December 21st, 2007

Imagine an old, big house and a pretty babe living there all by herself, once she starts masturbating and feels that someone is in the room, what is it? Who is she? Have you ever had sex with a ghost?

Katie gave a tender kiss to Emma and unlocked the door.

-So, see you tomorrow then, – she said, hoping Emma would change her mind and stay for the night.

Emma shuddered. She looked up at black windows that seemed to be watching them.

-This stupid house. I’ve always hated it, -she drawled finally. She stretched her hand and petted Katie’s cheek. – You don’t have to stay here. You can get back to my apartment.

Katie smiled broadly.

-I won’t be able to get here then, you know it.

-Yeah, I know. But we were totally wasted that time. What’s so special about this house anyway?

Katie shrugged her shoulders. She opened the door.

-Are you coming or what?

Emma was frowning.

-I’m really sorry but you don’t wanna even listen to me. I’m leaving.

She turned away. She was wearing a short black skirt, her stiletto boots were clattering when she was walking away. Katie was looking at her closely, hoping Emma would change her mind and get back to her. Emma wasn’t a stubborn girl. But she never even looked back. When she crossed the street and got in her car, her lover sighed sadly and came into the house.

Sunset beams were drawing funny pics on the floor, reflecting in the stained glass of the door. It smelled of dust, candies and wax. Katie smiled and thought back to her past. She remembered she used to feel the same smell in her granny’s house. It was a pity, Emma was still afraid of her crazy aunt’s house. It was absolutely clear the house was wonderful. It was meant to be living in happily. What for to sell it?

She went upstairs touching wooden banisters, feeling their coldness. Her sack was full of candles, food, fragrance sticks, and coffee flask. What else could she need to spend a nice evening all alone in a strange house?

Dusty cases covered furniture. Seemed there was an ice rock in the center of the room. Nobody had lived in the house since her granny passed away. It was sure nobody had entered the house, no bums, no teens. Were they all afraid of spooky stories?

Katie came into one of the bedrooms. Purple red velvet curtains covered the windows. The bed had the same color bed curtains. There was also golden decoration on it. It was such a posh bed! She realized aunt Emma used to sleep in that bed.

When she was through with her dinner it was pretty dark in the street. Katie found four cut-glass candlesticks and used them to light the candles she brought. She lit the fragrance sticks as well. Streams of grey-blue aroma were getting up to the ceiling.

She was dressing off. She pulled off her platform boots, leather trousers and black T-shirt. She looked at her reflection in the mirror over the fireplace. Her eyes looked so big against her small face. Candles were highlighting her snow-white skin and red hair. She was wearing just her fishnet lingerie, admiring her thin waist and round hips. Seemed the whole house was staring at her. She didn’t mind.

Her hands were resting on her boobs and then got lower. She touched the tattooed rose on her left hip, then she reached for her bush, sticking out of the fishnet outfit. The house was arousing her. She’d been dreaming of spending a night there since the first time Emma showed her the place. Katie couldn’t even believe it was Emma’s house. And it was the night she’d been waiting for so long. She knew what would happen next.

-You’ll be mine. I’ll live here with Emma. – She told the house.

When the morning came she would call Emma to come over. Her lips, frisky tongue and skillful fingers would make her lover understand they had to move to the house. They would be lying in the bed, making love to each other. She would prove Emma there was nothing to be afraid of. But first…

What for to hurry? Katie inhaled vanilla aroma. The light reflected from the stone in her pierced nose. Red mob of her hair fell on her shoulders. She was trembling excitedly when getting in bed.

The blanket was dusty as well. The house was watching her, shadows seemed to have come closer to the bed. She was getting more and more aroused. She imagined she was lying in the bed with Emma. Her hands were roaming over the body. She was taking her time, fondling her boobs – she was squeezing and pinching them, or letting them go. Her fishnet was squeezing the breasts tight, cutting the nipples, making her arousal grow faster.

She was very slow, caressing her belly. She was getting to her wet bush. She bent her knees and spread them wider for the dusty air to fondle her wet pussy. She signed. Her aroma got mixed with the fragrance’s and filled the room. Her fingers spread the vulva lips and pressed against the love button. She closed her eyes, concentrating on her sensations. Her hand slipped downwards, getting in the hot hole and then got back again to caress the erect clit.

She heard whisper at her ear. The whisper was tender and passionate. Katie started but wasn’t scared. She opened her eyes. She looked around but saw nobody in the room. The room changed. She felt the smell of musk and lily. She felt somebody WAS present in the room. She was drawn to him\her. But it was dark in the room safe for candle light and moon light from out the window. Katie smiled frustrated. All those stupid sounds… She remembered foolish stories about ghosts and vampires.

And the shadow moved.

Katie was short of breath. She was lying still. Her heart was beating really fast.

-Come here, – she whispered.

The darkness moved. There was something shining in its center. The haze got thicker and she saw a woman. It was a nude beautiful woman with snow-white skin and black hair. Moon light was seen through her transparent flesh, pearls glares were roaming over her white skin. Katie heard silent but insistent whispering in her head. She was probably dreaming. She started laughing. But I’m NOT sleeping, she realized then. It was real! Her hands fell on the blanket. Her pussy was pulsing.

The woman bent her head and kissed Katie. She hardly ever touched her lips. She got in the bed and lay close to Katie. She was so light, airy and almost weightless. Katie’s hips started shivering when the white fingers were caressing her skin. She felt breathing on her cheek, the tongue got in her ear to fondle the lobe. Pale thin, but strong hands were holding her tight. Katie felt cold embrace. Big boobs were pressing against her boobs. The woman was moaning, swaying from side to side, her erect nipples were rubbing against Katie’s ones.

Katie loved the caress. She was on the verge of delight. She arched her back, moaning. The woman’s skin was getting warmer. When her skin touched Katie’s it seems like it was silk touching her skin. There was fishnet lingerie parting them. But it created a perfect contrast between silk and net.

Katie raised her head and sucked on a nipple. The nipple was hard and firm. She was sucking it, caressing it with her tongue at the same time. She was squeezing the woman’s knockers. Her saliva made the nipple shine in the moonlight. Katie felt her hand getting over her head. In a moment she felt long white fingers caressing her hips. The nails were playing with her bush, touching her swollen vulva lips. Katie moaned loudly. She wished that sweet torture lasted forever.

Long black hair was sliding down her hips, felt like a silk scarf was lying on her stomach. Katie spread her hips, raised her pelvis, and arched her back. Long fingers opened her pussy. She felt the tongue toying with her lips. Katie was raising her hips, trying to catch the tempo of the tongue. The tongue reached the clit. Katie was getting hotter.

When Katie felt like cumming, the woman stopped fondling her. Katie had no time to say something when strong hands turned her to her stomach. Her face was buried in the dusty blanket. Long nails spread her buttocks, and she felt the hot tongue in her snatch. It was fondling her pussy, getting up to the pink anus. Katie cried out, her hips were quivering, when tip of the tongue entered her hole.

Skillful fingers were pleasing her vagina. She felt vanilla smell. Her first orgasm seized her when two fingers got in her pussy. There was another wave f orgasm and another one, and when she finally reached the climax she felt teeth sticking in her buttocks, and nails in her skin. She was crying, her voice was heard all over the house. The bliss was so unusual, the sensations were so bright, she seemed to be about to lose consciousness.

When she opened her eyes she saw her head handing down the bed. She was having rest after feeling new, incredible sensations. Katie raised her head. The pale body was standing by the window. The woman was staring at her. She read supplication in her eyes. It seemed to Katie the figure was petering out in the air. She could hardly see shoulders in the dark. She heard the same old whisper in her head:

-Stay. I’ll come often to please you. I live for you. I can be the way you want me to be. Please, give me a chance to come to you again…

The woman reached her hand to touch Katie. The darkness was devouring the body. Katie smiled happily. Now she knew why Emma’s crazy aunt was so unwilling to leave her house – she could get all pleasure she wanted right there in her bedroom. Katie knew what she had to do.

She stretched her hand and hugged the woman’s hips. She felt the hips get warmer. She pressed her face against the soft stomach. Her cheek was rubbing against the black soft bush. She inhaled the smell of musk and lily. She was getting hot again.

She bent her head and spread the vulva lips, feeling the salty taste of the pussy. The cold skin was getting warmer from her caress. The hands, resting on her shoulders were getting stronger. When Katie told the woman to get in the bed she thought of Emma, the Emma she had been so willing to talk into living in the house. Katie had something else on her mind now. The house belonged to HER. Emma would only have to spend a night there to disappear forever.

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8 Responses to “Succubus”

  1. Mathias Says:

    Fucking ghosts! it’s like a fantastic story, a horror and dram
    at the same time1 any way, it turns on!

  2. CC Says:


  3. sexmaniac69 Says:

    Wow this story made me so hot. i pleasured myself in both holds while readin. i wish i could get the same treatment from a girl..i love the feelin of a girl on me

  4. Anonymous Says:

    MMMMM, I fucking myself now!!

  5. emily Says:

    The same thing happened to me but it was a guy I might put it on her

  6. kahla Says:

    MMMMM, je me fucking maintenant

  7. Anonymous Says:

    o baby come fuck me!!

  8. just got here Says:

    dam that is hot lesbian acction + good description = orgasim

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