It feels better with a rope

December 14th, 2007

A young girl meets two hot lesbian nymphs and learns the pleasures of Lesbian sex guided by them…

I met them on the beach. I saw two nymphs lying in the sun. I was attracted to them from the very first second. I was amazed at their incredible unearthly beauty of two gals who were so unbelievably in love with each other. They had to disguise their passion. They pretended to be cold, self-assured, when actually they were burning with desire. That’s what my nymphs were like. Tiny white bikinis could hardly hide much of their tanned bodies. Men were luring at them, women and girls were looking at them enviously.

I looked at them several times, they looked at me. They surely liked to look at me. Don’t think I’m boasting or something, but anyway. I’m a natural blonde, I’m very short (5 ft), I have petite boobs and big nipples that are always erect (I don’t even know why). I’m very proud of my small firm butt that everybody wants to touch.

I had time to admire their bodies when they went swimming. One of them had dark hair and medium size melons, her buttocks were really luring, though not so rounds as they could be. The second babe was a real goddess (in my opinion, at least). She was a tall gal with light hair, tanned skin, big round boobs, they were so perfect like those of porn models, I guess. She had a wonderful thin waist and amazing butt. In short, she was adorable.

Don’t think I’m a lesbian. I’m not, at least I’ve never had any relations with women… it’s just that I love to look at beautiful bodies.

That was all actually.

I met them in a café then. There were lots of people there, so I asked them to let me sit at their table. That’s how we met. Their names were Casey and Rosemary. It turned out they were spending their vacs there. They were renting a cottage not far from the beach. We were talking and by the end of the meeting they invited me to their cottage. The cottager turned out to be a small house buried in vegetation. There were two small rooms and a kitchen there. There was a large bed in one of the rooms. Casey took out a bottle of wine and offered drinking to the vac and the meeting. After drinking two or three glasses of wine I felt pretty tipsy and I suggested dancing. The music was really nice, it was pretty fast dance music at first, but then I heard really romantic one. I guess it was one of Metallica’s ballads.

Casey came up to me and we stared dancing. She was playing man’s part in the dance. I cupped her neck with my hands, and she cupped her hands round my waist. Rosemary was sitting in the chair, looking at us. We were dancing, but soon I realized that I’d moved really close to Casey, I felt her boobs pressing against mine. Meantime, Casey’s hands slipped lower to my buttocks, fondling them slowly.

I was a bit embarrassed, I looked at Rosemary. She looked back at me. She stood up from the chair and came up to me. She put a hand on my right boob, while her other hand was getting right to my panties.

-Oh, I don’t really think it’s the right thing to do… I don’ know… I’m not sure… – I murmured, trying to set myself free from their caress.

They looked at each other.

-Honey! I see you wanna be seduced, but it’s difficult for you to say yes to your desires, cuz it’s your first time, but I can promise you we can help you relax. – Rosemary said.
-Do you wanna try? – Casey added.
-Casey, get the rope, please. – Rosemary said, and added, turning to me: Don’t worry and relax, you’re gonna like it.

Casey brought the rope and tied my hands behind my back. Meanwhile, Rosemary was undoing my blouse, exposing my boobs.

-Look at the cute nipples here! – She exclaimed, fondling my bust.

Casey was through with tying me up and started pulling off my skirt. I was standing in my panties only. Then she hugged me from the rear, pinching my nipple. It made me itch in the crotch and get really hot and wet. Casey was caressing my pussy through the panties at the same time. Rosemary was pressing her body against mine, kissing lobe of my ear, tickling it with her frisky tongue.

Though I don’t see women as my sexual partners, when those cuties were fondling me, I must confess I was getting really really hot. I didn’t even feel embarrassed. I couldn’t resist their deeds – my hands were tied behind my back. Well, I didn’t really wanna resist. I was standing naked pretty soon. I squeezed my hips together.
The girls seemed to have had enough of admiring my body, so Casey told Rosemary:

-I think our girl hasn’t relaxed yet, so it’s time to go to bed.

They took me to the bed. I was lying on my back, Casey was tying my feet to the bed side.

-C’mon relax, – the girls told me and I did what she said.

I found myself tied up to the bed, I was almost crucified. I was nude, my hips were spread wide. Two nude lesbians were looking at my naked body, hugging and caressing each other. Man!

Anyways, I was really aroused, and just couldn’t wait for the show to begin. Actually, I didn’t know what would happen next, that was very exciting. But the gals didn’t just pounce on me, fist they showed some kind of striptease, and only then they got back to pleasing me.

Rosemary was lying between my hips. She asked me if anybody had ever licked my pussy. I told her she didn’t have to, but she never listened to me. Besides, there was nothing I could do, as my feet were tied to the bed. Rosemary kissed me in my hot pussy. It made me moan. She started sucking my clit, it was so hot, I started moving my pelvis, trying to impale myself on her tongue, well it was difficult to do as I was tied. I couldn’t see Rosemary anymore. Casey sat on my breast and kissed me deeply. She was feeling up my boobs at the same time. Their caress made me cum. It made them really happy.

-And something for desert… -Casey said.

They untied my feet and moved them up behind my head and tied them there. It was awful! My feet were behind my head, my crotch was facing the ceiling.

-Look, she’s still a virgin there. – Rosemary said, moving her finger along my asshole. She looked at Casey and said: Bring it, I’ll make her ready.

I thought what they were going to bring. Rosemary took some tube and poked it against my hole. She squeezed a lot of the lubrication inside my rectum. The lubrication was cold, it made my muscles contract, but Rosemary’s skillful finger didn’t let it happen, it was pushing the lubrication deep in my hole.

Casey got back in the room. She was holding something huge in her hands. It was like a dildo, safe for the fact there were two dildos together. On of them was thinner, the other one was really enormous, I couldn’t believe it could get in any hole at all. The closer Casey came the broader she smiled. I finally realized IT was for me.

I’d wanted to get fucked in both holes at once, but I didn’t know what would happen, besides my position was really weird. Casey came up close and started entering me with both dongs in turn. Then she thrust them deep, making me cry. She was fucking me with them, as if she was a man fucking my holes.

It felt so great! Her other hand was busy with my clit, Rosemary was helping her by massaging my boobs. My anus hurt a bit, but the second dong in my vagina made me feel incredible sensations, that made the pain duller. I climaxed pretty soon. The orgasm was really strong. According to the girls, it lasted for some 10 minutes.

Then the girls set me free of the ropes, we took a shower and got back to drinking wine.

-Sorry for tying you up, but that was the only way to make you relax and yield to your desires. But I guess it was pretty nice, right? Besides, we must confess we’d been dreaming of tying up some cutie like you. – Casey said.
-Yeah, – I nodded. – It was just great.

We were drinking wine, watching TV, caressing each other playfully. Our caress was getting to be more and more vehement, and then we were having sex. (Unfortunately, there were no ropes that time.)

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