Having sex for the first time is great but it’s even better when two of you are virgins…

It was summer. We lived near a lake and often went swimming when it was too hot. One evening my girlfriend and I went for a walk, it was hot as usual and I offered her to have a short swim. She refused saying she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit. I told her nobody would see her as it was dark already. She agreed. After swimming we went to her apartment to dry ourselves a bit.

She began undressing and drying herself with a towel. To tell you the truth I got aroused from viewing her. I was standing and felt I was turning red. I was trying hard to conceal my excitement.

By the way, I forgot to mention that we were both virgins.

- Why are you standing over there? Come here, you have to dry your clothes, too.

I entered the room, sat on the chair trying to hide my erection.

- What are you hiding there? – My girlfriend asked laughing.

- Nothing.

- Are you aroused? Take it easy! I saw cocks stuck out in guys’ trunks when they were swimming.

I turned crimson but felt more confident now. While I was drying myself she put on a dressing gown and was looking at me flirtatiously.

- Do you want me?

- Yes.

- I do want you, too. Let’s do it while my parents are away and the brother is out with his friends.

I was taken aback for I hadn’t expected she could say that. She came up to me, gave me a hug and our lips joined in a soul kiss. My hard cock was pressed against her. I wanted to take off her gown but she stopped me.

- No, not so fast. Let’s go to my room.

When we came in she asked me to switch the lights off and turn on the night lamp. A slow music was playing and we were standing and kissing. Then we lay on the bed and fondled each other. We changed positions and then … fell down from the bed. We were so carried away by our sexual games that didn’t notice how we’d approached to the edge of the bed. We laughed a lot sitting on the floor.

Having returned to the bed I lay on her and took her gown off. Meantime her hand was in my boxers squeezing my buttocks, then it went between the halves and she touched my anus. I caressed her breast with my hands and tongue. She pulled my boxers off and took my phallus into her hand. She bared the head and rolled my bollocks. It was so nice!!!

- Wow! I didn’t know that guys also shave their pubis. Don’t be afraid, I know how to deal with it!

- Really? How come? You haven’t been with anyone before, have you?

- I haven’t. But once I arrived home earlier than usual and saw my brother masturbating in his room. You also masturbate, don’t you? – She asked in a cheerful voice.

- Yeah, I can see nothing bad in it…

- I agree with you, I like caressing myself.

I felt a drop of pre-cum came out. My girlfriend was leaking much by that time.

- Turn to me, I want to see how you’re pulling the condom on.

I turned to her and slowly pulled the condom on. Then I lay on the bed and we continued kissing.

- I feel a little scared, – she said.

- I’ll be very tender…

I raised her legs bent in knees, leaned my hands against the bed and started penetrating her slowly. When my head was inside I stopped for awhile, kissed her lips and then kept on moving in. I felt she shuddered and I stopped again.

- How are you?

- Fine, but it hurts a bit.

- Shall I go on?

- Sure…

I was slowly moving inside her caressing her bosom, neck. She was whispering pleasant words to me. Fifteen minutes later I climaxed. After that I took off the condom and continued stimulating my girl. Soon all her body strained and then relaxed. We lay for some time together, and she went to have a shower. When she came back we started our caress again.

- Listen, show me how you, guys, masturbate? I‘d like to see you having an orgasm.

- Well, I don’t know… – I said feeling embarrassed.

- Come on, show me!

- Then you masturbate, too!

- Ok…

We lay top to tail to be able to see each other well. She started fondling her breasts, gradually going down to her shaved pubis. My penis was stiff already and I began pulling my foreskin up and down, I changed the ways of touching and squeezing the phallus, moved my thighs.

- How do you usually come? – She asked me.
- I pull the foreskin up and come into it, then go to the bathroom and wash the semen off.

- Can you do it in the way I could see the semen dash out?

- Ok, where should I come?

- Mmm… on your belly, if that’s ok..

About ten minutes later a hot spurt of cum burst out from my cock onto my belly. My girlfriend had climaxed too and was lying gasping. She was looking at me with her eyes full of joy. I took a towel and went to the bathroom and have a shower. On my way I met her 20-year-old brother. He was amazed to see me naked with sperm on the belly. But he wasn’t at a loss at all:

- Have you had sex?

- Yeah… – I said feeling really confused.

Coming out of the bathroom I saw my girlfriend and her brother in the kitchen drinking tea. I joined them.

- Do you like sex?

- Sure! It’s fantastic! – My girlfriend said.

- Can I watch you?

- No, of course not! – She protested.

- Okay…

It was very late. We finished tea and went to bed. We made love again. While we were enjoying the process it seemed to me someone else was in the room. And .. yes! I was right. Her brother was sitting in the armchair watching us and masturbating.

- Pretend that you don’t see him, it makes me almost crazy when I realize he’s looking at us.

We changed a lot of positions and I had three strong orgasms. When her brother exploded he revealed his presence in the room.

- O-oh! Cool!!! – He said.

- Come here… – His sister called him.

He approached to us.

- Give me your hand, – she said, – touch me here, this is my clit…

- So, do you like it? – I asked.

- Yes, sure, – he answered and it was clear he got excited again.

- So, why don’t you find a girlfriend to practice all that, you’re 20 years old!!! – I grinned.

He turned red and lowered his eyes.

- Ok, go to your room, we want to sleep.

He went to his room and we fell asleep.

Two naked people were lying under the blanket, they were grateful for making each other older…

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  1. Hillary Martin Says:

    Lots of content, but worth the read. Keep it coming.

  2. IFOASAV Says:

    A responsible story – how few there are which relate to a condom.

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