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February 2nd, 2009

College teachers get really nasty and horny, especially when there are lots of girls in short, school skirts. This seems like a college of lesbian love and things are about to get really wild…

Pamella was an average teenager who loved women. She secretly fancied about her French teacher, Missis Anderson who was sexually frustrated and looked like a true Goddess in flesh. Everyone in the College knew that Missis Anderson was hot for girls and it was obvious in everything, even in marks and grades. She was a 28 or so, tall, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and soft juicy red lips. She has a nicely shaped ass and gorgeous legs, which were a focus of permanent interest and critics of other College female teachers. But the Principal was not going to fire her because Missis Anderson knew her subject very well. She wanted her so badly that she used to go out on Saturday nights looking for her.

One day, when it was coming up to the exams, Missis Anderson asked Pamella to go to her place. Pamella agreed and said she would go home after College and change her dress. She told her teacher she would see her at her house which was only a couple of 100 yards away. Pamella went in and changed straight away. She wore her black silk stockings with a black G string and her black bra. She then put on a mini skirt and a low neck top and went over to her teacher’s house in the best heels you will ever see. What Pamella didn’t know was that her French teacher was getting changed into her lingerie as well. Stockings, leather belt, red G string and bra worked were just a small piece of her today’s attire.

Pamella knocked on the door and her teacher came to it, calling her a good horny slut. Pamella was stupefied and didn’t know what to answer. Nevertheless she obeyed and walked in and she was surprised to see Tiffany and Monica (her classmates who have never been both considered as shy girls) in a 69. Missis Anderson got Pamella out of her clothes quickly and started to kiss her full on her lips with tongues. It was quite unexpected but so hot and arousing! She groped her teacher’s ass in her red G string and stuck her finger in her ass hole. The teacher was surprised and fell backwards onto the sofa. Pamella was finger fucking her ass and licking her teacher’s pussy with all her worth when she felt a dildo at her anal opening. She turned round to see Tiffany with a strap on, and behind her was Monica working up her fingers at Tiffany’s ass hole.

After what seemed like a half an hour minutes of the same, there was a knock at the door and in walked Miss Stamford, a big busty American Literature teacher with a high sex drive! She immediately stuffed a double ended dildo in her ass and slipped it into Monica’s. Everyone after half an hour exploded with their juices going down their legs. Miss Stamford and Missis Anderson took command (as good mistresses) and started to apply their dildos onto their students. All girls in their stockings and sexy sluttish G strings on the floor looked at the teachers in sexual horn! Pamella was first to go over to the teachers and started kissing them. She went down on Miss Stamford’s cunt and started sucking on it clean! Soon after, she was told to turn around.

Stamford lay down on the floor and Pamella positioned her ass on top of the plastic fake cock, going all the way down over this huge glistening 10 inches, while Anderson came in front of her and shoved the rubber cock in her pussy. They both started to fuck Pamella roughly, and she was getting her ass and pussy abused severely! She came to moans of pleasure and both teachers let her go. Tiffany was the next and she got the same treatment as Pamella, and the same scenario happened to Monica after that.

The students loved it and Pamella was now being fucked in all her holes. She was now bouncing her ass on a dildo, shoving a dildo in her pussy and sucking on Tiffany’s pussy. Miss Stamford was watching the sight in front of her with Pamella and Tiffany were fucking like mad rabbits. There suddenly came a knock at the door and there appeared a husband. Everyone carried on what they were doing and Miss Stamford went to him straight away, got down on her knees, unzipped his bulge, letting his massive manhood free and sucked him off. After she sucked him clean, she got on all fours and directed his cock up her anal cavity. He started to fuck her right in the ass and did it great!
When he was about to cum, he pulled out, walked over to Pamella and sprayed his load all over her face. She got his cock and started to suck it clean, getting him hard. Eventually, he was fine to the next turn. She took the dildo out of her pussy and he shoved his cock in. She fucked that lovely cock until she nearly fainted because it was her first massive orgasm.

The following day at the college was as usual as others, and all of the girls behaved the modest way. They met up 3 times a week at Missis Anderson’s house and had endless sex for hours!

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5 Responses to “Young lesbian sluts”

  1. dmagirl Says:

    You are adorable, and how I would love to make you cum, as I eat your pussy, ass, and suck on your clit

  2. SexiiLilGurlie Says:

    i want yu so bad right now i want to grope yur tits and swallow yur cum :O x

  3. Sexmachine Says:

    Omg that waz da best stori eva.Plz keep writin more.It turned me on so bad….To the point i fingerd myself.Omg.

  4. gorgeous pussy Says:

    I want u I want ur pussy I want to eat it I want u to eat mine I don’t care as long as I get something

  5. Sexychick Says:

    Omg! That was the best story ever! It made me finger myself….I had 7 orgasms after that! Then, I invited my friends over, and we fucked eachother with my dildos.

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