Turning into a cunt eater!

February 14th, 2009

This chick is really horny and she really loves it when someone licks her pussy, but she loves it even more if she is getting it from a horny chick like she is.

I‘m a 21 year old red headed babe and from recently I have found myself getting a problem that developed when I got my first menses period. I started getting very horny just a couple of days before my period and the older I got, the hornier I was getting. I managed to work it out in a high school without anyone finding out, but like I said, over the years it just progressed harder to keep it under control. Now at my 21s, a touch of my hand onto my pussy would just set it off and make me explode! I started using a banana and cucumber on my pussy since I was about 19 and now have a few dildos in my nightstand. I use them regularly at the specific period of a month and now it doesn’t matter who touched me, man or women, my pussy bursts into flames! Just immediately, I find a bathroom or secluded place and finger fuck myself until I have a few orgasms to relieve my pressure! What I have learned about that is that when I stick a small toy into my pussy, it makes me easier to relieve myself when a pleasure wave comes, so it is just a matter of place where I am at the point of my orgasmic spasms! When I’m so fucking horny, I would fuck anything that moves on! When it first started, I was getting an ache in my pussy about a day before I got horny, so I knew when my orgasm was about to cum. Just as you understand, it all started with an ache in my pussy and gradually developed into a burning flame which definitely needed a human assistance, some touch of a male or female, to set my pussy off and get my cunt soaking wet! At this point I would fuck anyone to make my pussy happy.

Our next door neighbor moved in about a year or so ago, and soon we have gotten very friendly, even though she is married. She is very sexy, 24 year old, and is very kinky, which I don’t mind at all. But during my times, I keep trying to stay away from her. She does some rather bizarre and freak things for a married woman, when we talk: she grabs my ass hard with both hands and squeezes it while telling me that I have a very sweet kissable ass! Then she laughs and lets me free. She also feels me up time after time, rubs my belly always laughing while she does these things to me! I know that if I got close to her while I am in heat, I would lose control and just rape her or something like that!

One day, when I was supposed to burst into heat, Amanda, my neighbor, called me to come over and help her around the house. I figured I was really fine for at least a few more hours and went over to her house. I should say that I never wear a bra or panties when I go to Amanda’s because I never know when she would feel me up (which I definitely like and enjoy, and she knows that!). So I really like when she does it, especially when she puts her hands under my top and holds my tits, but every time I act embarrassed. Well, I don’t want her to think I am bicurious or a pervert. So I changed to a low neck blouse and took my panties off because I always think that she is going to touch my pussy. Today might be that day, so I flew over hers.

Amanda was hanging new curtains and needed my help, so she put me to work as soon as I came. We were on the last curtain when that feeling hit my pussy and I was standing, holding the curtain in the air and Amanda said that she could see my nipples erect. She came over to me from behind and slid her hands up my belly to my tits. My cunt almost exploded at her touch, my nipples got hard as two tiny rocks! I moaned when Amanda took my nipples and rolled them around between her fingers! She was kissing my neck at the same time and I became weak at my knees. Amanda said in a horse whisper:

“Oh, you like this, my dirty cunt, I see that your tits tell me you want more!” and with one hand she grabbed my pussy. I was frozen and all I could say was: “Oh, my Lord!” Her hand was stoking my pussy. She then put her tongue in my ear, bit my ear lobe and said:

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you, my sweet cunt? It is time you gave me your sweet cunt, bitch! I’ve been waiting over a year to fuck you, my sweet, now take your shorts off.”

I was totally hers now; my pussy needed relief so fucking bad, I would do anything to get that relief! So I undid my shorts and pushed them down to my ankles, it seemed like Amanda was going to continue playing with my pussy! She put her hand between my legs and pushed her finger into the inferno of my pussy!

I laid my head back on her shoulder while she finger fucked my very needy cunt. She kissed me all the time, sending an electric charge through my body and making me moan loud! I was so fucking hot I thought I was going to catch on fire. Amanda took her tongue out of my mouth and told me to take my blouse off because she wanted her hot young cunt (me) to be naked for her! With that I took my blouse off and my cunt exploded when Amanda told me how beautiful my tits are. I came like a volcano erupting, my cum was pouring out of my pussy, running down my legs and making a puddle on the floor. Amanda was holding me in her arms to keep from collapsing down. She kissed me again, I moaned and she told me that she was taking me to her bed so she could fuck me until I couldn’t walk. But at first she needed me to pose for her, and she put me in all these poses which showed off my cunt, ass and tits, driving me insane with lust! Finally she realized it was enough of me and led me upstairs to her bed, touching my tits and pussy all the time. By the time we got to the bed, I was begging her to fuck me, it didn’t matter whether she was married, I just needed her! She laid me on the bed, took a strap-on cock out of a drawer, got between my legs, put a finger in my cunt and directed the strap-on to my face asking me if I wanted her to fuck me with it. Sure, all that made me insane with desire and I was now begging her to fuck me with her fake cock.

She asked what I would do for her to get her to fuck me with the strap on and I told her I would do anything she wanted! Then this bitch told me I had to eat her pussy first, and without even thinking about it, I begged her to let me eat her cunt! She got on top, so she was facing my pussy, bent over, put her hand on my cunt and told me to make her cum! With that I grabbed her hot ass and started licking, sucking and tongue fucking her hot cunt like a crazy woman, wanting her to cum! After a few minutes she was moaning:

“Oh, honey, you going to make me cum, sweetie!” then she said:
“I’m cumming babe, I’m fucking cumming!”

I knew what she wanted so I fastened my tongue to her sweet cunt and then she filled my mouth with her hot, tasty nectar and swallowed every drop of her cunt juice! She now had my head squeezed between her legs and was moaning:

“More bitch, make me cum some more, suck me harder, you, slut!”

I was enjoying making her cum, so I went back to eating her hot cunt with a vengeance! My efforts made her cum for me twice more. I was lying there waiting for her to recover, my pussy was so fucking hot! I thought I was going to explode and then, after a few minutes, she got off me and asked me if I was ready to get the fucking of my life! I spread my legs as wide as I could and asked her to fuck me with all her worth!

“Yeahh, Amanda, please fuck me Amanda, fuck me and I’ll always be your bitch, please fuck me””

Amanda had mercy on me, now she started wearing the strap-on cock, got between my legs and in one motion, drove her cock inside me! I screamed for it was so fucking good in my pussy, her cock totally filled my cunt! Amanda asked me whose whore I was now and I told her I was her whore now, that I was her cunt eating fucking whore now. I repeated saying what Amanda wanted to hear. I came, so fucking hard, I was just speechless for a minute and Amanda just kept banging my pussy so hot! I was almost delirious, while she was making me tell her that I was her whore and would eat her pussy whenever she wanted! After I came a few times, Amanda made me suck her cock clean! Then she told me to show her, how submissive a cunt I was by getting on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed and beg her to fuck my pussy! I did as she said, got on all my fours on the edge of the bed, begging her to fuck me, she was now standing on the floor, slipped her cock into my pussy and told me to fuck her cock! So I began moving back and forth on that marvelous strap on dick, fucking her cock! All his time she was telling me what a nasty whore I am, that I was born to be her fucking cunt eating bitch! It just made me cum and it was pouring out of me. Next, she made me stay still, then lubed my ass with my own juices of pussy, and fucked my ass while slapping it! When she finished using me, my ass was all red with marks on it, but it was the happiest ass in the world. I have no idea how many times Amanda made me cum, but I do know that my pussy was so fucking drained when she was finished with it.

She pushed me onto my back then, laid between my legs on top of me and kissed me. Then she told me that she was going to take care of me, so that I wouldn’t be left without being fucked, I wrapped my legs around her and kissed her with all the passion! I told her that I didn’t realize she was trying to seduce me all this time, and I just thought she was just a kinky exhibitionist person, but that I did like when she fondled my tits and ass! I also said that I didn’t want her to think I was a bi or lesbian. She told me she never thought I was bi, but that she did think I was one hot sweet cunt! She was right, I really did like eating her pussy and making her cum in my mouth. We still had to finish hanging the last curtain, so we went back downstairs, only naked this time, which I found erotic. Looking at Amanda, moving around naked, set my pussy back to a flood stage. We finished hanging the curtain and I put my arms around Amanda and kissed her first this time, pressing my hot cunt into her leg. Then I kissed my way down to her tits, took a nipple in my mouth and sucked that nice nipple! I then worked my way down to her hot cunt, got on my knees to her sweet pussy, grabbed her hot ass and buried my face in her hot, wet pussy, eating her cunt! I decided to give her the best cunt eating she ever had. She was moaning and mumbling what a hot piece of cunt I was, and her words were an erotic music to my ears! She suddenly cried out:

“Oh you bad fucking whore, you’re going to make me cum bitch! Yeahh, eat me like that, you fucking cunt sucker, eat me!” and she filled my waiting mouth with her hot cunt juice but anyway, I wanted more.

I was on fire for her cum, it was like a drug for me! When Amanda collapsed onto the floor, my mouth never left her pussy, because I made her cum so many times! I drained her sweet cunt dry. When she finally grabbed my head with both hands and begged me to stop, because she couldn’t stand it any longer and I was going to kill her. I stopped and this time I got on top of her and asked her if she really liked what I did to her sweet pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing me and told me that I was the best cunt eater she ever had! She also said that that no one had ever sucked her cunt like that before, and perhaps she should get a divorce and marry me. I was so happy to hear that Amanda thought I was the best cunt eating bitch, and I knew that I was going to spend much time between her beautiful legs.

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    This made me so hot.
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    Dis made me cum everywhere

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    Wow, This made my pussy sooo wet

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    Oh my god that is so hot I need a good neighbor like that my pussy is on fire

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    after reading this I had to put my fingers in my cunt and fuck myself till I exploded!!!!

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    After reading this story my cock begin to throb and hard.

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    Well, that was a very good story. I wasn’t even finished reading and I came. Please continue wrighting more stories.

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    Made me sooooo wet and horny omg

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    that was a fuckin amazin story i wanked twice reading it x

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    wow i feel like a girl

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    i love it

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    I like it.. Gosh am fingerng mah pussy..fuck me.make me cum..shit

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    That was by far the best lesbian sex story I ever read . Write some more. I’m still hard after jacking off 3 times.

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    Boring,I’m falling asleep

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