September 29th, 2007

What is it like the first time when you are a virgin? You’ll always remember that, right? This guy had his first sex experience and it was a bit extreme…

I remember my first time very well. It happened at the party on campus. My friend invited me there. I was the youngest among the people. I was sitting at the corner away from all the rest who were drinking and smoking. It was dark and smoky there. The music was terribly loud.

Suddenly I heard cries from another part of the room, and then somebody slapped the door loudly. Somebody sat on the other side of the couch I was sitting on. I looked at the person. It was a girl. Her name was Janet. She was a girl you wouldn’t miss. She was rather stocky, but not fat. She apparently weighted just as I did that time, but she looked very nice. She was sobbing, sniffing. She tried to be quiet for nobody to notice her. I knew her younger brother Nick. We went info karate together. So I decided I could talk to her. Besides, she was crying and I wanted to know why. I sat closer to her and asked if everything was OK. She looked up at me in surprise. In several sobs she told me she had just rowed with her boyfriend and he’d left the party without her. It was almost impossible for her to get back home now. And it meant there would be another row when she came late.

I offered to give her a lift. I also told her I didn’t like the party. I was alone there and couldn’t even meet a girl as they were there with their boyfriends. Besides, everyone was making love like crazy. My friend got his hands into his girlfriend’s blouse, and my acquaintance Terry, for example, was jerking off her friend. So, in short, it wasn’t the best place to be all alone.

I stood up from the couch and took Janet by the hand. She was standing so close to me that I could feel warmth of her body and her sweet breath when she whispered:

-Are you sure you wanna do it for me? I can go home by taxi…

Her big boobs touched my chest. I was holding her hand. I pulled her to follow me out of the room. When we reached the car and I began opening the door for her, she turned me round and kissed me, getting her pink tongue into my mouth, while she was pressing me against the car. The kiss seemed to last for ever. I felt her soft breasts against my body. She set her hip at my groin, rubbing against my dick, which was getting rocky hard. Then she stopped exploring my mouth and stepped back.

-Why are you doing this? – I asked her.

-For you to become a real gentleman.

I helped her get in the car. I asked her where she lived. She looked at me in a strange way and said:

-Go, I’ll show you the way.

I saw moonlight reflected in her eyes, her blouse seemed to be more unbuttoned than before. I started the car. Janet sat with her back leaned against the backdoor, putting her crossed legs on the seat. It was no problem for me to see black nylon fabric covering her cave. She was sitting still for some time. She was apparently waiting for my reaction to her pose. As for me, I was about to do something, but I was paralyzed by the things happening to me. Then she moved up closer, asking if everything was OK. Her hand was pressing on my hip some two inches from my aroused cock. I was stuttering, saying everything was wonderful. I asked her which way to go.

My right hand lay on her shoulder and started playing with the lobe of her ear. She showed me which way to turn and then took my hand and put it on her knockers. Her nipples were already hard. I realized something was going on, but I couldn’t say what exactly was going on. I never stopped playing with her nipples, while driving. Her hand was resting between my hips. I had no doubts about her intentions. The girl was fondling and squeezing my dick. I felt my pants were already wet. Janet set her breast free of my hand and asked me if there was another place on her body I would like to touch.

-If you ask me well I’ll let you do it, but you’ll have to tell me what you’ll be doing. I want to describe our actions and sensations to you. OK?

I was short of breath. I had been playing fool all the time, and then I realized she wanted to talk about it. I just had to ask her:

-So you’re saying that if ask you well you’ll let me play with your pussy?

Janet looked at me dumfounded. In several moments she said:

-Are you a virgin? Yeah? Wow! In this case I’m gonna do something special for you!

She took my hand and pulled it under her skirt. It was hot and wet there.

-Look what you’re doing to me…. – she said moving my hand up and then down against her pussy.

My fingers were about to enter her right through her stockings. I got my finger under the stocking and immediately felt her bush. She leaned back, moving her hips wider, moaning silently. I began rubbing against her firm vulva lips. Janet took my hand and pushed it deeper. I found her love button. I was caressing it, and she was moaning. She was almost lying on the backseat now. I could see all of her in the rear-view mirror. My cock was ready for action, and the girl was all opened to welcome it in.

She pulled off her panties, asking me to caress her “there, right there, and never stop…”. Janet was moving catching my tempo when I was fondling her clit. Soon she was cumming, squeezing my hand between her hips, as if her every muscle were seized in convulsions. I thought it was painful for her.

-Ahhh, – she leaned even farther back, bucking, while I was still working her clit.

We reached her home, finally. There were no cars at the house. She asked me to pull up, so I did. The car was standing under the shadow of a tree. Janet thanked me for the ride, buttoning her blouse up. Suddenly she turned to me. She wanted to ask me something.

-Sure, you can ask whatever you want, – I told her.

I was a bit upset, I guess it showed. She wanted to leave, and I was still aroused and dissatisfied. As I found out in several seconds, she wanted to ask me if I found her pretty or not. I was stammering and sweating, saying she was very pretty, then I heard her sobbing again. I asked her what was wrong.

-You’re just as everyone else. You think I’m fat and ugly! But it’s not so, I’ll prove it! – She said sniffing.

She began unbuttoning her blouse again. Button by button… I saw her snow white skin. She put off the blouse, and I could see her large tits. They were beautiful. They were big and firm with large dark nipples, which were hard again.

I was speechless. She pulled me close and I found myself facing her breasts. I took a nipple in my mouth. I loved her smell, it was unusual. While sucking the nipple, I was caressing and squeezing the other one. Janet’s hand was at my groin again, fondling my pecker. My head felt dizzy. I felt her unzip my fly. Her hand got in my pants and grasped my virgin dick. I came at once. Right on her hands and on my pants. Just one touch and I came. Janet smiled and asked me why I came, maybe I came cuz I liked her, she added.

She was licking her fingers clean, saying it. I thought I was dreaming. I was kissing her breasts and her nipples. My prick was throbbing, and she was smiling. She took my flaccid knob with her two fingers and stared jerking it, spreading my own semen over it. It was my turn to lean back on the seat, enjoying. My phallus was getting hard again. My eyes were closed, I was moaning. I didn’t see her pull off her panties. Suddenly I felt her in my lap, my penis was rubbing against her wet lips. Then it got inside her hot cave. Janet pressed herself tight to me, moving up and down on my prick. I put my hands down and found the place that made us one that moment. I was all wet too. Janet put her hand down too, caressing the cock. Well, actually, she was caressing her clit, but I thought she was caressing me. My dick was getting harder with her every touch.

I knew my second ejaculation would not come so soon, then I suddenly realized I was no longer a virgin, and my shaft was all in a hot wet cave. It all was so fast, so spontaneous. She definitely enjoyed the fuck too. And I was happy I could play with every part of her body. The car was shaking and squeaking in accordance with our movements.

Suddenly Janet stopped. She gestured for me to sit still. I saw her brother’s car riding along the road. He had surely noticed our shaking car, and he had certainly recognized it was my car. What’s gonna happen? I was making love to his elder sister, what else could I tell him?!

Janet saved me. When Nick came up to the car she told him:

-If you say a word about it, I’ll tell dad you’ve been diluting his whisky with water. So, keep quiet, bro.

She was telling him this while never stopping to impale herself on my cock. Her huge buttocks were swaying and trembling, but she was moving up and down, up and down. Pressure was at the limit. Janet figured out I was close to cumming. She began moaning:

-C’mon, enter me… I want…. you to enter me … deeper.

I knew she was on the verge of bliss as well. I felt uncomfortable when Nick was near, but I got deep inside her four or five times more, before I erupted sperm into her snatch. Janet cried out, feeling my semen flowing. She came too.

Nick looked at the darkness below and said:

-Well man, you rock!

That’s the story of my first sex.

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4 Responses to “Beginning”

  1. komal Says:

    nice story

  2. Nick Says:

    Supportive bro eh??
    Gr8 story

  3. hello… Says:

    the story’s HOTT!!!

  4. justin stone Says:

    that was so hot.

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