The roulette!

December 3rd, 2007

Lesbians think up may games to amuse themselves, they get naked and tease each other and only after that do they satisfy their lust…

It was Rita who took me to the casino. I had been dreaming of getting absorbed in heated excitement, and feel an atmosphere of a real game. Then I couldn’t even imagine thing would turn out that way. We were working in one large law firm, and I usually spent my nights surrounded by piles of papers, documents etc. this papers shit devoured all my free time; my home was empty as I lived alone, and only sometimes my relatives, who were scattered around the world, came to see me once or twice a year. As for my private life, I had several boyfriends but I always, somehow didn’t get on with them after a month of first dating. Even my best friend Rita impressed my prospective admirers by her very aggressive and loose behavior. Sometimes I felt like she was gonna play my moms’ role, though she was a year younger than me. Her assistance caused me remain lonely in my 31 without any boyfriend. I rejoiced my lonely life by rare and not long romances from time to time. By the way, Rita lived the same way though I had no idea about all its details.

When this idea came to her mind we were just finishing our job on developing one important contract, and we were in for welcome one week free time. It would be the better occasion to realize this plan, so at the next day we left our office earlier having agreed she would fetch me then in an hour. It took me not long to get ready. Though I was not a frequent customer of this kind of places, but anyway, it was not long to make me look very good. I put on black night dress with open low neck and long slit. I looked very sexy and good, and I knew this night I would meet some drunken rich tycoon who would think he can buy me. The door bell rang, there was Rita who looked just very great, though she preferred not long but a shorter dress which revealed her sexy slim legs.

- Ready? Her voice sounded with defiance. I just nodded my approval, letting her take me by hand and come out.

To be honest, I could be able to learn driving a car, whereas my best friend Rita wouldn’t even step out without her silver BMW. I had no idea how she managed to run the car with high heeled shoes, but she knew how to get away from very complicated traffic hassles. Now I didn’t fear sitting in her car like before when my heart was thumping with excitement each time she stopped the car.

- Worry? She asked

- Not at all! Actually, I’m a bit nervous, but it is OK, we are not going there every day, right. I smiled: we are going out to have fun….

She just smiled as well, and the rest of our way to the spot the full silence ensued. It was getting dark when we reached one of our city’s hot spots, passing face control we entered a wide hall with a variety of those devices that made human being deepened down his miserably abject sins and desires. There were lots of people wandering up and down, but even a fresh green horn like me would recognize just false players who were just loitering about with serious intentions. So were we, but we came here not to win money or even sweep the board, but to relax.

Wouldn’t say I enjoyed the game at first. Chips, read and blue were passing through my hands like traces of a fortune, balancing on their initial value all the time. Tonight Rita was at her best, it was one of her days, and I watched her heap pf chips growing up. In fact, I looked on her with admiring envy. Approximately in an hour, when casino was itching with guests, the run of my luck went against me and began to lose. Perhaps, unlike my girlfriend, I was feeling quite a done loser. And the worst thing about it was that my heat was growing up with my every loss! Having emptied my count I realized I could not go away right now without winning back, for my pocket contained 500 bucks and I resolved to try my luck again. By this time Rita began to tease on me more and more candidly.

- I think you are losing the whole game! Are not you enjoying it at all?

- May be… I mumbled in response. To tell the truth, I was a bit angry. My fortune that had been playing with me like a street whore moving her ass had just turned her ass to me and I couldn’t do anything…

I looked around vacantly, and then turned to Rita:

- I think it’s all

- Lost? She asked looking at me with smile: I wouldn’t like to leave so soon. It’s definitely one of my days

- So, would you lend me some money? Or chips? I asked somehow

Her eyes twinkled, and response was quite not as I expected:

- Ok! On one condition! I want some pledge. And I think we should move from this hall to another, separate room. As far as I know there are some around here. Hold on! She approached a croupier and asked him something. He just nodded and asked us follow him.

- Don’t think we are criminals, we just want play some private game! Said Rita smiling

- I understand… he replied: a stripping game…

I was at loss to comprehend what was happening. But it was too late to step back. I was dying for winning my money back. That’s why I obeyed her immediately. Rita gave me a fist of chips and said:

- Give me your ring, necklace and this: she pointed at earrings.

I had just to removed them and give them to her. Couldn’t say I was wearing a ton of gold on me, but it was enough. At first I thought I would win my fortune back soon, but after 3 rounds I lost everything again! Rita lifted her hands in dismay, though it wasn’t her fault at all.

- Undo anything… she said

I pondered over it for a second. To be honest, my choice was not variable considering my evening dress simplicity… then I took my shoes off and gave it to her. Rita smiled, and the game went on. At this time I held out quite long. But my fortune appeared to be unmerciful to me, and wanted my full defeat. I lost game again, again and again, in half an hour I got rid of my night dress before 2 witnesses of my shame. Without feeling any sexual appeal and emotions on my loss, I wouldn’t confess having my secret dreams of fun with women nevertheless.

- So. How do you feel? Rita winked at me caressing my naked shoulder.

- You are doing very well tonight! I said. I have never thought I would play roulette wearing only my lingerie.

- We have not finished yet… she set her chips onto numbers again. go on!

Playing this round I would realize that my finish was close, may be too close than I could think. This was not a figment or an eject of mine, but only bare truth! When I was defeated anew, I said good bye to my panties which settled beside my best girlfriend’s seat.
- Go on? she asked me

- But I don’t have anything to play on! I replied in despair and demonstrating my absolutely naked body!

- You have your own! She answered with perfect calm: we should play on your body! It’s very nice and I have to be honest to say that I would really love to win this prize!

What could I do in this situation? I was eager to win again, I still cherished hopes for winning and having all my cloth back again, now it’s was just that time when I couldn’t stop! For I had nothing to lose over! So, making a final stake I left myself into hands of destiny. Within next 15 minutes I managed to lose all my chips letting Rita relish and enjoy her victory. Our croupier smiled confusedly looking at me and at Rita’s chips.

- Done! She summed up.

- Home? Asked me Rita

I just nodded my approval realizing I had just lost myself, and then I had to obey Rita totally. But what she was gonna to with me? Was I supposed to fulfill some dirtiest thing that my Rita was well known for! Taking an initiative Rita gathered all my cloth, dropped it virtually in my hands and informed:

- I’m gonna pull a car to the backdoors! Get inside as you are! I’ll be back right now! And she slipped away
While she was out I left alone with croupier girl: I was naked, confused, and unable to understand any things. My neighbor first remained silent, and then questioned:

- How often do you have fun like that?

- First time! I reacted. And it was true. I shivering whether with cold or with my shame. Anyway, when the car approached, I rushed down the dark passage where only one security guy was standing in; he looked at me understandingly and let me pass by. I thought then I t might look very funny: a naked young woman wandering down the corridor covering her body with an armful of her own clothing!

All my way back we both remained mute. Rita looked absolutely calm, like a stone, she seemed to make me be on the verge this night. When we reached her home, only standing in the lift I finally realized my adventures on this night were over! Her home was empty, not a soul in. Entering her home I dropped my cloth on the floor and settled into an armchair weakly.

- Tired? She grinned, removed my cloth aside and noted: this night you are mine

- What do you mean? My eyes flickered uneasily. This was not as funny as before! Though. In my dreams I allowed a situation of having fun with woman, but couldn’t imagine doing it with my girlfriend, and under such conditions! But tonight things were going to this point! Guessing my thoughts she said:

- I have been dreaming of you for long time, honey! Had no opportunity! Now you belong to me and even don’t wanna resist! Go and have a shower! Now! She commanded slapping me at my back

I did as she said and in a few minutes was lying on her bed with tied legs and arms. She was standing over me savoring forthcoming pleasures of the night!

- What the hell are you waiting for? I asked: Win? Use!

It looked she was waiting for my words! At the next moment her cloth fell on the floor and she rushed onto me – her best friend, now weak and helpless due to her game…

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  1. Romano Says:

    He-he, should really pay more attention to those private room where all this action occurred…

  2. silky Says:

    Wow more story – more detail – wet wet

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