Two dates

September 9th, 2007

Do you want to know about this babe’s dates? Well the first one she meets a guy but he turns to be a quick cummer, though he does know how to please her with sex toys, the next lover is a girl, and here it’s even better because a girl always knows better what another babe needs…

I am going to tell you about my two dates.

First, I met with a guy from a love chat. I am not planning to describe everything, though there were some scrumptious moments.

The first time he came from my single touch. Well, we kissed a bit, fondled each other, I took out the condom, grasped his dick, when he said plaintively that he was about to cum.

I let the penis go, and here it started, he spurted against my face, stomach, hair… All I could do was to close my face with hands and giggle in surprise. He seemed to be upset, but I reasoned him out of it.

He used toys to satisfy me. It was one of my hugest orgasms. He said then that I could do with him whatever I wanted. It happened so that I had kerchiefs and toys with me that night. So I tied his hands up together, closed his eyes with another kerchief, and proceeded to his ass. I fucked him with my fingers, then with a dildo. I sat on his face for him to lick. In other words, I did everything. He was satisfied, … and fucked me later.

The second date was with Honey. That was a real lesbian show.

At first, she did me, that I did her. We used everything ranging from my musical balls, huge dildo, and an inflatable anal plug.

I start fingering her when she reminds it is my turn to get fucked. I do not object, lie on my back. Take me, honey…

She kneads me a while and proceeds to toys. I do not want the balls!!! (There is a tampon inside, I have a period). The balls are for you….

But it seems my opinion is of no importance. Honey slides a ball inside, I am telling her about the tampon, but she replies my vagina is large enough for it to join the tampon. Then another ball enters me. She is always whispering what a nasty girl I am, oh, how exciting!

After playing with the balls, she puts the inflatable plug in my asshole. It is painful. She adds some more lubrication and continues to work on my butt. Balls are knocking, clanking in my pussy. Oooh.

Here comes the plug. It is in me and it is inflating. Balls, plug, fingers, the plug is vibrating; dick head of another large dildo enters my snatch. I am bucking on the bed.

Honey suggests fingering me. Yeah, I want it so much! Balls are taken out of the twat, she slides fingers inside, it is painful, she adds the lubrication, oh, how good it is.

The hand makes me go mad. I never get tired of this feeling of fullness, when every zone is touched. I always want to impale myself deeper and deeper. Yes! It is so nice, but I do not come.

I turn to the side, hold my legs together to feel every touch better.

The hand is followed by a huge dildo. Honey does me so well and intensive. I get down on my knees, want to get butt-fucked. Do not remember the rest…

I do not know how she managed to keep me on the verge of coming and never let me pause or come. It was real bliss, I almost fell down the bed.

Break. Now it is your turn, honey, I say firmly. I turn her on her stomach. Finger her everywhere. Use your fingers, I tell her, while repeating her own steps with me, balls go first, then the plug. Dildos are on. I press one of them against the love button.

Here is my hand, no more balls. It is so tight and luscious inside you. Oh, you are squeezing so hard. The hand seems to be sucked inside. I see the most erogenic zone. Here we go over and over again.

We try dog-fashion, it does not work well, and I enter the hole with a toy.

I made it. There is a ball and a huge vibrator in the cunt, I am ramming it in, while moving the plug in the ass. And Honey is coming! Oh, I am so glad. It is so good!

Here is the lesbian show! I am satisfied.

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  1. Raik Says:

    Its very nice dateing,I think.

  2. mohameD Says:


  3. betricekorsa Says:

    l need ur pic & moives

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