Wonderful woman!

September 18th, 2007

When your wife is away you are sure missing her, but if you find a nice, young chick to fill in for her, then it’s not that bad…

I wanna tell you a story to prove that love at first sight really exist. Moreover, the love is true generally. Shortly about myself: a 36 year old man, married, a receding hair, a bit chubby, all that is a very nice beginning for an erotic story! He-he! Some girls might feel funny… married with love when I was 19. I was love sick that time, and my wife didn’t share her affection with me, she seemed to be one of those women who could not be satisfied by anything… we had sex only twice in a month, and that seemed to be enough for her. It was like going to the ill fame house, and more often it finished with words: “get off me, and that’s enough!” no need to say that even a fallen softie and doormat would need some new and fresh flesh and more sex. It’d been about 2 years running as my wife was spending her summer vacation at her parents’ ranch, in a 1500 miles distance. I couldn’t have opportunity to join her cause of my work. Of course I wanted to spend this time with success and meet someone. Going to the personals and other chat sites was a wasting of time, there were some rendezvous but each time whether I was rejected or I had to retire… going to the brothel was not a solution!

After a dozen of ineffective attempts to find someone else, I decided to take the bull by the horns. Either I had to give it up or do something to settle the problem. I sent a number of messages to a group of babes with a suggestion of having a whale of time together or going somewhere, on Sardinia for example! I was not a poor guy and I could afford these costs! Despite this a very romantic offer, I was turned down. I was blamed for being a moral perverted guy with some metal handicap etc as I didn’t keep I was married…

I thought it was over! When I saw her I couldn’t tear my eyes from her: so sweet she was! She was wonderful! I quickly realized it could have been a chance of mine and I started advancing her. Though she didn’t react seriously on my claims, she also didn’t rebuff me at once. It was a good sign. When I suggested going to Sardinia she remained still and silent. After a long argument, we agreed to get in touch on the phone after workday. “If you won’t call me right now I will leave for the fitness gym!” I read a message from her. I called, she answered, and we talked. I pointed a meeting at 6 pm.

She came driving a BMW, and appeared to be nice medium height blonde with long curly hair, so fresh and sexy. I told to myself: “Oh, man this girl would never go bed with you! Just look at yourself, are you kidding?” but she came up to me and joined hands, the she leant over her car’s window to take her fancy bag. Slim legs, white strings, curvaceous ass! Very slender and gracious, her cool bend made me lose mind for a second. I was the hell lucky guy to meet such a showy woman! But that was just a beginning, though I didn’t know about it by that jiff.

We were sitting outdoors on the bench, talking things. 3 hours passed when fucking insects – gnats attacked us. It was time to go home, as it was getting too late, we both had lots of work to do. Then we agreed I would get tickets to Pisa (she had already been to Sardinia)…

No need to say that after these promises and prospective to be together in foreseeable future I was now on my clouds. I was imagining her divine aroma, these nice lips, sweet smile, and tight ass. I sent her SMS saying that if she felt bored on this weekend, I could come to take her somewhere…. The only reply was: “See you tomorrow” that meant she didn’t mind seeing. The plane was supposed to arrive at 10 pm, so we should see in the middle of the night. After the long flight I called her, she seemed tired, but anyway she was glad to hear my voice. In a half an hour I was going upstairs to see her. She opened the door and appeared to be very slippery and tired. I gave her my hug and kissed. After she showed me around the flat we settled on the bed and I began kissing her saying that I missed her so much etc…

I approached her closer and kissed her on her lips. I was a bit shocked when she was kissing my back. I really didn’t expect her to. While our kissing got more passionate, I got a bit braver and started rubbing my hands on her breasts. I reached around her back with my right hand and unhooked her bra. I then proceeded to pull her bra off. Once I had done that, I laid her on her bed. I started kissing her again, but this time when I kissed her I moved over and kissed her neck. I slowly went on kissing down her neck to her breasts. I could tell that she was really getting excited. Her nipples were so perky; I just kept going from one breast to the other sucking and kissing on them. After doing that for a while, I decided it was time to move down. I kissed the whole way down to her belly button, then down to her panties. I sat up and grabbed one of her legs and started kissing the inside of her thigh. As I was doing this, I was working on taking her panties off. Once I succeeded I glanced down at her pussy. I could tell she was wet. She was really licking! Her pussy looked so soft and sweet. I spread her legs and started to kiss around her pussy. It didn’t take long before I felt her really getting wet. As I was eating her out, I could hear Sandy’s soft moans. It was really turning me on.
I then leant back down and started kissing her. I reached down and grabbed my cock and pushed it up to her cunt. I slowly slid into her. As I did, Sandy let out a moan – that was heavenly. I started a nice slow rhythm and would increase it periodically. After about five minutes, I told her to get up and turn around on her hands and knees. I slid into her from behind. This time I was working her out pretty good. I was really enjoying the mere thought that the woman like her was fucking with me! She was also moaning pretty loudly. After fucking her from behind, I told her to lie back down on her back. I wanted to bang her like this. I slid back into her and knew that it wouldn’t be long before I would have to come. We were both pretty hot now. We were both sweating very much. I could feel that tingle in my balls that seemed that I was close to cumming. I told her that I was about to pull out and come. She wrapped her legs around me. She asked me if I could hold out for just one more moment, she was able to come as well. I told her I would try and just kept ramming. All of a sudden I felt her pussy convulse and I could feel her cumming. That was enough. I couldn’t hold it anymore. She then suddenly asked where I would like to come. I hesitated for a bit and then replied: “mouth” “Go ahead!” she said. I just took it out of her, approached my cock to her mouth and started cumming. It was one of the best feelings ever. I didn’t think that I would stop cumming. I just kept filling her mouth with my sperm. When I finally finished, I rolled off of her. I could start to see my cum leak out of her mouth. She was happy. We fell asleep shortly after everything had ended. When we woke up the next morning, at the next night it repeated again. I was now happy, and after that we started working together. I know that I don’t wanna lose this woman, a wonderful woman! And that’s the way I am.

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  1. sam Says:

    avarage one……

  2. todplayboy Says:

    let’s have fun

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