get in first. His dick couldn’t get in the vagina. Apple helped him out and directed his cock in her insides. It got in smoothly as her snatch was well lubricated with her juices. Carter paused for a moment getting used to brand new sensations. It was warm, soft and slippy inside her flesh. He started drilling her carefully facing no resistance on his way. He was moving more confidently and harder. Apple was lying with her eyes closed, hugging Carter. He heard her heavy breathing.

“Man I AM fucking woman! Apple is my first woman ever,” he thought. He was very aroused, but the situation was so unusual that it didn’t let him concentrate on the fuck. He wasn’t getting hotter. There were lots of different thoughts in his head. Apple felt it and suggested:

-Let me be on top.

He agreed. He saw another wonderful picture. Apple was lying on her back with her hips spread wide apart. He saw her pink lips through the bush. They were all wet with lubrication. Carter had only seen such things in photos before. He spread the lips with his fingers and saw her vagina. Apple was taking her time. She let him enjoy the pic and then she stood up. Carter lay on his back. Apple squatted over him and took his dick in her hands. She started impaling herself on it slowly. He could see his shaft hiding between her hips. Apple lay down on his chest.

Carter had a wonderful chance to caress her butt. He put his hands on her cheeks. Apple started screwing him, Carter closed his eyes, caressing and pinching her ass. He felt like cumming in a couple of minutes.

-More, more, – he was whispering in Apple’s ear.

She sped up. He felt shiver all over his body in a second. His legs grew numb, something squeezed in his lower belly, he felt tense between his legs, his hands squeezed her buttocks instinctively. The first cum shot spurted in her vagina. Apple cried out feeling hot cum inside her body. Carter moaned loudly. Apple never stopped fucking him till he drained.

When it was all over Carter felt some ache in his dickhead and slapped Apple across her butt carefully. Apple stopped frictions, but didn’t stand up, she was lying on his chest. They spent some two minutes that way. Carter felt his dick getting smaller rapidly. Apple stood up and got her hand between her hips, some drops of cum dripped on her fingers. She kissed Carter and went to the bathroom. He thought he needed bath too. He went to join Apple.

The door was unlocked. He came in the room and saw her in shower. She didn’t see him. She was squatting pointing shower stream at her pussy. She was washing her vagina. At least he thought she was. When looking closer he realized she was masturbating. He’d done it so many times himself but he wasn’t ready to see Apple doing it. And then he got it – he came but she didn’t! She needed an orgasm too. He was standing quiet watching the change in her face expression. She came in less than two minutes. The orgasm was so strong that she didn’t keep the balance and fell on her knees. She opened her eyes and saw Carter.

-You? You saw it? – She asked blushing.

-Yes, it was very beautiful. –Carter kissed her gently. – …and informative. Can you do it again?

Apple splashed water on him. He laughed and jumped to aside. The he joined her in the shower. Then he made sandwiches for them.

-All right, I’d better be going, – Apple said.

Carter didn’t notice three hours pass by.

-Will I see you again? – Carter was ready to start their relationship all over again.

-What for? – She replied. He remembered he used to say the same words to her too.

She closed the door.

Carter moved to a new apartment in two months. He never met Apple again, but he could never forget his first time and his first woman.

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    A story every guy’ll relate to,no matter ur race,culture,or background! Definitely Goodstuff!

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