Lesbian story

May 7th, 2008

What happens when two neighbours have a little too much to drink and see each other naked???… Read on…

we extend our thanks to the author ANGIE.

I’m Angie and I’m happily married. What happened a few months back still creeps me but I had a really pleasurable time. A slight introduction about my self…I’m 5.6 and slim. I have 38C’s and very long and brown nipples. My boobs are about 2″ in diameter. I have a huge ass with round and brown ass cheeks. My bush is trimmed and it has bulging pussy lips and a very sensitive clit. I don’t consider myself a lesbian but I used to masturbate while looking at lesbian porn as well. Now my hubby does all the work… He practically sleeps with my nipple in his mouth and we have sex daily.

My neighbour is Dilly… We’ve known each other for two years now since we moved in to the area. She’s married and has two kids. She’s around my height and a bit plump with her pregnant fat showing off a little. She has huge tits after breast feeding her kids. All the men around the area always stare at her tits coz they usually hang around showing off her hard nipples. Enough about the introduction… On to the story…

One day my husband had to go out of town for a seminar while Dilly’s two children and husband had gone on a camping trip leaving Dilly behind since she hated the outdoors. She came over in the morning since we decided to spend some time together. We ordered pizza and was sipping cold lemonade while I was checking mail on the net.

We were both in shorts and Dilly was wearing a shirt while I was in a skinny. Have you watched any porn Angie? Dilly asked and I said yes… She said that she hadn’t in a long time and we started checking porn on the net. As two mature females we were quite alright… I had a bottle of vodka and while enjoying the porn we were getting drunk as well not knowing where it was going to lead. My husband called and I was on the phone for like twenty minutes and when I got back Dilly had finished more than half of the bottle of vodka and was lying on the couch relaxing. My laptop was still on with porn and this time it was lesbian action… Pussy licking and fucking each other. Dilly was quite drunk and started taking off her shirt since those scenes were making her hot. I took off my skinny since I didn’t want her to feel awkward.

Her breasts were way bigger than mine and she started licking her own nipples. This was turning me on… I helped her out of her shorts and thong while I quickly got rid of mine. We were both naked and caressing each others’ jugs and moaning slightly. I didn’t want to lick her pussy but I took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking and biting which made her moan even more louder.. We still had the porn movie going… She started fingering her hairy pussy with three fingers inside her hole… I didn’t stop licking her nipples… She fucked herself really hard and lifted her legs way high as possible so that I was caressing her ass hole… her legs were wide apart and juices were flowing heavily.. All of a sudden she jerked and came all over. Panting hard, she pushed me on to the couch and started licking my jugs. I was already turned on and wet… After licking for a while she immediately moved on to my bulging pussy lips… I spread as much as I can and lifted my ass up as with the help of a cushion. I was massaging my melons hard and squeezing my nipples while Dilly was passionately kissing my pussy lips… I moaned really loud… She parted my pussy lips with her fingers and started tongue fucking me… I was in the seventh heaven.. I came immediately while spraying my cum all over Dilly’s face. She didn’t stop… She parted my ass hole which was now lubricated with my own cum and started finger fucking while again tonguing my raging pussy… When she sucked my clit, that was it.. My toes curled and I had an incredible orgasm… Again she didn’t stop… I was panting really hard and at the same time enjoying it… She got a banana from the kitchen and pushed it down her pussy and fucked herself with one hand while she was licking my ass hole and fucking my pussy with her other hand… She was multi talented and really one horny bitch… Her jugs were shaking really hard and I was gasping for breath since my ass hole was filled with her tongue and my pussy was getting a great fuck with three of her fingers… She fucked and licked me till I passed out and knowingly I was up for 3 hours…

Finally when I woke up with my legs still spread apart, all tired and soared in my pussy and ass, Dilly had fallen asleep with her mouth on my pussy… I quickly had a wash I started dressing her up before she could wake up… I cleaned her pussy and ass and licked a little cum that was still drying up. It tasted like my own cum and was good… So I licked her up entirely while she was still sleeping while fingering my pussy… fucked my self with my entire hand and had a great orgasm… Bitchy… Finally, when Dilly woke up, She was dressed and all herself she couldn’t remember a thing. Unbelievable. She was kind of hung over and asked me how long she had slept.. I said about 3 hours… When she was leaving she told me that she had a weird dream about lesbian sex.. I told it must’ve been the vodka…

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