A visit to the Love Temple

December 30th, 2008

This young 18 year-old babe comes to the love temple to lose her virginity, she picks a man and they go to a private room, read more and enjoy…

It was a big building. I knocked at the huge gate of the Love Temple. A man of about 50 years old met me. I told him my name. He checked if it was on his list, then smiled conspiratorially. I had medical examination last week here and they had the results of my tests.

- Come in, lady, – the man said looking at me. – Why was he looking at me this way?

- Aren’t you too young to come here? – He asked when I turned with my back to him.

I looked back and said something like “No, it’s Ok” and rushed to the building along the sand path. “Yes, maybe it’s I’m too young. I’m just 18…” I even hesitated for a moment but then decided it was silly to refuse as I’d made the first step already. I came here with a specific goal – to become a woman.

I entered one of the doors. It’s a bit complicated to describe this building. It’s like a maze, of rectangular shape, with six front doors. I was in the hall. A middle-aged woman was sitting at the table and writing something. I approached and said “Hello!” She responded with a polite smile. I paid for a day at the Love Temple and she gave me two white pills. I thanked her. A couple of glasses were there and I put the pills into one of them, then drank the turbid solution. As the woman told me I might not be afraid of becoming pregnant for the whole month.

I went into the corridor. When I was here last time I looked around a bit. Behind the first door was one of many bathrooms. I had a shower, washed and dried my hair. I left my clothes in a box specially intended for that.

One could be without clothes in the Temple and many people did use that opportunity. But I was nervous and felt shy. So, I put a Greek tunic which was usually worn by servants here or the shyest visitors. The garments were free here. Guests had to pay for admission only.

I walked along the corridors for a long time examining the building and other visitors. They were men and women, old people were here, too. Some men would come up to me and offer to have sex with them. I refused. I felt so uncomfortable.

I sat at the bench. About 10 minutes later a young man of about 20 sat beside me. I liked him.

- Is it your first time here? – He asked.

I said “Yes” and he suggested going to one of private rooms and have a talk there. I didn’t expect it from myself but I gave my consent. The private room had two rooms actually: a tiny room with armchairs and a table and another room with only a bed inside.

I sat into the armchair. There was a bowl with fruit, a bottle of wine and a carafe with water. Servants brought the new items each time a couple left the private room. We talked for long with him, just about life. He didn’t tell me anything about him and I didn’t tell him even my name. It was all right in the Love Temple.

I drank a glass of wine and felt much better now. A few candles lit up the room. The atmosphere was very romantic and cozy. He moved to me closer and took my hand. I shuddered. He released my palm. A pause…

- I’m just nervous, – I pronounced.

- Sorry. Do you really want that?

I hesitated but said:

- Yes…

I decided that he would become my first man. I liked him. He was so calm and shy. He didn’t make me do anything.

- You should be sure whether you want it or not, – he said.

I liked the fact he allowed me to choose and I said more confidently:

- I want that.

And it was the truth. I rose and went to the room with the bed. I lit the candles there as I wanted to see his face. I lay on the bed and he lay beside me.

- Are you a virgin? – He asked.

I confessed it was my first time. He took off the tunic off me. I was lying nude and felt fear was rising inside me. He undressed either and joined me. We lay still for a few minutes looking at each other. Then he stretched his arm and touched my cheek. His touch was cold but I didn’t shudder. His fingers slid lower to my neck passing my skin tenderly. When he reached my breast my heart started pounding and I felt I was burning. He was squeezing my breasts. My nipples became hard and each his touch provoked a storm of emotions in my body. He passed his palm over my belly and then lay on me without putting all his weight on me. All my body shrank involuntarily and he whispered into my ear: “Don’t be afraid, it’s going to be nice!” I relaxed. What happened next I remember badly. I felt something strange in my body. It was painful, I gave a scream. When it was over I lay for some time being afraid to move.

Then we did it again. It was left painful but I still felt uncomfortable. He became bolder squeezing my breasts, kneading my buttocks, kissing my neck and lips. I liked it so much! I was with him, I loved him. We were together all the night, my first night with a man…

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One Response to “A visit to the Love Temple”

  1. flackman Says:

    My first sex was with my next-door neighbor. She was nice looking and I had spied on her while she was gardening in her back yard. She had on a halter top and when she was bent over planting flowers, I could look down her top and see the tops of her beautiful breasts.

    One day I want nextdoor to see her son, and she answered and said Harold wasn’t home, but I could wait since he’d be back in a few minutes. I sat in the living room and she got me a glass of iced tea and then said she was going to take a shower. I heard the shower start and then turn off only a couple of minutes later. I heard her call my name, and then said “Ted, could you come in here and help me.” I walked into the bathroom and saw her standing there with a towel around her. “Ted, I can’t dry my back. Could you help?” She handed me a towel and turned around. Her back was smooth and freckled. As I dried her back, the towel fell open and I could see her ass. My penis got very hard. Then she turned toward me and dropped the towel. I had my first real look at a woman’s breasts, nipples and cunt. “Am I pretty,?” she said. I stammered out something and she laughed and took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I almost came in my pants as I fel her nipples swelling under my palms. “Touch them. Feel them. Pinch my nipples,” she said. I didn’t need a second invitation.

    My legs were weak and when she led me to her bedoom, I almost couldn’t walk. She sat on the bed, undid my pants and took out my penis. Then she lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I was in heaven, but unsure what to do next. She again took my hands and pulled me down on top of her. She took my rock-hard penis and stroked it over her cunt. I watched as her cunt lips spread apart slightly and I could just make out her hole. She moved me just inside her and then waited for nature to take its course. It did.

    I pushed fully inside her and almost came instantly as the warm walls of her vagina clamped on my penis. She recognized this and grabbed my ass checks and said “Don’t move for a minute.” It seemed like hours, but then she told me to start moving. It was spectacular. Sensations were buzzing through me that I had never felt before. Soon I felt a pressure building up and I fucked into her harder and faster. When I came, I shot what felt like gallons of spunk in her. As I lay there with my penis still inside her, I started to apologize for coming so soon, but she put her finger on my lips and said “I expected that, but I also expected that you’d be ready to go a second time pretty quickly. She was right.

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