Hot Lesbian Comfort

January 27th, 2009

Read the wonderful story from our new Author Kitty.wants.u, she develops on the topic of lesbian love and makes a really excellent story. I am sure you wanna read and see how lesbians can love and comfort each other…

We extend our thanks to the author Kitty.Wants.U

This school year I became a freshman in college. I was in a serious relationship with my boyfriend at the time and as months went by my need for sex intensified. I had a college dorm mate she was Brazilian and I am Mexican and Black. We both looked hot and exotic. I have olive colored skin about 5’4 ½ and 115 pounds I have 36c’s and a small waist and flowing black hair with brown eyes. She had tanned colored skin, about 5’8 and 125 pounds; she had 32 d tits and a curvy waist, black flowing hair and hazel eyes to die for.

Every time she would walk out in her underwear in the room lesbian thoughts would go through my head. Oh I wanted her so bad and I was determined to have her. She was the party girl but not as wild and crazy I was. I went home for thanksgiving break and found out my bf was going to the military. We figured out we should be friends until he gets back and he would keep in contact. I went back to the university and as soon as I came in the door my room mate was waiting for me. I was sad and angry, I had mixed emotions about me and my boyfriend breaking up and him going into the military. She knew something was wrong. She hugged me and asked what was wrong. I told her the news about me and him. That night she slept in my bed and bought me comfort food for comfort.

She was in that little underwear that turned me on so much. We ate food and talked about. She got behind me in my bed and hugged my waist and told me everything was going to be okay. I started to have really naughty thoughts about me and her so I cunningly pushed my ass against her pussy to see if she would grind back. I did it 3 or 4 times and then she grinded back surprisingly! Mmm I could feel the wetness through her panties it was so warm. I’ve always wanted to explore another girl’s pussy but didn’t know if they wanted me to make a move, well I took a chance. I turned around and I could see that she was turned on with her soft brown bedroom eyes.

She smiled at me and pulled me closer to her she kissed me… mmm her warm soft lips on mines I was in heaven. She spread my legs and put one of her legs inside mines she scissored me with our underwear on. Mmm it felt so good her pussy against mine. She kissed me as her fingers went through my long flowing black hair. She then slid off her panties and exposed her wet tight shaved Brazilian pussy, I was so amazed. She then took off my panties and exposed my goods. She looked in astonishment, she came back up to me and spread my legs so she could scissor me again with no underwear on this time.

Mmm her juices were flowing into mine as we grinded each others pussies. She then slowly kissed down my neck to my tummy and caressed my inner thigh. She kissed my pussy and gave it a little spank it felt so good. She then began to slowly lick my slit up and down, I gave out a slight moan, and excitement came over me. She put her tongue in my tight pink hole and began to fuck my pussy with her tongue… mmm I rode her tongue it felt so good then she stopped and laid down on the bed and instructed me to ride her face I got on top of her face and she licked me so good mmm. I began to shake and shutter with amazement oh I was going to squirt in her mouth. I squealed so loud and grabbed her tits she let out a soft giggle… I started to rub her clit in circular motions it was so wet. I let out one loud moan and I squirted in her mouth mmm she had a mouth full of cum and I got off her and she kissed me with my sweet cum in her mouth and we both swallowed it with delight.

I was not done with her. I went right down to her pussy and started fingering her hot pussy with 2 fingers. She started to ride them I began to lick her clit slow and sped up. I started to suck on her big clit; I felt it swelling up in my mouth. I then went down to her pink pussy and fucked her tight hole with my tongue mmm it was so good. I felt her pussy contracting she was going to cum all over my tongue mmm and she did. I licked up all her juices she smiled.

She then grabbed my hand and we went into our bathroom and took a shower together she washed me off and I washed her off. She asked if she could please me one more time. I looked at her and smiled I agreed she got out of the shower and said she would be right back. She had a water proof vibrator and she told me to bend over and she shoved it in my waiting pussy hard mmm it felt so good to feel a cock for the first time in a while. She fucked me with it hard and fast and kissed the back of my neck gently I came every where and she licked it up. We then rinsed off and got out the shower and got into my bed and fell asleep holding hands.

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12 Responses to “Hot Lesbian Comfort”

  1. corky181 Says:

    Ohh so hot, more please

  2. les Says:

    hot but shouldnt have used the line “it felt so good to feel a cock in me” its a les story!

  3. Wetpussy Says: pussy are swelling.oh more one.

  4. Lame. Says:

    The ending was too rushed.Sorry.

  5. Trembling shaft Says:

    Hey! Ladies, Do you want to clean up your musky pussies and armpits with a hot quick tongue.Im waiting for you.
    [email protected]

  6. emily Says:

    I love kissing a girl just after I cum in her face

  7. 12 inches of heaven Says:


  8. hottie pussy Says:


  9. yo Says:

    i busted before i read it all

  10. me fem. Says:

    That was hot and my pussy is swollen now, never had a lesbian affair but read all the stories and would LOVE to try it. Playing with myself nowT

  11. hdhdh Says:

    Great story want more and p.s. trembling shaft is just nasty as hell i kno him

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The end was to rushed, you should have streched it out. But hmmmm, my pussy is sooo wet now! I’m going to go watch some lesbian porn now cause I’m so horny! Mmmmm

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