Business lady

August 28th, 2007

A young student babe wants to get a job to cover her tuition, it’s really hard to find a job for a college student these days, though she manages it and her boss is a successful business lady. She has to prove her that she is the one for the job. She must prove it with her tongue and fingers, and they are so skillful…

Hi, this story is not my fantasy, it really happened. Well, maybe some episodes were colored a bit to look better, you know what I mean! By the way, I changed the names.

So, my name Tracie, I’m 18 and I’m a sophomore. This story happened not long ago. You know students always seek jobs to cover their expenses. I tried some jobs. I was fired in many places cuz of lack of experience, my spending too much out studying, and other reasons. Anyway I was still optimistic about finding something suitable. Once I saw an ad in our local campus paper: “Business lady looking for assistant. Good salary.” I told my friend about the job, she said I was unlikely to get hired. I didn’t really care about my duties as an assistant, I needed money badly. In short, I decided to try.

Though I was 18 I knew a thing or two about human psychology. So my aim was to get an interview not with some office manager, but with that business lady. If I did it, the rest was just a piece of pie.

I called to the office, the human resources manager told me to give her some personal info about me. My interview was to be held in two days. Ok, I have time to get prepared, I said to myself.When I was there, the secretary looked at me in indignation and wanted to call the security to “ask me to leave”. Somehow we found the common language (I won’t tell you how exactly, let it remain my secret). I was very close to my goal. I managed to get the interview with my future boss. It turned out to be pretty difficult to persuade her to give me a chance to try. But I did!!! My new boss, Ms. Melinda Jefferson, 35, was nice and tough at the same. She gave me a week to try myself as her assistant and let her see if I suited her or not. I was very happy. There wasn’t much to be done to get the job.

I started working and did everything that she demanded. I turned out to be a good worker. There was much work, sometimes I worked for 12 hours. I was ready to work even longer just to make her trust me and hire me later.

My new boss’s private life was also very interesting for me. So I was interested in her not only as my employer but as a woman too. By that time I already had had some girl-girl relationships. Moreover, I didn’t have a partner that time. And she could not only become my lover but my sponsor or something… There was one but important issue. My boss was indulgent, but she didn’t let me get too close to her. She seemed to be absorbed in career, and nothing else mattered. She was very industrious, and always finished what she’d started doing.

Once she spent the whole night in the office. She realized what time it was only when I came to work at 8 o’clock in the morning! My job required me to be always by her side, doing everything she asked me to. My work was very efficient.

On one of the last days of my probation when the working day was over, Ms. Jefferson asked me to stay for a while to help her finish the account. I agreed, of course. The account was sophisticated, making us spend most of the night in the office. When it was finished, she thanked me for assistance (and added I was a smart girl) and offered to drink something. The range of drinks in the bar was limited, and we chose brandy. She took out the bottle and filled two glasses.

-We can drink and relax. We deserve it today, – she said smiling.

I nodded. After two glasses of brandy she changed. She became less tensed up, easier to talk to. I liked it. I looked at her in surprise, and I looked at her with love. Yes, you read everything correctly, WITH LOVE, as I no longer imagined my life without her, I wanted to be with her, I wanted to show her another life, where there is no work, no troubles.

In other words, I definitely liked the beginning. We kept on drinking brandy, talking about different stuff, not even thinking about work. The bottle was empty. We were tipsy.

-Look, the bottle is empty. But we’re gonna continue our party, aren’t we? You’re not going to leave me, right? – She said going back to the bar.

Something made me get from my chair and follow her. Of course, I won’t leave you, Ms. Jefferson, I thought.
She was looking for something deep in the bar, choosing spirits for us to drink. I came up to her from the back, put my arm around her waist and kissed her neck. I felt her tremble.

-What are you doing? – She was very surprised.

I didn’t mean to stop. She turned her face at me and I kissed her lips. She responded the kiss. It was her permission for me to go on! I held her in my arms, she belonged to me. I didn’t hurry. Seemed, the kiss lasted for ever. We were drowning in passion and desire. I bent down to her neck; my fingers were unbuttoning her dress. The dress slid down on the floor and I saw her wonderful and almost naked body. She was gorgeous! I couldn’t stop looking at her. She wanted more and pulled me closer. Her lingerie fell on the floor together with all my clothes. I took her in my arms and put on the couch that was standing in her office. I took some liqueur from the bar. She was lying on her back, and I poured some liqueur between her breasts. I started licking them clean.

It was obvious it was turning her on. I kissed her tits, caressing nipples with my tongue, pinching them. I went lower and poured liqueur on her stomach and pussy, kissing every inch of her body. Finally I reached her vagina and licked it too. She moaned, her body arched. I licked again and again, she was breathing heavily, moaning.

I didn’t want her to cum too soon. When I felt she was on the verge of orgasm, I stopped my tongue from playing with her clit, and then I pinched it and started all over again. She was exhausted. She was close to fainting, then recovered her consciousness again, her moans turned into cry (it was great we were along in the office).

I was playing with her for a long time. At some moment I decided to let her cum. I entered her with one finger, then I added the second and the third – they were enough for her to cum loudly. Guess, she’d never come like this before. Orgasm seemed to be unstoppable. I took my fingers out of her snatch, licked them clean, got up and kissed her lips. She was already sleeping. We woke up when it was dawn.

-Thank you, babe, I’ve never felt better, – said my beloved boss.

I kissed her saying nothing. We dressed up and another working day began.

When my probation term was over she hired me to be her assistant. Later we were not only co-workers, but business partners, spouses. I entered her life.

She loves me, I love her. We are together, and we are happy.

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15 Responses to “Business lady”

  1. neo Says:

    wish if i was there replacing the boss

  2. j Says:

    Cool story and it seemed that it was hard at first and nerve recking but at the end it was nice and hot!! congrats and hope everything goes well…

  3. akhil Says:

    Hey sexy lady,is ur pussy really large?? what about ur boobs? i am a nasty indian searchin for…………. .Really enjoyed the story!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i masterbated!!!!!!

  5. Frank Says:

    plesant story. wish I was the boss. fucking that tight ass and monster tits.

  6. demizzr Says:

    gurl u are so cute.i will have u everyday.those sexy thing.i will make u yelled in the bed.yellin sex!sex!sexsexsexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  7. sammy Says:

    ‘s hot wt do ya charge honey.

  8. T.I.3 Says:

    Good story………but not that good….I was specting alot more better …….but that’s ok.

  9. T.I.3 Says:

    Ill still brake u on bed…..u and ur boss…..have enough for the 2 of u…can u handle me.?

  10. 2050 Says:

    hi sexy… ur story was good but u should get into her ass to do it better

  11. Raja Says:

    Sexy,my dick got rocky

  12. emily Says:

    Me and my boo did this sort of thing but on her desk as I was licking here she was bent over the desk and let’s just say the door was not close and herd her screaming and they wher looking just a she cum on my face and we wher kissing nude for 10 mins befpr we seen them looking

  13. bigcaloia Says:

    hey thats sexy nice letsseeur tits in the pics

  14. sim Says:

    This is complete lesbianism, and it should not be encouraged in our society. Its high time an end is put to this.

  15. jj Says:

    i would lovd to meet u and ur boss i have a 11 inche cock can u handle it pls reply

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