Just a short lesbian story!

June 27th, 2008

Two hot student chicks are having fun in the dormitory, they are nasty and naughty, you have no idea what they can do to satisfy their sluttish pussies…

I had always had fantasies about being with other girls, but I had never really considered it seriously. I never considered it actually happened. I thought it was something I had to try, though it was something too scandalous to talk about.

Then I met Marry. She was tall and gorgeous, with dark hair and green eyes. She was so much cool, so full of life, and every guy wanted her. She was who I wanted to be. She was my example of a normal girl should be like. She studied in our college, so soon I learnt we were both assigned as roommates, and we became friends right from the start. We wore each other’s clothes, sat up all night talking and sharing secrets, and did our home exercises and went to parties together. One night, I was doing my makeup at the mirror, and she came up behind me. She looked at our reflection together in the mirror. She was approximately3 inches taller than I was, with curves that made her body look always sexy. I was curvy, but shorter, and her golden olive skin quite differed in color from mine. She looked at me in the mirror and told me I looked beautiful. Then she put her arms around me and hugged me. This wasn’t new; we were big huggers. But her hand brushed across my breast. We didn’t say anything else about it, and when we were out at the party, we both drank a lot. We were in a big house, and there was a coffee table in the living room. It was crowded over there, I think all of our college student were there. The floor was so densely packed that we both climbed up on the table and started dancing with each other. People were watching us, but we were laughing and having such a good fun that we didn’t realize how sexy we looked. Suddenly, she just leant forward and kissed me. Her lips were so soft, and I felt her tongue shove between my lips. She pulled back, threw her head back waving long locks and laughed. I was breathless, but I laughed too because I thought it was just one of her crazy jokes.

We had fun for a few more hours, then decided to go back. We walked back to our dorm in middle of the night. It was a long walk, and it was just cold enough. We were sweaty so very soon we got cold badly. We were quiet for some time, and then I said:

“That was some kiss,” I told her.

“Sorry about that,” she said, laughing: “I thought they would get horny with two hot chicks making out.”

“You think I’m hot?” I asked, half joking, but she stopped and faced me looking at me seriously.

“You’re gorgeous,” she said earnestly. “I’m not kidding. You’re beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

And then she kissed me again. Her fingers brushed my cheeks, then my neck, and then she wrapped her arms around my waist and just held me. I’ve been kissed by lots of men before, but nothing would ever compare to how I felt when Marry kissed me. Somehow, we returned back to our room kissing all the way. She was sweet, and very gentle when she kissed me and unbuttoned my shirt. She kissed my neck and moved downwards. When she breathed on my breast, pink spots appeared on my skin, and I clenched my teeth.

“If it goes too fast for you, let me know,” she said, but I grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She responded by pulling off her shirt, revealing her black bra, which she removed immediately. I had seen her topless before; for we did lived together. But this wasn’t the same thing, her skin was so soft, so warm, and when we kissed, our breasts pressed together! Her large, dark nipples pressing against my perky nipples! God! I reached out nervously and took her left breast in my hand, seeing how it felt. It was so new, and so wonderful. I lowered my mouth to her nipple. It hardened in my mouth: she stuck her fingers into my shoulders and moaned. I kept flicking her nipple with my tongue, and she kept breathing harder and harder. Then she pushed me away and unbuttoned my jeans. She slid my jeans carefully, and when they dropped to the floor, she kissed my stomach. Her fingers were caressing my hips, my thighs, and then she slid her hand up my inner thigh! It reached so close that I could feel the warmth of her hand against my pussy, which was already wet and starting to drip with desire.

She stood up and slid her short skirt down, then turned around. She was wearing a black string, and her ass was beautiful and soft. She pulled her underwear down her legs slowly. When she bent over like that, I could see the lips of her pussy between her legs. She turned around and took my hand. She placed my trembling hand on her pussy. I felt her silky skin on the crotch. I found her clit, and it was hard and slick. I stroked her and she moaned. Encouraged, I slid a finger inside her. She started vibrating against my hand, and I knelt down and kissed her thighs. I moved my kisses closer and closer to her pussy, and finally I pressed my lips against her clit. I kissed it gently, then flicked it with my tongue. She gasped and moaned, so I licked her harder and harder, all the while thrusting 2 fingers into her dripping cunt. I could tell that she was getting close to an orgasm, and when she came, she came hard. Her pussy clenched rhythmically around my fingers, and her juices dripped down my chin. She collapsed down onto my bed, pulling me follow her. She held me tightly against her breast, kissing me. When her breathing slowed down, I asked her:

“So was it OK? It was my first time?” In response, she lifted my chin and looked at me for a moment.

Then she kissed me again, lovingly, and said:

“So good that you deserve something”

She rolled me over onto my back and kissed me, first – my lips, then my neck, caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples playfully. She understood every inch of my body, everything that would turn me on, and everything that would set my trembling pussy burn with desire. By the time she closed her lips around my clit, I was already on the edge of orgasm. When she took my swollen clit in her mouth, I screamed. To make me feel great, she shoved 2 fingers into my dripping cunt and then pushed one finger into my virgin asshole. I exploded cum juices all over her hand, all over her lips and dripping down her chin. But she didn’t stop there. No sooner had I caught my breath as she climbed on top of me with her dripping cunt facing my mouth. I started licking her wet cunt, while she kept eating my pussy, burying her face in me. We ate each other, tasting each other’s juices, drowning in love cum fluids. I loved feeling her moans vibrating over my pussy. I loved feeling her throb on my tongue. I fucked her with my tongue, shoving it into her pussy as deep as possible and licking her pink asshole at the same time. When she was ready, I gently inserted my finger into her ass. She did the same thing to me. So I thrust my finger deeper into her. When we couldn’t take any more, we both collapsed. She held me against her breast! She was so beautiful. And she was mine!

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22 Responses to “Just a short lesbian story!”

  1. AA Says:

    Dam u look sexy and I’d love 2 eat u out. Was she sweet and salty?

  2. jaya Says:

    hi, i am male, i want some female. only speak

  3. he man Says:

    too hot

  4. horybitch Says:

    this is a good story to masturbate to.

    id love to have sex with these two.


  5. Poohbear Says:


  6. she she Says:

    boy were they HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  7. Lesbian girlie Says:

    this was so hot!!!I got off to it

  8. katie Says:

    i got so wet reading! then i put my fingers into my own pussy

  9. jaz Says:

    i am so turned on by this story iv always wanted this to happen to me!

  10. sweetpussy Says:

    WOW!! Thats all i can say..im typing with one hand..my pussy is so wet and hot..

  11. abisha Says:

    nice hot lesb story ,my wife jerked my cock while reading this story

  12. kat Says:

    nice story my gf lives to far away to do anything with me but i can tell u something its very nicely writen. it would b something id like reading with her

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I shoved my hand in my wet pussy and licked every finger while readn this

  14. The cat Says:

    I am so wet after reading this. I want to be with another woman so bad and I feel like I just was, now to go search out the real thing

  15. older bitch Says:

    was pretty hot would loveto be eating their pussies now!!

  16. lexi Says:

    i would love to suck, dildo the taller one
    she sounds HAWT!

  17. ava Says:

    mmmmm my pussy enjoys this story!!!

  18. Woody Says:

    How I envy the two girls, I’ve never seen a pussy that I wouldn’t suck, and suck, and suck!!

  19. Luvbird Says:

    Yowza. There are no more words. U sound hott….now i know its worth while to be a lesbian. I wasn’t sure at first but u 2 have chased away all doubts. I hope i have as much luck as u did!!!

  20. hornybabe Says:

    wow that was hot
    my pussy came while i was reading it
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