Hot fighting

October 28th, 2007

Have you ever seen a real lesbian show? You’ve got a chance to learn what it really is, those girls are fighting to give each other as many orgasms as possible.

Two naked girls were fighting in front of the audience. Each of the girls was trying to make her rival cum. The girl to have an orgasm first was considered a loser, and the one to make her feel the sheer bliss was the winner.

Sandy and I had to dress off in front of all those people. I was watching my new friend pulling off the dress, panties and the bra. I did the same. We were nude, standing in the center of the stage. I heard the gong bang. People began applauding, watching us, watching our nude slender bodies. We knelt down, facing each other. I must say it was my first lesbian sex ever. Moreover, it was the first time I had sex when people were watching me.

I felt Sandy’s hands cup my neck, pulling my face closer to hers. I looked up. Sandy opened my mouth and thrust her frisky tongue inside. First I wasn’t responding to her kiss, I was too shy, but then I liked the taste of her hot wet mouth on my lips. I began swaying my hips. Sandy’s tongue was playing with mine, thrusting deeper and deeper. It was swirling in my mouth, changing the tempo, touching my palate and my cheeks. We were exchanging saliva with each other. Soon I was lost in my sensations. I heard sounds of steps on the stage, I heard some voices, but actually I didn’t really care about them. I was hot.
Meanwhile, Sandy’s hands were roaming over my body. They slipped down my waist to my hips, and then they reached for my vagina. Her fingers spread my vulva lips, getting inside. I was meant to lose, it seemed. I was drifting in the new sensations, I forgot about the fight, about the game we were playing. I forgot it was me to make Sandy cum. My pussy was getting wetter; her hand was fingering me vehemently. Her right hand was playing with my nipple, her pinching made me moan and cry quietly. In a minute I was bucking on the stage, cumming.

It wasn’t a fight. It was just a show. Sandy showed the audience how easily she could make me feel the bliss. When I opened my eyes, I saw her furious look. There were people standing round us, they were clapping their hands. They were laughing. But Sandy didn’t seem to care.

-Don’t you get it? What the fuck are you doing? You were supposed to fight with me, making me cum, arousing me. It’s the main point of the show!

I was looking at her, I was trying to figure out. I fucked up. But it was my first time, and I just got lost in those strange surroundings, I was lost of her unusually caress!

-Well, I’ll have to punish you for being so stupid, – Sandy hissed at me, turning to the audience with a sweet smile on her face. – Ladies and Gentlemen! You saw this girl lose. So, what am I supposed to do to her now?

I heard lots of voices over my head. “Do her, do her, bitch,” I heard them say. Suddenly I saw a huge dildo in Sandy’s hands. I was lying on the floor, spreading my hips in front of her, helplessly. She entered my snatch with one mighty thrust. The dildo was hard, some 12 inches long, it was very thick, and had a ribbed surface. I started moaning, unable to bring my legs together. I thought the dildo would rip me apart, while fucking my pussy. The dildo hit my womb, making me cry out. The good thing was that I was all wet and that huge dildo didn’t hurt me much. On the contrary, I began feeling the first surges of bliss. Sandy made me turn round. Now she was fucking me in a doggy fashion. I was standing on my knees, arching my back and sticking out my butt. It felt really good that way. I wasn’t at all embarrassed by laughing and jokes of the audience. I was absorbed by my arousal.
I was impaling myself on the dildo, trying to get it deeper inside my flesh. All of a sudden I felt something thick get in my anus. I looked back and saw Sandy using two dildos now – she used a bigger one to ram my pussy and a smaller one to screw my butt. My asshole was right in front of her face, so she seemed to be pretty comfortable working the two dildos inside me. I cried out scared, I don’t know what kind of face expression I had that moment. There was nothing I could do about the whole thing. I was her slave. The thick dildo screwing my butt was well lubricated. It was stretching my hole and then rushing into me. I was impaling myself on two huge dildos now. I was moaning. Dildos were ramming me vehemently, making me tremble and shiver. I could have never thought anal sex could bring so much pleasure.

One orgasm gave way to another. It seemed to me I was gushing in front of all those people and Sandy. She was trying to cheer me up. She never stopped fucking me till I was totally exhausted. I fell on the floor. Sandy stopped frictions. The carpet was all wet with my love juices. I was breathing heavily, my face was burning, I was gulping for air. Thick dildos were sticking out of my holes. Sandy stood up and cried out:

-She’s done!

I heard the gong beat. I reached for Sandy, kissing her lips. Then I stopped kissing her, trying to get her pussy. I wanted it. I wanted to fuck Sandy. She didn’t seem to expect that, so she couldn’t react in time, and I was licking her snatch in less that a minute. My face was buried between her legs. It was time for her to obey my will. I could feel her smell. I started sucking her clit and licking her lips. Sandy began moaning. I’d never done anything like that before, I wasn’t experienced at all. But sometimes enthusiasm can replace experience.

There was one thing I missed. I didn’t think she could do something to me too. And she did. Sandy bent down and reached my lips. I felt my friend’s tongue stick in my vagina. We were one, we were vehemently licking each other. People were cheering us up, applauding and crying. We didn’t care.

Sandy’s skillful tongue was driving me crazy, I was on the verge of bliss again. It was even better than a dildo, though it didn’t get as deep as the dildo. I was seized by pleasure. I was on the verge of another bright orgasm. It made me even hotter and made me lick and pinch Sandy more lustfully. She was leaking. I was drinking her juices. They were salty and thick. Suddenly I felt her anus. I stuck my finger in the hole, twisting it inside it. It was sticky and hot there. I stuck the second finger in her rectum. She was moaning again. I felt her anus be rather stretched, there’d probably been larger objects inside her butt before. She couldn’t stand my caress for long. Sandy’s body got tense, when cumming. She was crying with delight. I was cumming too. We were holding each other even tighter now, licking and sucking more vehemently. The orgasm lasted for long, as it seemed to me. I was unable to control myself, that’s why I scratched Sandy’s butt with my nails.

We were rolling over from side to side, drinking each other’s juices up to the last drop. Many people were squatting down round us to see us licking each other. I felt their hot breathing on the back of my head.

When we arrived back home I was trying to get out of the car, but I couldn’t open the door. I looked at Sandy.
-You must admit the fact that I’m the owner of the show and you’re working for me. So, you’ll do everything I’ll tell you. The night isn’t over yet. You’ll go home now but first I gotta ask you something. Do you want to fondle me before going to bed, sweetie?
Sandy was looking at my trembling lips, when raising her dress rim and spreading her hips wide….

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  1. 2-=p[][]][p’+loamdo+”? Says:

    So Fucking hot. Made me cum!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. bolbol Says:

    I heard lots of voices over my head. “Do her, do her, bitch,” I heard them say. Suddenly I saw a huge dildo in Sandy’s hands. I was lying on the floor, spreading my hips in front of her, helplessly. She entered my snatch

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