October 13th, 2008

A girl comes to work and finds an envelope with sexy lingerie on her desk, it is from her secret admirer and she wants her to wear them…

One Monday morning arriving at work Kate found an envelope on her table. A note was inside; it said:

“Dear Kate… It happened so that you’ve got into my erotic dreams. I want to give you something that you wear in my dreams. Your L.”

Besides, the envelope contained a tiny package with black lacy thongs inside. Kate usually wore ordinary white panties and this beautiful and expensive present made her intrigued and frightened at the same time. Coming home she tried them on and then spent a lot of time in front of the mirror reflecting about who this L was and what the dreams were about.

A couple of days later Kate received another note.

“Kate, I’m very sorry that I’ve made you the main character of my dreams without even asking for your permission. I can’t do anything with me anyway but I dare to ask you to put on my present next Monday.”

The thongs she’d been given were so small that they could hide only a little triangle in front, so Kate had to shave her pussy in a new way. On Monday Kate put on the L’s present. And again she found a mysterious letter on her table.

“Kate, I’m begging you not to be angry with me if I imagine you more lustful than you are. But if you had fulfilled my previous request I will ask you again and again. Leave my present in the middle cabin of the toilet when you are going to go home. And the wind will caress you instead of me today and I will have your odor. Your L.”

Kate was amazed by the boldness of her admirer’s imagination and deep inside her soul she thanked her for new sexual sensations. Kate made up her mind to fulfill this L’s desire too. On her way home Kate was enjoying a cool wind caressing her pussy. At home the girl masturbated a lot and climaxed a few times.

On Wednesday a new note was on Kate’s table.

“I’m so happy I can put on this little piece of fabric that smells like you. My imagination pictures you in various positions that makes me greatly aroused. I’ve got a new present for you. And, don’t plan anything for Saturday evening. Your L.”

This time the present was a bikini swimsuit. Having tried it on Kate got very angry as it was too small for her. In a Friday’s letter Kate read:

“I think it’s high time for us to meet. I want you to come to a swimming pool at 7.15 tomorrow. When you finish swimming enter the third cabin to the left in the shower room. Please, stand with your back to the passage and enjoy the water flow. It would be better if you don’t turn round to discover who I am. Your L.
P.S. Please, don’t be angry with me for giving you a smaller-sized swimming costume. It’s a part of my dream.”

Having finished swimming Kate entered the shower room but found the third cabin occupied by a fat middle-aged woman. When she left Kate went in and stood under warm water streams that flowed over her back and bosom then collected between her legs and rushed down the legs. Kate remembered she had to be with her back to the passage. She closed her eyes not to be temped to look at the stranger with secret dreams.

Suddenly Kate felt tender palms cupped her breasts and a belly pressed to her back. Fingers squeezed the nipples and Kate trembled. The stranger tore away and her hand made an attempt to go between Kate’s thighs to touch her pussy. The middle finger sank between hot vulva lips and enjoyed the warmth and wetness…

A couple of rhythmical movements made Kate extremely excited. The second stranger’s hand slid down in front exploring Kate’s belly and stopped at her pubic hair tuft without touching the clit.

The sweet and tender hands disappeared as unexpectedly as they had appeared before. Kate recovered her breath, looked out at the passage but could see nobody there… Naked women weren’t looking at her.

“Fuck! –She thought. – Why do you torture me so much?!”

Leaving the swimming pool Kate decided to relax this evening and went to a club she used to visit with her friends. She knew for sure many guys would pay attention at her. Soon she met a nice guy and spent the night at his apartment.

A new message was waiting for her on Monday.

“Something happened on Saturday. Let’s have a swim on Wednesday at the same place and time. Don’t forget the swimsuit. I’ll provide the details later. Your L.
P.S. But don’t fall in love with that blonde fellow you fucked on Saturday with. You have me.”

Kate was furious “She watches me!!!” However, she went to the swimming pool on Wednesday. At work she found a new present and a letter from L.

“Honey, I have to explain why I left you on Saturday. The matter is that in my dreams your pussy is hairless as well as mine. I hope our relationship means more for you than little hair on your pubis. You’ll have time to shave it today. Please, wait for me in the position easy for me to check your pussy. Your L.”

A razor and a small tube with shaving cream were attached. Kate immediately envisioned herself shaving the hair off her pubis thoroughly so that tender L’s fingers couldn’t feel the bristle. She turned crimson immediately and felt excited the whole day.

At first she wanted to shave before swimming but there were too many women in the shower room. So, it was impossible. Swimming in the pool she calmed down a bit but not for long as a guy with a big lump in his trunks was staring at her tiny swimsuit all her time. When at a quarter past eight she went to the shower again there were still many women. It was obvious for the most people preferred to visit the swimming pool at workdays.

Having entered the third cabin Kate tried to stand in the very corner listening to the noise of water and steps in the passage. She soaped the pubis and shaved all the hair off with a sharp razor. Nobody seemed to notice that but if someone did what was surprising in that? She might want to smarten herself for her boyfriend. After that Kate recalled that L wanted to check everything easily, so she moved her legs a little apart.
Suddenly L’s fingers lay on her pubis coming from between her legs, they explored all the skin around the vagina and clit. As Kate understood L. was very satisfied with the result.

She pressed to Kate from the back and stretched her hand to the tap to adjust the water temperature; she made it cool but not cold and increased the water pressure. Kate’s nipples became hard pretty soon and L played with them squeezing, pulling and pinching them. Then L made the water warm and started working on her pussy. Spreading with her two digits Kate’s vulva lips L put one or two fingers inside and rubbed the clit. She began rhythmical movements bringing Kate close to climax.

When Kate began coming she squeezed L’s hand tightly between her hips. When Kate came to her senses and recovered her breath she finally realized it was over. She hoped she hadn’t been moaning too loudly. Being afraid of other women’s exposing looks Kate rushed out of the swimming pool.

The next morning Kate found the following message:

“You’re such a darling, Kate! I adore you! You’re so passionate! Now I dream of sharing a bed with you. Believe me, my pussy leaks as much as yours from arousal. By the way, you’ve fulfilled my request about your pussy very well. Now you fit to my dreams right. I want to invite you to the swimming pool again this Saturday. When you go to swim leave your clothes in cabin #99 with a code L999. And I have to confess my friend N likes you very much too. She sent you a little present. Your L and N.”

In addition to the letter Kate found three photos taken yesterday in the pool and printed on a home printer. At one of the pictures she was in the corner of a shower cabin shaving her pubic hair. At the second photo Kate was with her ass stuck out and L’s hand was exploring Kate’s pubis. And the third photo was with Kate coming, L’s hand squeezed between her legs. All the photos had been taken from the opposite cabin. Kate examined the photos with pleasure and accepted the invitation for Saturday.

Having left the things in the cabin she set the code and went to the pool. After the pool she took a shower for a long time hoping for L’s caress but she didn’t come. Then Kate went to the cabin to change her clothes. To her surprise she could find nothing of the ones she’d left there. Instead a new set of clothes was waiting for her: a garter, stockings, high-heeled shoes and a light summer dress. No bra or panties. A note and a red lipstick were near all that.

“Dear Kate, we hope you’ll accept our invitation to spend the night together. We’ve prepared these sexy clothes for you, put them on, please. We hope you won’t dry the swimsuit and then cover yourself with it. And we suggest you sharing your secret fantasies with us, the red lipstick will help you. Leave us hints on your body. If you agree we will wash that off from you. Your L and N.
P.S. We’ll be waiting for you in the main square near the monument.”

Kate decided to put on the dress, but took the stockings and other things to the toilet. Being in the toilet Kate fancied herself being undressed by the girls. She had left a lot of hints for them. She put a letter L on the left breast, a letter N on the right breast. Then Kate applied the red lipstick on her vulva lips and drew a snake’s head with a long tongue on her pubis, she wrote the word “Fuck” on her thigh. After that Kate wrote N on her belly and L on the back. Her imagination grew more and more as well as her excitement. Her buttocks had a picture of two hands spreading the halves, anus ring was painted too. To complete the picture on her belly she drew two crossed arms and a chain between them. She drew chains on her ankles either. She had a deep décolleté on her dress that’s why her last picture was drawn very close to her armpit. Kate drew half-opened lips with a tongue and a girl’s pussy with a clit opposite to that. Adding a few more pictures with lecherous positions Kate put on a garter, stockings, then a dress and was amazed to discover she could see red color of her pictures through the dress. She went to the main square.

As soon as she approached to the monument she heard two ringing voices “Hi!”. Two girls were standing in front of her. She knew them; they worked at the same company in the international department. A month ago Kate had to go to that department for some documents and these girls stared at her boldly talking to each other evidently about her. Kate was furious but Laurel said:

“Don’t be angry with us? Let’s have lunch together and then go to my apartment.”

The three friends had a fabulous night and many more sexual adventures but this is quite another story…

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  1. Melissa Says:

    You’re a talented writer. You write sexy and erotic stories that turn me on just from reading. I’ve read many, many stories before but none has captivated my mind like your stories. Your stories are beautifully written, descriptive, creative, and thought-provoking, thus, stimulating in nature. Thank you for sharing your stories. I would love to read more and hope you don’t mind sending them to my personal email, [email protected]

  2. Tonkawa-Bill Says:

    Very well done. Arousing and love the suspense.

  3. Ed Says:

    I think you are a great writer love your story very much. Your story keep my mind captivated the whole time i was reading the story and i got so turn on with it. Love to read more of your work.Dose Kate have more sexual adventures with L&N would like to read more about them. I would love to read more could you send it to my persomal email at [email protected] thanks Ed

  4. justsee Says:

    hi it was a good store.

  5. m&m Says:

    Wow, that was a really good piece of writing! You are a wonderful writer, I love the mysteriousness of the whole thing! Have you written any other stories? I would love to read more please send them to my personal email at [email protected] thanks for your wonderful writing

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