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Rosie is preparing notes for her canine reproductive stages lecture next week, sorting through notes and organising her untidy office. She always looked pristine, her dark wavy hair swept across her perfectly structured cheeks, wearing a white blouse that floated across her pert breasts, and carefully matched pencil skirt which clung to her curvaceous frame. She’d have to leave the lecture preparation until later she thought, her 4.00pm student appointment with Joanna was due. She pulled her desk mirror towards her, quickly touching up her blusher and lipstick; she always liked to look her best and maintain her immaculate image with her students.

A slight nock at the door indicated Joanna’s arrival, “come in now” Rosie shouted lightly. A tall elegant blonde enters, although dressed casually with a loose floating shirt slightly open revealing her bronzed golden chest, she still retains her feminine attractiveness.

She meets Rosie’s piercing blue eyes and gives a quick smile before smoothly pulling up a seat to be sitting opposite her at the desk. “So Jo, how are you finding the assignment? Any problems?”, “No I’m finding it ok actually, I always enjoy your classes” replied Jo with a cheeky smirk whilst she curled a golden lock of hair in her slender fingers. Slightly taken back by Jo’s desirability, Rosie raised out of her seat turning towards the rays of sunshine creeping in from her small window at the far end of her office, “that’s very flattering Jo” she smiled sweetly back towards the student, “so do you need my help with anything? Anything at all?”.

Well there is something..” Joanna shifted in her seat to curve her left leg across her lap, revealing a perfectly sculptured thigh, alluring the lecturer to her upper leg. Rosie’s curiosity as to what lay up her white frayed skirt grew, as Joanna leaned onto the desk to utter “I was wanting a bit of a practical demonstration really”… curving her lean back to reach further towards Rosie with an outstretched hand..”I always think practical work helps you learn better… don’t you agree?”.

Rosie’s sexual desire and want for Joanna’s beautifully formed frame battled with her recognition of the obvious threats to her job if she accepts Joanna’s increasing advances. Pushing her doubts aside she circles the desk to Joanna’s side, perching seductively on the edge leaning back to reveal the contrast of her 22 inch waist and large rounded breasts. “I completely agree Jo, I can tell your one of my students” she responded, winking at Joanna’s eager face whilst taking her hand and placing it on her upper thigh. “Go ahead.. show me how much you really have learnt” purred

Rosie, becoming increasingly aroused by the risk and danger involved as her window could allow any passing stranger to look on into the acts about to occur within her office. Joanna stood up abruptly yet smoothly, to caress Rosie’s smooth slender neck whilst connecting her lusciously soft lips to her waiting mouth. Eager to progress as they could be caught at any time, Rosie arched her back further as Jo synchronised her movements in leaning to push her breasts into her torso, continuing with her sensual kiss. Rosie felt a rush of excitement which she felt all over her body, particularly her increasingly wet centre, “You’ve always caught my attention” Rosie whispered to Jo so she could smell the sweet scent of her breath, “I’ve wanted you for so long”.. Jo didn’t need any more encouragement; she’d had one goal in sight when she entered the office, pushing the thoughts of her long term boyfriend she’d left in the canteen aside.

The blonde began frantically unbuttoning Rosies blouse, and loosening her skirt buttons to reveal a pale, smooth, toned frame. She hardened her kisses, moving slowly down the brunettes neck whilst circling her nipples with a confident hand.. “How am I doing so far” Jo teased as the body beneath her became clearly more aroused, “I’ll mark you after” blurted Rosie as she lifted the student’s shirt above her head and through it to the ground in one smooth sweep.. “It’s gonna be the best assignment you’ve ever had to mark” purred Jo as she lowered her hand teasing the brunettes thighs, increasing the tension and excitement felt by the two women.

Lowering her mouth to Rosie’s breast she circled her erect nipple with smooth movements of her tongue, her hand synchronised this movement on her thighs, moving closer and closer towards her throbbing snatch.. Rosie’s breathing deepened and loudened as she grew more and more eager for the blonde to give her the full extent of her talented fingers. Her wish was granted as Jo slowly tugged at her silky thong, pulling it teasingly slowly away to reveal a perfectly groomed pussy. Rosie was taken over by excitement and the blonde’s erotic facial expression coupled with biting her own lip in seductive tension caused her to firmly push the students hand towards her throbbing cunt.

Jo was loving every moment of the obvious lust and eagerness oozing from her lecturer, an older powerful woman completely surrending her beautiful body to her. She began to slide her finger inside the warm wet centre of the brunette, beginning with one finger but her clear arousal allowed her to insert two, smooth yet firm, moving in and out with obvious expertise. Rosie moaned and breathed in approval as the blonde began to increase her speed, fucking the horny lecturer harder and harder with each second. “You’re so wet, do you like getting fucked Miss Cullen” … Jo received an approving scream from Rosie as she pushed her fingers deep inside her throbbing moist cunt. Jo continued “You feel so good, I’m not gonna stop till your love juices explode all over my face”.. Jo lowered her head obeying her promise to softly kiss the perfect contours of the brunettes body, feeling the trembling warm skin of her lecturers lower stomach. Rosie was finding it difficult not to scream with erotic excitement so she roughly pushed the blondes head towards her waiting pussy. The blonde’s clear eagerness was reassuring to the blonde as she parted her soft wet lips and connected her warm smooth tongue to the brunettes clit. She began in a circular motion, noting the irresistible sweetness of her taste.. “Fuck me your amazing” screamed the lecturer, her hands remaining on her head, pulling at her silky golden locks. Just as the brunette’ groans grew faster and louder as she got closer and closer to climax, the door swung open to reveal the shocked look of horror on Joanna’s astounded boyfriends face. “What the fuck?!” bellowed into the room as the young man struggled to come to terms with what he was faced with…………..

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12 Responses to “An Assignment you will never forget”

  1. Mobi Says:

    Wel, dis surely shud b continued…

  2. .ally Says:

    I would be startled too if i was the boyfriend. Great story

  3. Alina Says:

    should be continued

  4. KJ. Says:

    Pretty good story, it should go on a bit longer though to see wat the boyfriend does.

  5. KJ. Says:

    Brilliant story! I cummed all over by girlfriends face Reading it!!

  6. lou Says:

    really good story my pussy was throbbing when i was reading it really needs to be continued !!!

  7. H.J. Says:

    my girlfriend read it and got extremely horny. continue please

  8. Porn King Says:

    All I can say is Please continue. Very good storie.

  9. fingered pussy Says:

    heygirls or guys txt me at 4342425713 and ill show u a surprise

  10. Pussy lover Says:

    Story was simply superb until d fuckin boy fren entered..if i was d boyfren wud hav loved watchin d pussys..i love lesbos..

  11. oqwejdfjq[pj Says:

    story is very good &publish ones more

  12. Orgasm Says:

    Ugh post more pronto!!! Left me hot and bothered ;)

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