April 28th, 2008

A girl gets hit by a car and she doesn’t even know that she is going to fall in love with the driver who nearly killed her, and she doesn’t even think he is going to be her first man…

Jeremy owned one of the most fashionable restaurants in town. Hectic work, business meetings, business trips exhausted him but he couldn’t even dream about vacation. Somewhere deep in his heart he hoped there would come the day he would just enjoy himself.

Once going home late at night he almost hit somebody in the dark. He braked to a halt, wheels squeaked, the person in front of the car fell on the ground. Jeremy swore and ran out of the car. A girl was lying on the ground in front of his bumper. “Beautiful,” he said to himself.

He got on his knees by the girl and took her hand in his. The girl wasn’t moving. She was wearing a dress with buttons on the front. Jeremy stared undoing them and finally saw her wonderful body. It was perfect with perky petite boobs. He touched her bare stomach and remembered he had to examine the girl if she had any serious injuries. All he saw were some scratches. He raised her head carefully and felt a big bump on the back of her head. She hit her head and he had to take her to hospital.

He buttoned up her dress and took her in his arms. He put her on the back seat of his car and drove off to hospital. The girl regained consciousness on the way there. She didn’t remember anything, Jeremy told her what happened. The girl looked at him and said:

“I’m Lora and you are?”

“I’m Jeremy. I’ll wait for you here, Lora.”

The doc examined her and said there were no reasons for concern (Lora said she fell off the stairs). Lora could go home. When Jeremy’s car pulled up not far away from her house he finally asked her:

“Can I see you someday again, Lora?” He was still impressed by her slender teen body. He was ready to do silly things to get access to it.

“Yes, you can.” The girl replied flat-out.

Jeremy bent his head and kissed her lips, then her neck and ears. Lora leaned on the seat, moaning. Jeremy regained control over his emotions and wrote his phone number on a sheet of paper. There was a dozen of his cards in the wallet and pockets but he didn’t want to tell her his family name. Lora went out of the car after kissing him on the lips.

Several days passed by. Jeremy was busy managing the restaurant. He received dozens of calls from his ex Rachel but Lora never called. She called him in a week on Saturday night. Jeremy asked her why she hadn’t called him all that time.

“I was busy and was thinking.”

“About what?”

“About you and about the call, its consequences, in particular.”

“You know I think it’s the way it’s supposed to be. Would you like to dine with me today?”

“All right.”
“I’ll pick you up at seven.”

Jeremy didn’t know what to do after the dinner if everything went ok. He couldn’t take her to his place cause Rachel could come again and make another row. He thought about the cottage house in the outskirts. Yeah, he would take her there if everything went right.

He picked Lora up at seven. She was wearing a short but elegant dress, her hair was in a bun. He didn’t kiss her, he had a lot of time for it. Lora was silent all the way to the restaurant. Jeremy was pretty talkative. When they were in restaurant Lora needed two glasses of wine to relax and finally be at ease to express her emotions. Jeremy always kept in mind what he came there for. When looking at Lora he was thinking about her slender body, her long legs spread wide to sides to make it easier for him to enter ….

Lora knew what would happen next, she was trembling with excitement and desire. Their dinner was over, they went out of the restaurant.

“Do you wanna come with me?”


Lora was silent on the way to the house. She was gazing out of the window or staring at Jeremy. When they were there he took her out of the car. He took her straight to the bedroom. Lora looked around. The fire was burning, it was hot in the room. She saw a large bed and a small coffee table with fruits and drinks.

Lora finally realized what was happening. Jeremy closed the door and hugged her from behind. He turned her round and kissed her passionately. She felt his hands undo her dress trying to get to her hot skin. A minute after Lora was wearing nothing but lacy lingerie.

The beauty of her body took his breath away. He asked her to undo her hair. Golden locks fell on her shoulders. Jeremy was taking his time. He wasn’t going to jump in bed and hastily fuck her though his cock was hard and demanding for action. Jeremy wanted to prolong the pleasure, he wanted Lora to beg him for sex.

He was kissing her body, then he took off her bra. Lora arched her back, she was semiconscious and absolutely sex-crazed. She definitely wanted him. Jeremy sucked on her nipple and started caressing it with the tip of his tongue, while his fingers were massaging the other nipple. The nipples got darker in color and much harder.

Lora was ready for more caress. Jeremy took off his clothes and hugged Lora. Her skin was burning hot. He took her in his arms to the bed. Lora brought her hips together trying to push him away. She was scared. Jeremy continued his gentle attack knowing no reason for her to be scared of him.

He spread her hips carefully and slowly to take off her panties. He was delighted to find out Lora was gushing. He started fondling her clit with a finger. Lora moaned and arched her back. It was real blast! Jeremy was caressing her intensively, his fingers were moving faster, one of them slipped in her bosom.

Jeremy shied away. She was a virgin. He was the first to caress her that way. He looked at Lora and asked her seriously:

“Are you sure you want it? There’ll be no way back.”

“Yes. Do it now. I want it.”

“I can’t hurry, you’ll have to wait a bit.”

Jeremy was kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts, her belly. His fingers were slowly getting in her bosom stretching it bit by bit. Lora was moaning quietly.

“Do it now, I can’t wait anymore…” Lora whispered.

He raised her butt and put a cushion under it. Her pussy was right in front of him now. Jeremy went on caressing her clit with two fingers making her pussy wet enough for his dick to penetrate it. He touched her tight pussy with the dickhead and then, holding Lora by the hip, entered her snatch holding the phallus with the other hand.

It was pretty hot to realize he was her first man, he helped her become a woman. His cock was moving slowly spreading her vulva lips. Lora was staring at him ready to push him away any sec. Jeremy was whispering something nice to her, while his cock was thrusting deeper in her insides. He wanted to start hard fucking, just like he liked, but he knew he had to be careful in order not to scare her away, not to spoil the pleasure of sex.

He felt her hymen. Jeremy bent over and pushed Lora onto his shaft. The penis was in her pussy. Lora cried out, Jeremy muffled her cry with a kiss. He wasn’t moving for some seconds. Lora was lying still. Jeremy started fucking her slowly, his thrusts were careful and gentle. Soon he could fuck her in his usual tempo. He longed to cum. He ejaculated a cum load on her stomach. Lora was looking at him in surprise. It made him smile.

“I just don’t want you to get pregnant.”

He took a tissue from the table and wiped her stomach. He thought back to the first time he touched it… Lora was looking very beautiful, her cheeks were blushing, her eyes were shining with excitement. Jeremy spread her hips and wiped her crotch. There were blood spots left on the tissue. Jeremy covered Lora with the blanket and stood up to get some drink.

“To you and your beauty!”

Lora hardly made a sip. Jeremy kissed her parted lips. It was a very passionate and sensual kiss. His tongue was roaming in her mouth. He just couldn’t stop kissing her. But she had just lost virginity it wasn’t right to ram her again. Jeremy stood up to get more fizz.

Lora was seized by lots of emotions. She was looking at Jeremy not like at a handsome guy, she really wanted him. She stood up from the bed and hugged him. She was caressing his back and neck with her tongue. Jeremy was pleased to note Lora was very vehement for a virgin. He turned round and pressed her back against his stomach. Lora felt his hard-on pressing at her buttocks. His hot breathing made her crazy.

“You want more? It might hurt again but it will last longer this time…”

Lora nodded her head. He let her sit down on the table. He moved her legs apart. Lora lay on her back, Jeremy was caressing her body, kissing her boobs, her stomach, and her hips. Lora’s moaning was turning him on. Finally, he got on his knees in front of her gushing vagina. Lora felt the bliss she’d never felt before: Jeremy was licking her pussy and her love button. At the same time he was fucking her slit with two fingers. Lora was whispering his name as if in delirium. He got up and heard Lora say:

“I want to please you but I don’t know how to do it.”

Jeremy patted her hair and touched her lips with a finger. She sucked on his finger, licking it with her tongue. She got on her knees. The dick was in front of her face. Now she knew what to do. She took his stem in her hand and caressed it with her fingers, looking at it closely, admiring its size. Then she sucked on the dickhead. Jeremy entered her mouth deeper, saying what exactly he wanted her to do.

Lora was doing everything he told her to. In some 10 minutes she was sucking in a pretty spunky way. Jeremy was leaning on the table whispering some sweet words to her. In several minutes, when feeling like ejaculating any moment, he made Lora stand up and raised her leg on his hip. He was fondling her clit with his fingers, making her hot hoping they could cum together. Lora held him tight and then whispered:

“Jeremy I want to feel you inside, please.”

Jeremy entered her pussy, Lora arched her back. He was rough and hard ramming her once-virgin slit. Lora started shivering in several moment, she was cumming. He spurted in several seconds. They were standing still for a while.

Lora was exhausted, she was whispering something about him being her man. Jeremy smiled hearing her words. Lora made him feel so great. He knew it wasn’t the last time she was whispering about sex and love to him. He would be with her till he got tired of her.

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    i think it is bad that it was all lust and tht u will just dump her as soon as u find someone beta!

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