November 2nd, 2007

Have you ever been tried for a porn movie? Well, this guy tried and here’s what happened…

I arrived at the place by the address given to me in appointed time! Eugenio was already there.

- Still don’t wanna change your mind?

- I have no choice! I said, though my voice didn’t sound confident

- That’s OK! Listen to me, if you feel mean or out of it, juts try to keep it! Don’t let me down! He replied: as I said you have a try out today, they would see you in proper perspective, but don’t leave them in low opinion of you! Remember, no money today! Not today! Understand?

- Clear! I said

We lifted on the 3 floor. Eugenio rang a doorbell, a man’s voice asked: Who’s that?” after that door opened, there was some young guy standing before us, he was wearing only trunks of his cloth.

- Come in fast! Be quick! Mister Andrew hates waiting! He exclaimed and pushed us inside.

Passing by the hall I glimpsed at one puffy babe who was posing before the cam. The flat looked like some wide space with numerous rooms. Before the door Eugenio stopped and knocked on it. After “Come in” response we came inside.

Mister Andrew appeared to be portly medium height man:

- So you are that Vlad, right? I nodded my approval

- Eugenio has already informed you of everything, so no need to repeat again. If you are here, so you agree. Let’s talk business. We have not much time; you must have already seen Masha, our girl out there? She has just turned 22, she is an immigrant from Russia, so don’t worry about her! You got to show her everything you can do! She is nice girl, if anything happens wrong, she would let you know and help. Done?

- Done! I said and nodded again.

We passed back in the hall. Masha was lying on the bed with legs opened wide and without a shadow of confusion was rubbing her clit with a huge dildo. The cam was set right in a meter from her dripping cunt. A camera guy was telling her what to do, how to use and turn this toy chasing it all. As we settled before her on the sofa to see her performance she started drilling her asshole with her fingers, arching and twisting, soon she came and removed the dildo out.

- Enjoy? She looked at me carefully? Greenhorn?

- Yeahh, Masha,. It was wonderful! Don’t you mind if he owned you right now?

- Let hi undo his cloth first! Wanna look at him

I obeyed and removed my cloth putting them on the sofa’s edge. Something was burning inside me. Without further ado I put her mouth on my cock and this whore took up sucking me off. She gave me blowjob so fucking hot! After a few minutes of blow I laid her on the bed, put her legs on my shoulders and got down to examining her wet pussy with my forefinger. It lasted some minutes, then, losing her patience she asked:

- Come on, fuck me!

I pulled my fingers out and called cam man to chase her wide open hole with drops of love juice. After that I put my dick to her arsehole and pulled in with a thrust. She started and clutched my shoulders. This was enough to impale her on my shaft and I set to banging her like a slut. Came ma added some light down there, so I could observe and enjoy my penis pull in and out of her hole. Gradually I noticed her move her ass in tie with me, once, I stopped cam man approached again to check my fingers widening her back hole. Next, on finishing her ass hole I inserted my penis in the most appropriate place of her body.

- Masha, girl excuse me! May I cum inside you?

- Go ahead! I have a loop!

Moving faster to my maximum, I soon came in her pussy. Done, and climbed out of her. Then I asked her to stay in this position.

- Now, honey. So some show!

She sat in a dog style with her ass before the cam, pushed a bit, her vulvar lisp opened and white viscous liquid poured out of her hole.

- You are stud! She exclaimed with admiration: I have not had such bang for a long time!

- I’m glad you enjoyed it! We should repeat it once….

- Buddy, get yourself in my office as finish! Said Mister Andrew

After I finished my wash up and adjusted myself, I came into his office. There was Eugenio sitting also.

- Here you are, stud man! He exclaimed: you fucked her well! You did your best, proud of you, man!

- Nice chap! Added Mister Andrew: here take this, 300 bucks! Your! I really liked it!

- At your command. Sir!

- Eugenio will let you know when the next filming will be. Some time on the next week! Wait for my call

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  1. Eugenio Says:

    I once starred in a porn movie although it wasn’t the main role but I had a lot of fun. I was filmed in a gang-bang scene, it was on the beach, there were two girls and four men, while they were fucking the shit out of them my job was to lick their pussies, I didn’t even fuck them, but I still liked it a lot!

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