Bosses are no saints

October 26th, 2007

A mother gets sick and sends her young daughter to clean the office for her, the boss is surprised to see the young chick and he wants something more from her.

Mrs. Radcliff and her 18-year-old daughter Bridget lived in a small apartment in New York. They had to suffer a lot that year. Bridget’s dad died in a car crash several months ago. Those were hard times for the family. Mrs. Radcliff had to find a job in a pharmaceutical company, and a part time job as an office cleaner in another office. After classes Bridget often helped her mom with cleaning.

Once when her mom was sick, Bridget had to go cleaning instead of her. She was to clean the boss’s office. When she was through with watering flowers, suddenly the door opened and she saw Mr. MacFerson, the boss.

-Hi! What are you doing here? Where is your mom?

-She’s sick. – Bridget said quietly.

-Oh, I’m sorry. OK, then.

Mr. MacFerson was tipsy. He was on his way home when he remembered he forgot some necessary papers in the office.

-Listen, Bridget, can you do me a favor? Could you please make me some coffee? – He asked her then.

Bridget nodded and went out of the room. There was a backdoor in the office. There was a couch, a coffee table, a couple of chairs there, it was Mr. MacFerson’s “recreation area”. Bridget came up to the coffee machine when suddenly she felt strong embrace.

-What are you doing? – She cried out.

She wanted to say something else, but she couldn’t as Mr. MacFerson started kissing her lips, laying her on the couch. He was naked in less than a minute. Bridget realized she wanted to have sex with him, she wanted him! She liked mom’s boss, and now he could take her. He was very slowly undressing her, kissing every inch of her body. When he reached her breasts, he started sucking and pinching them. And when he reached her bushy pussy, he began licking and sucking it like a lolly. His tongue was thrusting deeper inside of her virgin body.

Mr. MacFerson’d often seen Bridget in his office. But he still couldn’t forget the moment he saw her first. He saw a blonde girl with long legs, long hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was helping her mom. He was literally enchanted by her beauty, by her red lips. He’d wanted to fuck her since the first moment he saw her. And that day he was finally lucky to make his old dream come true.

He spread her legs wide and entered her snatch. He heard her cry, realizing she was a virgin. He could feel her cherry with his tongue, but he couldn’t believe it anyway: she was so pretty, how come nobody had ever fucked her before? It seemed more than unreal. His sensations were so bright that he soon erupted his semen in her bosom. He was exhausted. He flung himself on the couch and fell asleep. Bridget was lying still, being afraid to wake him up. Then she finally dressed up. She sneaked out of the room and went home.

She never came in the office again. Soon Mrs. Radcliff found out her daughter was pregnant. Bridget never told her who the farther was. On the day of delivery Bridget was cooking dinner for her mother, when she felt contraction. She was taken to hospital. Meantime, Mrs. Radcliff asked her boss if he could let her take a leave.

-What do you need it for? – Mr. MacFerson asked her.

-My daughter is pregnant and I’d love spend more time with her.

-Can’t her husband help her?

-She’s not married, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Well, frankly speaking, I don’t even know who the father’s. I’m afraid she could be raped. – Mrs. Radcliff said seriously.

-I don’t get it. So, she wasn’t seeing anybody?

-No, that’s the point.

-So, she’s about to give birth… Just a moment, Mrs. Radcliff… Oh my…

The phone rang. It was Bridget. She told her mom she’d had just given birth to a boy. Suddenly Mr. MacFerson hugged Mrs. Radckiff.

-I’m a farther! I have a son! I’m very sorry for everything I’ve done, but I’m the farther, Mrs. Radcliff. I wanna see the boy, I wanna see your daughter. I want to marry her!

They got married in a week.

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13 Responses to “Bosses are no saints”

  1. Fergo Says:

    Love fucking virgins!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. rohit Says:

    i think its not really a virgin stoey

  4. Anonymous Says:

    tis stupid human is not a human being.. is wolf …. n the most important thing is he didn’t responsible at the time that the gal was pregnant. but,,, is a good ending…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    its dumb no excitment reading

  6. kokko Says:

    i will kill him if him do to my daughter

  7. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    i would just slap him and run away if he did it to me

  8. butter Says:

    stupid story……. but most of the girls lose there virginity and feel nothing….sad ya

  9. areyoucrazy? Says:

    soo ridiculous. the guys got no life. i guess he really wanted to be daddy =) but it was lame

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. cougar 307 Says:

    now what are you going to do, get next to the mom.

  12. Sev Says:


  13. Klee Says:


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