She did it!

October 18th, 2007

Two ladies meet and spend wonderful time together, they take a bath full of rose petals, then they move to the room and there give way to all of their lustful desires.

Let me tell you about one interesting detail of my life. I have a woman who, I think, loves me. She’s not as tall as I am; medium built, but seems to be very masterful and imperative. I met her while chatting on web space; she stays at home and operates her own personal journal. After I called her she invited me at hers, so, having adjusted myself perfectly, wearing my best cloth, I made my way to her cottage. I was turned on, this meeting, or dating, as I expected, was supposed to open a new page in my life. This cottage was very great and vast, with Corinthian columns and nice arch.

I came to her place late that evening and she had cooked dinner. I felt absolutely shy and embarrassed. I could tell she was glad to see me as well as me, but I didn’t put a face of that. She offered me some drink, and then we sat and talked different things, all this time she kept on examining me with her cute clever eyes. Soon she asked me if I had ever been with any woman. I felt perplexed, and then said NO. She then asked me if I didn’t mind to be, I said I needed some time to be prepared. She looked at me attentively and said if I agreed we would make some fun tonight. I was shy, and couldn’t overcome this feeling. She also said we would have fun on 2 conditions, one – I was supposed to do whatever she wants, second – I had to put on the lingerie she bought for me on this occasion. The light bulb went off. “Honey, we’re going to be in the bathroom for a bit, my belly isn’t feeling well” she did it very skillfully. She poured some vanilla scented bubble bath into the bath. She was not careful about not making too much noise, and eased the faucet open, first the hot water then the cold. I kept the bath water running so that it would not be too cold or hot. I didn’t want her getting any ideas upon my state: I was very excited. She searched for the lighter, gathered the candles in the bedroom, and brought them back to the bathroom.12 candles in all.

She positioned all the candles around the tub and sprinkled the rose petals around the candles, on the floor and in the bubbly water. As soon as the water level was deep enough I turned off the flow and dimmed the lights. Once she was naked I helped her into the warm bubbly water and followed right behind her. As the water slowly covered my body, the scent of the candles and rose petals filled the air. She got into the bath, the bubbles covered her body, and after that she asked me to join her. . I got up from the perch along the tub and walked over to her, my breasts gently swayed with every step. We sat facing each other. She reached over to the side of the tub and grabbed the sponge. She had me turn my back to her while she was adding soap to the sponge. Once lathered and completely soapy, she let the sponge run across her back leaving a trail of soap bubbles behind. She raised her arm up to hold my hair up off her neck. Slowly she used the sponge along my back and neck making sure not to miss a spot of my body and carefully guided the sponge along my side and around to my breasts. She began to undress me as, then, she placed a soft kiss against my cheek. We spent about 40 minutes in tub teasing and fondling one another, then left the bathroom and entered the bedroom of hers. She wiped me with a bath towel and after that made me put her lingerie on. I was doing it under her close look. Its panties contained one hole down there right on the pussy’s side. So anyone could shove everything inside. After that’s he put me on the bed and began to nurse my body. She caressed my tits, worked on my nipples, kissed my lips. She drove me crazy when she did that. I felt my blood race through my body as I continued to obey her. Her close look was still in my head. There was plenty of room in here for both of us to stretch out. She slid her foot up the inside of my calf slowly reaching higher to my thigh, finally reaching my wet beaver and lightly wiggled her big toe against my lips. She pressed my breasts against her slender belly as she worked around my body, over and in between my perky tits with one hand and with the other she lightly rolled her nipple between my fingers. My light moans were like music to her ears, begging her to go further. She let her free hand wander and find my mound. She slowly slipped my forefinger in between my lips and heard my gasp. She grinned to herself as she continued further. She began to stroke her clit gently with her finger as her middle finger found her tight hole. She quickly penetrated me. She felt my pussy squeeze against her finger, my warm walls surrounding her finger. She reached back, laid her palm flat against my mound, and began to rub, her middle finger rubbing along the length of my clit.

I moaned lightly into her ear as she gently nibbled my neck and earlobe. It felt so good; our bodies pressed against each other, stroking each other’s clits. In response my hand passed down her pussy and I reacted with the same flicking of her clit. As I quickened the pace with my finger she was increasing hers. For that time both of us were grinding against each other’s hands. Our moans blended together as we brought each other closer and closer to orgasm. I was the first to peak. I felt my body tense up and my pussy spasmed around her finger. I arched my back, pressing her body to my breasts as her fingers continued to work my clit. As my climax began to subside her fingers came alive again and began to stroke feverishly along my clit, rolling it in between her fingers. I leaned back on the pillow and she quickly turned to face me, without letting her fingers leave my throbbing clit. She plunged her middle finger deep into my hole and rubbed my entire clit with her palm.

Next she took some rope and tied my hands to the bed’s edge. It was so tight I couldn’t even move my arms. Then, it was about half an hour when she was handling a dildo to put it in my ass. She began slowly, penetrating it inch by inch; it actually didn’t hurt at all, but was rather interesting what to happen next. And next she started fucking my butt with her toy and that was fucking terrific. It felt so good! She was using the dildo like some porn star, making me reach the clouds of my bliss. All this time she never missed stroking my body. She used and owned my body in any ways. She let her hands roam all over my back, down my thighs, in between them. I squirmed against her hands, completely turned on. I began to cry out, so she removed her panties and pushed it in my mouth. After that she left the dildo in my hole and took up fondling my pussy once again. As she sucked she rolled her tongue around my hole, caressing it all over.

As she leaned forward, letting her nose lightly rub against my pussy lips its scent filled my nostrils. She was wet with anticipation. I was leaking too. She couldn’t wait to make me cum again. She grabbed my slender hips and pressed her face deeper into my pussy. My wetness coated her face as her tongue explored my vagina, searching for my clit. My moans let her know she had found what she was looking for and then began to stroke my clit with her tongue. As her tongue rolled over my clit she worked her down onto the pillow and kneeled between my thighs. She worked her fingers into my hair and gently pushed against the back of my head as her tongue fucked me like a cock. My moans rose louder when I sensed she was pushing something in my cunt. When I looked down I saw ….oh, my God, I saw 2 eggs in my cunt. I didn’t know where she took it from but things were clear, she was pushing one egg in my pussy.

She held it into my pussy tightly with both hands as she rubbed it into my sweetness. My body began to tense up and my breathing became gaspy. She continued on relentlessly, knowing I was about to cum. She swirled her tongue around my clit, gently sucking it into her mouth and releasing it as well as fucking my pussy with the egg at the same time. Soon after that I felt my muscles contract. My back arched and my body quivered in the climax. She kept up the pace, as I squeezed my legs together, feeling as I could blast away.

After it was done she said I was not allowed to put the dildo and this egg out of my holes. I could move, really, it was not difficult, but when I sat down it was rather unusual. After that I did my cloth on and left away with toys in my but and pussy holes. She called a taxi and I got back home. The egg remained in my pussy all night, but when I woke up next morning it had already broken and my bed was wet.

This is the end of my story.

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4 Responses to “She did it!”

  1. demizzr Says:

    hey gurl.i love yell.could i have yall someday please.

  2. morningglory Says:

    I want so badly to have my own female pets – and then we can all take good care of one another and my special man

  3. sexy_bitch Says:

    i want someone to eat me out so hard i scream bloody murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rush Says:

    I need a girl dat can suck my cock

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