This chick has a nagging desire for women’s bodies and she can’t let a day pass by without fucking herself with dildos, imagining hot chicks close to her…

When she was 20, Carmella worked at a hotel full time to pay for her college tuition fees. She never had much time to spend with friends or boyfriends. Frequently, she would come home to her apartment where she would usually find her roommate Alexis drinking with her friends. Carmella didn’t really get along with Alexis so she would always go straight to her room, lock her door, take off all of her clothes, and change into her sexy black nightie, presented by her ex boyfriend, before they broke up. The black nightie looked so good on her voluptuous sun tanned body. She had long, straight, raven black hair of a stunning brunette, and hazel eyes. She was half Cuban, half Mexican. She was about 5”6, cute round ass, and a good sized breast.

Carmella’s usual procedure, after changing into her sexy nightie, was to get on her laptop and watch her secret stuff of lesbian porn. Everyone knew her as a straight girl but little did they know that she was really hot about lesbian. She had a secret desire for women. In the back of her closet she had a box full of dildos, vibrators, ass plugs, nipple clamps, and other sex toys every kinky girl loves to have. She used them to pleasure herself. Every night she would pull out the toy of her choice, sit in her desk chair, putting one leg over the arm of the chair and watch the sexy girls going horny and wild. Her favorite was watching a girl get her pussy licked in the shower. She would start off by rubbing her big pink nipples making them had as rocks! She would rub her fingers down the outside of her black panties making them soaking wet. Then she would moan softly and rub gently until she couldn’t take it anymore. Then she would strip of her wet panties and rub the vibrator over her pussy and up her stomach. Massaging her clit with the tip of the vibrator, she would then fill her cunt with it. She would fuck herself for at least 45 minutes, cumming at least 2 or 3 times. She couldn’t get enough of the lesbian girls eating each others pink pussies.

On her 21st birthday Carmella told herself at work that as soon as she’s got home, she would fuck herself all night long since she had nothing to do or nobody to fuck her. She didn’t have any boyfriend or close girlfriends, so, what’s the big deal? So at 7:00pm, at the end of her shift she went straight home only to find the house full (Damn!) of Alexis’s friends. They were everywhere and even in her room. She just knew that someone had found all her dirty naughty secrets. She ran into her room only to find 2 girls lying in her bed with only their panties on and sucking each others nipples. Carmella was so shocked and perplexed, but yet she got instantly turned on. They had no idea that she was in there, and all this time she stood there in her door way watching the hot blonde and brunette suck each others boobs. The brunette was moving her mouth down to the other girls pink panties until she saw Carmella. She was startled and embarrassed and they both jumped up.

“Sorry, is this your room?” The blonde asked while pulling her white top back on.

“Yeahh, yes it is mine” Carmella was so turned on but she knew she better not say anything.

“OK, we’re so sorry, we’ll move into another room.”

“All right, thanks” she said.

After they left Carmella stripped down in an instant and just stayed nude waiting for her computer to load. She was so ready to burst with orgasms and cum all over her fingers. She opened a video of 2 Latina girls in a hot bath fucking each other with dildos! She finally turned the volume up to hear them moan because the music in the other room was so loud that no one could hear it anyways. Without hesitating Carmella started fucking her swelled cunt with 3 fingers as hard and as fast as she could, moaning loudly. She had her other hand on her hard perky nipples pulling and rubbing them. She burst with a long quivering orgasm. When the film was over, she started the video again and began fucking herself again.

Without Carmella knowing it, her room door opened and there appeared the busty blonde that had just left her room. She forgot to lock her door! Carmella had no idea she was there, for she thrust her hips high in the air, moving on the chair back and forth, moaning with the girls on the video. The blonde girl was so turned on to see the real show in front of her eyes, that she walked straight over behind Carmella and cupped her tits in both her hands. Carmella jumped and stopped for a second in shock. She looked behind her to see who was there, and when she turned her face, the blonde start kissing her passionately rolling her tongue in Carmella’s mouth and fondling her tits. Carmella started rubbing her clit again because the blonde’s tongue was down her throat. The blonde, her name was Brianna, got in front of Carmella’s chair and started sucking hard her nipples. Carmella threw her hand behind her and started moaning with pleasure. She couldn’t believe what she was doing! Her first lesbian experience! God, it was the first girl + girl experience! This girl was really good at kissing and sucking. Brianna moving down Carmella’s stomach kissing every inch of the way, until she reached her shaved pussy without a single hair on. She caressed her tongue over Carmella’s tight slit teasing her and breathing over the snatch. She spread her pussy lips with both hands and began to devour Carmella’s sweet pussy juice. She sucked and licked her clit until it was so purple and swollen. Carmella shot her cum all over Brianna’s face and she just kept going. Licking and fucking her cunt hole. Carmella was moaning louder than the porn that was playing on, whereas she kept on cumming again in a furious long juicy orgasm.

Carmella bent down and started making her own way over Brianna’s body, she wanted to eat the hell out of her new blonde lover. She got up and pushed Brianna down in the desk chair, and got down to licking her hard pink nipples. They were so big and so swollen, like 2 rape cherries to be devoured. Her nipples were at least an inch long sticking straight out. Brianna lifted each leg on both of the chair arms and threw her head back. She started watching the lesbian porn while Carmella started eating her out. She licked so fast and good. She was hoping she was doing a good job since she had never done it before. She sucked on Brianna’s clit like she was sucking a real cock and Brianna must have enjoyed it because her moans were so loud over the room, coming out of the walls. Carmella got down her box of toys and grabbed her clear red ass plug and a bottle of lube. She moved her head back down and circled her tongue around Brianna’s tight ass hole, inserting her nasty tongue in that sweet asshole as far as she could. Brianna jerked and bounced with pleasure.

“Oh, God! So fucking good bitch! Fuck my ass hole you dirty slut! I know you want this ass! Fuck it! Fuck it like your boyfriend would, you bitch!”

With that Carmella rubbed lube all over her ass hole and stuffed the ass plug straight into her ass. She stuck it just as far as it was possible, and moved it back and forth hard and fast. Brianna screamed and clinched onto Carmella hair and pulled her head to her pussy.

Carmella began to lick and fuck Brianna’s cunt again while she never stopped fucking her ass hole and had the other hand of hers kept on massaging Brianna’s clit. Soon enough Brianna burst with cum and clinched the ass plug. Her pussy muscles squeezed, keeping Carmella’s tongue inside, with her sexy warm orgasm.

“Mmm you taste so good” Carmella said as she finished up and rose up to kiss Brianna.

“Thanks. My name is Brianna. Your pussy was so sweet and yummy. Here’s my number. Call me, bitch!”
Brianna put on her clothes and walked out of the door. Still amazed, Carmella stopped the porn, lied on her bed and fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning and remembered what had happened, she took a shower and fucked herself again with the shower head! Later, she called Brianna. From then they had fucked many times. Carmella kept her porn but now she has someone to lick her cunt for her.

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