A virgin

October 10th, 2008

This girl is really tired of boring and routine sex, she definitely wants to try something new and when the new student appears in the classroom she takes her chances…

As soon as spring came Amanda began to feel bored at the university. Nothing had happened in her life for a long time. She’d still been dating with Andrew and had no more relationships with girls except for Lily. Lily liked lesbian caress and sometimes she dragged Amanda to the toilet at a party and licked her, then they used to change roles. And Andrew seemed to realize there was something more than a usual friendship between the girls.

New desires came together with the spring. She wanted to leave the routine, to run away from stuffy university rooms and practice sex with a new partner. She got tired of her usual men.

Recently they’d had a new group mate, Philip. A rather handsome guy. He transferred from another city. Amanda immediately understood that he liked her. But he was too shy to act in any way. All the time they chatted he couldn’t look into her eyes. Little by little she lost hope he could start something more serious and soon stopped paying attention to him.

It was mid-summer, very hot. Amanda had no plans for the day yet. But she was eager to tear herself away from this horrible building. The last lesson was English Grammar. The old teacher was delivering his boring lecture and it seemed there would be no end to it.

- Unfortunately our lesson will be over a bit earlier today. We are having an important meeting.

Wow! Nothing could be better! She was free!!!

- Amanda, could you help me?

That was something new. Philip made up his mind to make a first step; she could probably expect a surprise.

- This theme was very complicated indeed. I didn’t understand it at all. Will you explain that to me? I guess you know this subject rather well.

Yeah, a funny thing. She knew this subject rather well!.. Ha-ha… All the tests she had failed but Philip was able to pass them at the first try. No, honey, your real intentions were quite clear.

- Ok, let’s stay. I’ll explain it to you.

Amanda was willing to see what he would do next. When the classroom was empty they sat at the last desk. Amanda began telling something she didn’t understand herself. That day she was wearing a blouse with a very low neck. Besides, the fabric was rather translucent and it revealed the fact the girl wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples became hard from waiting for so long.

Philip pretended to be listening to her but actually he was looking into her décolleté. Amanda was fed up with that soon and decided to start. She put her hand on his lap as if occasionally. He pretended not to notice that.

Some time later the girl made sure she would waste her time waiting for his actions. She had to do everything herself. She slowly moved her hand higher, closer to Philip’s fly. The guy got excited at once. He began mumbling something. However, Amanda wasn’t interested in that any more. She decided to get it going and put her hand between her group mate’s legs. His phallus was already very stiff.
On impulse Philip kissed Amanda, he did that as if he was following recommendations from the textbook. It was a clumsy kiss and the girl immediately realized what the problem was. She moved away and asked:

- Are you a virgin?

The guy turned crimson.

- No, I’m not…

- You shouldn’t feel shy about it. We all used to be virgins. But… You’re my first virgin.

The word “Virgin” turned her on a lot. She was going to try something new!!!

Amanda didn’t want to wait for anything. She unzipped his fly and pulled a big cock out.
Philip was too sexed up and on the verge of coming; that made the girl upset a bit. But then she had an idea. She started jerking him quickly until a hot spurt of semen gushed onto his pants, a few drops fell on her jeans and even on the copybooks lying on the desk.

Philip leaned against the back of the chair exhausted. But Amanda wasn’t satisfied yet.

- Will you remain a virgin until the rest of your life or fuck me?!

These words had a strong effect on him. The guy looked at Amanda in surprise and his limp cock was getting erected again.

- It’s much better!

Amanda pulled down Philip’s pants stained with semen and pushed his head into her mouth. She was in no hurry and was tonguing his red head. Now she felt herself a teacher working on a very capable student.

When she got tired of playing with him she took off her blouse and jeans; now she had only panties on. She sat down on him.

- Calm down, we all lost our cherry once.

Amanda unbuttoned Philip’s shirt and began kissing his chest tenderly. The man wasn’t still getting into the act. He was probably shocked of all what was happening. Amanda undressed him leaving only pants pulled down and shoes.

The girl felt his hot dick pressed against her belly button, it made her excited much. Every inch of her body wanted him to thrust into her leaking pussy. But she kept on playing with him.

And here at last Philip did something! His hand went into her panties and began pawing her asscheecks. His second hand pulled her closer to him and he kissed her lips. Now he was kissing her more confidently but still it was clumsy. There was no sense in lingering.

Amanda was experiencing great sexual tension and wanted to get rid of her panties as soon as possible. Finally she couldn’t restrain any more and just moved them aside and lowered herself on his cock. A new wave of arousal consumed her and she started moving up and down on the guy.
She put her hands on his shoulders and was building the speed more and more. Philip couldn’t control himself for a long time and at a certain moment they both climaxed simultaneously. Amanda collapsed on him exhausted. His phallus was still in her.

Having a rest for 5 minutes the girl noticed the door of the classroom was widely opened. Any person passing in the corridor could catch them in the act. It made her aroused and frightened at the same time. She looked at Philip who was still sitting with his eyes closed and decided to let him alone for today. She felt they would have plenty of opportunities in future…

To be continued…

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