Eloise and Martha

November 21st, 2007

Two girls can get really nasty, you can’t even imagine how dirty and borderless they can be in their fantasies, but it’s sweet lesbian love, and I am sure you gonna like it.

The next day the “Penthouse” photographer of the Bonn editorial knocks on the door # 317. It is one of those Pigmholtz shaggy apartments for the lower class. The girl that opens the door has messed up hair and is wearing a tiny robe over her naked body. First they make strong black intoxicating coffee and than they go to the curtained bedroom.

They get absolutely naked. The only thing that Martha is wearing is black tights. Her hairy pussy is the same color. They sit in front of each other and smoke a joint. They start grabbing each other in front of the mirror. Eloise is barely breathing…She plays her nipples against Martha’s back and rubs against her softly like a cat.

Their naked obedient bodies are disturbed by the tenderness…it unites in their touching bellies. It is in their warm thighs.

As they breathe impulsively their tight breasts press against each other. Their hemispheres filled with blood furiously tear their bodies apart. Even their soft feet are getting driven frenzy. Their fingers squeeze each others’ bodies… This touch gives a light languor and trembling…makes their bodies warmer and gets them bleary-eyed with desire.

They fastened the rhythm. They rescue each others’ bodies by very light, sometimes deep and rough kissing. They got drunk by their own naked flesh. Eloise smiles and gets down on her friends belly. She sucks up Martha’s skin inside her red lips. They are shaking, shivering…

The joint is filling up all the air in the room. Its sweetish menthol smoke teases their noses. They are getting completely stoned and do not remember themselves. The only thing in the eyes is the pinkish body with a female breast and a cherry-nipple…and that tiny crown of hair inside which they hide their essence and felicity.

They seize each other in their bare hips. Martha knows what is going to happen. Unbearable fire and shivers down the belly and the clitoris. She starts biting her lips but her moan comes out anyways. This moment she adores her passionate naked partner the most. And her fast moving body drives her crazy.

Only now, those women can fully appreciate the beauty of their naked bodies, the saltish taste of the pussy, the slenderness and the velvet of the long legs moistured by hypnotic “Bernsait”. Martha’s cleavage gets sweaty and Eloise starts licking it off. This starts giving them a sick feeling…but it is a sweet feeling…

Finally they start kissing. Those kisses are not the ones they had fun with in the beginning. Those are kisses with all the lewdness of passion and consciousness partly dimmed by the menthol.
They get all over each other and the more forbidden and intimate the kissing spot is the more seductive is their shame.

And the inside parts of Martha’s legs, her ass, her armpits, her cleavage are the best delight. Silence… Martha lies down on Eloise. She tightly squeezes her hot legs and with hands starts petting Martha’s ass.

They both breathe deeply as they touch in lips and kiss… It’s wet and shivering. Recently, when Martha got to know the beauty of tender female lips she knows that man’s rough skin around it and the smell is nothing compare to what she is going through now. The lips have a taste of lipstick…Martha starts biting the prostitute’s body with her wet lips. Passion is chocking her.

This young girl under her starts bending and curving. Their bellies start playing in shiver as if inside them there is some hot tickling worm. Martha’s toes start squeezing from the pleasures. They are kissing…swallowing, with concentration, but with madness now!

They put down their cigarettes. As soon as Martha gets off the pillow Eloise lands on it. The woman looks at her exhausted face and breasts- the breasts of a real Bonn slot… her amazing nipples. Martha’s heart sinks as she feels the skin on her belly with a tongue. Eloise shivers.

There’s nothing that Martha wants more that to taste the skin on her tender fresh breasts. Her hair smells grass… One more kiss…let the body tremble once more. And Martha carefully puts her hands on the prostitute’s breasts.

Martha’s eyes are shining, but Eloise’s are already vague and her lips are wide open …But she knows the logic of love. So she starts massaging her friend’s body. She goes in circles and shakes her round tits a bit and roughly squeezes the nipples.

Eloise starts moaning like a bitch… Martha’s lips start whispering her something. And when golden sweat comes out on Eloise’s face Martha grabs her shoulders and shoves her into the bed. Her lips touch that swelling like a bud nipple.

First she fiddles it with fingers, the feeling makes her shake herself, she has difficulties breathing, and prostitute’s hands start petting her hips.

Now they are so close to each other. Their bodies are weaved and it seems that only God can separate them.

Martha starts feeling pain down her stomach and her body in fever. She moves her ankles to Eloise’s seductive bare calves. And their bare feet weave and sweat.

Martha keeps on sucking and even biting the nipple and Eloise already started screaming and moving restlessly but she pushes her into bed:

“Lie still!”

Their muscles are straining and their pussies are wet. Martha leaves the nipple alone and they get on their shaking knees. They hug each other and slowly move as if they are dancing. They tightly squeeze each other.

Their clitorises are visible and hard now. They are sticking out. And from the first touch they moan. You know how women love the talking, just listen to them whispering…

- “Martha, sweet Martha, come to me, give me your tits, let them push my face, I beg you, please… Squeeze them to your belly. Kiss them, kiss them Martha. Martha I want you naked, I want you…No, I will lick you down there. Just like that. I want to feel your ass and kiss it. Come on! Give it to me. Give me your sin…”

-“Eloise, I’m dying to kiss your pussy. Open your legs…like that…you like it? Do you really like it?”

-“Do you like it? I know you do. Kiss me harder…”

-“Your hips are so…”

-“Oh, come inside me! Like that!”

And prostitute’s hand slips down the silky Martha’s skin. And in shiver she sees that prostitute’s hand going in between her amazingly tan legs…and there it is…something enters Martha’s mouth of sin.

-“Come on!”

She moans and Eloise sticks her finger deep inside the vagina. A hot wave of emotions floods Martha.
And there it is.
Her cum is all over her sweaty wet pussy. They are just lying one on top of another and moan quietly. Their sweat is drying off…they feel so nice.

The dusty mirror reflects Eloise’s indifferent relaxed legs on the white bed sheet and Martha’s naked back. She’s lying with her cheek on the prostitute’s breast. One of them is thinking about the crackling five hundred euros while another is thinking that women can do so much better without men.

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2 Responses to “Eloise and Martha”

  1. Mmm. Luvvit! Says:

    They’re here, They’re Queer, & I wish that they were near! Mmm. Luvvit!

    I am really glad that there were no Strap-ons used, or OTHER penis substitutes (after Martha’s speech about Men, which I agree with, sadly: though male)! This was a beautiful encounter of love-making in its purest form. It gave me a case of ‘pussy envy’, in fact

    God, I LOVE lesbians!

  2. MANO Says:

    i love to read the story and very much impressed by the girls. i appreciate the way in which u present and reveal the inner thirst on sex among the girls who are afraid of exposing their desire on lesbian sex.

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