Silver Woods!

November 30th, 2007

A guy goes to the woods and sees 5 hotties making out, his dick gets rock hard immediately and there’s a great show that he is going to see!

A year passed. Dull fall, totally icky winter, slimed spring… and finally welcome summer came, so I made my way to that lovely place: Silver Woods. As always, I settled into the spot I took fancy to a couple of weeks ago when I first found this place. Bushes and dense thicket was scattered around this area, so it was very secret and out of somebody’s eyes or any intruder as well. Without further ado I got down to taking sunbath nude, laid down the coverlet to lie on. I was expecting a quiet peaceful rest within the time I was allowed to spend by my work schedule and what-to-do list, so closed my eyes and tried to relax but some noise disturbed me badly. I was just dreaming of opportunity to have sex with some young piece of meat (or no, I’m not a pedophile myself but I really love young girls)

Unwillingly and with irritation, raising myself on my elbows I decided to look around and see what that noise was from. Then I opened my eyes and looked aside, from out of the surrounding shrubs. The scene I saw excited me a lot, there were 4 girls sunbathing nude too. They had fun like true lesbo girls and looked so happy and innocent. I knew their names from their conversation. They were Rita, Vera, Masha and Emily. Rita was lying absolutely naked on a big beach towel; her body was glistening into warm sun lights. Other chick, nude as well, were busy with masturbating rubbing their wet cunt juices all over Rita’s body, that’s why her body glistened so much, cuz firstly I thought it was some cream. There I could see a dildo in Rita’s pussy, it also seemed to me that Rita had already had numerous orgasms as her towel and thighs were wet with her own juices.

Damn! I couldn’t even think to see this here! This! Sure I knew this are was loved by those who liked nude sunbathing, but hardly any of them would dare having sex so openly! It astonished me a lot. I was hard on in a second. I rubbed slightly; feeling my palm it was ready for a hard work. I didn’t take long to begin, so taking it in my hand I started jerking off slowly and tenderly.

Pretty ginger haired lassie Masha leant over Rita opened her own legs wider and started rubbing her wet pussy against Rita’s right nipple. Other 2 girls went on masturbating as well. I was very pleased to watch them rub their clits and shudder from time to time, their meat was rosy and so fresh! I loved watching this scene! It really turns on! I lay on my side more conveniently and went on jacking off.

Rita was twisting over the towel, unable to keep silent, she even bit her lips to keep from moaning too loud, she was feeling repeated pleasure waves, and that dildo filled her pussy entirely causing her tremble with delight.

At this time Vera lost her patience. She approached closer and began to rub her juices all over Rita’s face what made her cheeks glisten into sun lights. Rita was devouring Vera’s young fit slim body with her eyes, her nice tits and tight ass. Vera watched Rita’s fingers reached out to her hr wet hole down there, played with it a bit, then, with a flood of her juices on her fingers she started licking it. “you taste so yummy! I love it! A bit saltish, but it’s Ok, anyway, I love it!” she whispered.

Another girl, Emily opened Rita’s legs wider and started moving the dildo in and out her pussy. It became wet as soon as she began to fuck her girlfriend, who was moving her ass towards it trying got get more of it as deep as possible. Emily got excited watching Rita’s ass muscles squeeze each time when dildo penetrated, she began to rub her clit over Rita’s knee.

Then, Emily leant over Rita’s belly tickling it with her locks, pubis and her clit which was hidden under its hood. One more second and Emily trembled like an electricity wave came through her body. She came, and her juices spilled onto Rita’s stomach.

Masha rose and took Emily’s nipple in her mouth. Masha looked much more strapping than Emily, she had big boobs, bigger than her girlfrined’s and round wet ass. Her fingers slipped though her rare hairs down there and began to examine it thoroughly. Unlike Masha, Emily looked like a teen, with rosy perky nipples and young silky ass.

Meanwhile Vera threw her leg over Rita’s head and approached her wet hot cunt to her ace. Vera had a ean shaved pussy. Rita watched this meat come closer to her face and enjoyed every piece of it and its warmth with admiration. Vera pressed her pussy to Rita’s face who protruded her tongue and got down to sucking on her clit with pleasure, savoring her saltish juice. Vera twitched and her face was distorted with grimace of delight, when she came her juices poured down Rita’s face and lips all over.

In several second all girls just turned into one mass of moaning and crying flesh mess, receiving numerous orgasms one by one. When it was over they all settled onto the coverlet teasing and pleasing each other.

- I’m so tired! Vera exclaimed

- So am I! Added Emily

As for me, I was busy with jacking off watching them from the bushes; I was now an eyewitness of hot lesbo show, I thought these lassies were happy to stay alone and do it without men.

Rita took a bottle of Cola, after girls slaked their thirst she suggested going to the beach.

- I’d love to! Said Masha and made her way out.

All girls followed her one after one. Swimming in the water girls washed all traces of previous love games, after that they began to play in water teasing one another and splashing about.

It was enough for me, I came: my sperm splashed all over the grass near by. I stretched myself blissfully under warm touch of sunlight. When girls returned there suddenly a mobile phone rang. Rita answered it and had a short chat with someone. When she finished she announced:

- Ann is coming! She said she would be late but will be here any minute.

- Where has this bitch been so long? No doubts she was fucking with some guy!

- Yeahh, this girl loves it? However, who doesn’t?

Then I learnt that one more girl was gonna join them, so these girls were not going to leave soon, that’s why I could walk away to have a swim. I made a broad circle round the place they were sitting in, so they would take for one of this park guests. Passing by this company I could feel their eyes gazed on my still big cock and it was fucking pleasant! Having left them behind I rushed into the water, though one remark came to my ear: “You see that? Such a big cock! I would love to suck it all!”

It took me about 15 minutes to enjoy swimming. On finishing, I got back making the same round them and returned to my observation spot when I could watch them easily. Girls had a very hot argument about how many times each of them had come in one act. They talked until they saw their girlfriend, it was Ann approaching. She was so hot I wanted to fuck her right there; I had to squeeze my penis tight. They rushed to meet this hot brunette who looked like Aria Giovanni! Vera and Ann kissed passionately, which revealed they had not only friendly relations at that. Ann started undoing her cloth and laying a big towel down. She complained about a very hot day and said she would be happy to join other ladies. Girls started asking Ann where she had been so long. Ann explained she had sex with her brother’s friend, and he appeared to be a very horny stud! They had sex for whole night and even early in the morning he wouldn’t let her go.

- That’s right, girls! He was so tireless!

Then Vera asked Ann to tell more about sex itself. Ann rolled her eyes up with admiration and said he had a nice cock, but it was so fucking fat that she was afraid how to suck this meat off. Girls knew that Ann was very skilled in blowing, so they had to just sigh jealously. Vera looked very nervous and impatient; she was shaking Anna’s hand trying to know more of their sex. Ann confessed having enough loads all over her body and said this guy could shoot more as he was like an oil well, so much sperm she had to swallow. She also said she lost count on how many times this guy covered her with his cum. I seemed this story took girls breath away; they looked so anxious and excited. They knew that Ann loved blowjob and she also loved cumin her mouth, she was very professional in this case. So, if even this slut was enjoying this guy’s cum, so he had a really special appeal. Emily asked if he had big balls, like…an elephants!

It was about lunch time. Ann called Eugenio (her brother’s friend) and told him how directly he should go to find Silver Woods. She described a strict location whereas her girlfriends were burning with desire to see this sex stud.

Meanwhile ladies began to adjust themselves for Eugenio arrival while I decided that it would be better idea to have some snack, Lord knows when this man would appear, as I had not eaten since my morning breakfast. I ate fast-food and drank grape juice casting looks at them from time to time. Girls looked so anxious as if they had been waiting for US president arrival.

Soon he appeared with a bottle of white wine. No sooner had he stepped onto the glade as Ann threw herself into his arms. They kissed tenderly, and came up to the company. She introduced him to all girls, and he examined each of them attentively with his blue eyes. Eugenio was not a handsome man at all; indeed this guy couldn’t boast of his macho appearance, he was skinny, medium-height, with trimmed beard. His had brown long hair and hairy chest. But it was not important for these girls. Because he had something more essential and serious down there and this forcible argument attracted them most.

He joined girls and began to pour wine into the glasses. They kept their eyes fixed onto his bulge when he removed his jeans. This bulge was really fat. Laugh, smiles and jokes ensued, ordinary beginning of every easy friendly talk. Wine turned to be heady as girls soon became tipsy. Ann told Eugenio that she had already informed her girlfriend about some piquant details of their night. He just smiled but remained silent. Girls surrounded him and started asking Ann what else she had to share with. Both, Ann and Eugenio tried to refuse but in vain.

- All right, girls! If you still have doubts, let me just show you something you would believe.

Eugenio charmed these ladies; they couldn’t tear their eyes from his bulge. He bent down, took his trunks and slowly removed them. Girls simply opened their mouths. His cock was hanging over right before their eyes. It was not as huge as I thought but it was really fat. It had a pre cum on its head; Ann licked it and applied some lub

- Well, girls! He said smiling: take your clothes off! Let’s have fun!

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