Wonderful night!

October 10th, 2007

A husband and a wife are having really great sex, but it gets even better when they invite a babe, well, a husband is surely the luckiest guy!

- Have you finished yet? Ann asked. Her voice seemed she was nervous a bit:

- You remember having invited them by this time?

- Yeahh, honey! In a minute! However I kept sitting on my work desk and dealing with loads of papers and working drawings: I worked as architect in one company, and had lots to do but any way I couldn’t drop it despite the savor of what we have planned. Moreover, I had some doubts about this plan come true, by the way this idea of giving advertisement to the newspaper was really stupid thing to do! And correspondence that followed after that was no more than something crazy thing! And who the hell might think of complying with our agreement!

However my thoughts couldn’t make my wife change her mind, I was forced to put a face, at a least that I had been looking forward visit of some Marry to avoid my Ann’s resentment. In any event, Ann was really sure that this lady would come anyway. Teasing on myself I set to gathering all my papers and cleaning out the area. When irritated voice of Ann called me back again, I just replied: “I’m coming!” trying to sound as much merry and fresh as possible. The hall was shining with cleanness, Ann was flying around the room putting everything in order, and cleaning up all things. I couldn’t say we had untidy looking house in our daily routine but today she lived up higher to my expectations! She put new flowers in the vase, changed the vein on the sofa, put out our new wine glasses, as for the clothing, she dressed up in a very showy manner, her cloth revealed much more rather than covered, in short the whole atmosphere within the house was very electrified with expectation and sex, there was hardly anyone needed to excite me at this moment. I looked at my wife, glimpsed at her perky nipples, black beaver down there under her lingerie, and suddenly I felt a desire that I hadn’t experienced for quite a long time.

Ann seemed to notice that, may be she was feeling the same as me, for she looked at me from behind with mysterious light in her eyes:

- I’m so nervous! She said: it’s so hard to wait! I smiled and sat by her side on the couch, nursing my wife. Anyway, that woman, who was supposed to arrive in a while, aroused no feelings inside me, my lips touched me wife’s tender skin, I kissed her neck, and face. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so sexy my wife was what the stupid thing to miss such a beauty! She looked like a teen, thought she was 25…

- I wanna eat you, honey! I whispered in a thick voice. She smiled:

- You’d rather wait a bit till she comes! We have been living together for quite a long time, but you don’t use this wonderful opportunity, or use but very seldom. Here you soon meet nice cute girl who is dreaming about love and longing for sex with you. It makes me cum when I think of you fucking this bitch or shooting your cum over her face! That must be something very exciting if we try it really! By the way do you still remember that we have had sex fro the last 2 weeks? You seem to blast away soon with all this… load inside you!

I didn’t know what made Ann talk these things to me, perhaps the reason was this nervous sex loaded aura that filled our house or may be she was eager to get new feelings and try some new experiment. I just noted, to my surprise, that she had never been so sincere to me before, this one was the first time when she talked that way! Ann had always been adherent to the idea that swing is very amoral etc. I thought the answer was hidden deep in her woman’s soul.

- What happened to you, darling? I laughed: are not you jealous? Or, to be more precise, are you not gonna jealous of me when it all starts? This is got to be something new! We will have fun! We have never tried it, huh?

- It turns on most of all! She was saying it with a very serious assurance of her values and truth so I felt it came to my mind like some essential outlook on life! I don’t know how well it would pass, but I will not be jealous of you to this girl! Because I’m supposed to be with you when you have fun, moreover she is just a stranger who needs only sex, she will not place any burden on our life, so do you and me, sex is the only reason that I mean, and I’m sure we all threesome can get what we want to have from this fun!

Her face turned red, when she finished. That made her more attractive when she talked that way, excited and nervous. It would be a great thing if this damn Marry wouldn’t come; with my hand I stroked her hair, then it passed down to her tits. Groping her nipples I sensed tem got hard, one touch was enough now to excite my wife.

- So, what exactly are you expecting from this…mmmm…meeting? I asked with interest, thought I still was in doubts about Marry to come. In the long run, she is a woman, so she is just a toy for me, and… I can’t now recall you have some inclination to lesbo ever!

- Lord knows how it all may turn! She said smiling

- That’s the thing! Uttered me

- It’s not necessary for me to become lesbo or be a lesbo, if I wanna try it with woman; – she definitely seemed to explain me what she meant. Juts to be a bit, bisexual… hat’s not a big deal! So what? That’s great idea! I have never tried it before, but I think it will turn me on much!

Meanwhile I looked at my watch, it was 10 minutes passed 8 pm. If Mary was supposed to arrive, she was already late. That was a good sign, but Ann remained nervous and kept me on the alert as well, she was just like a bundle of nerves. Every tiny cell of my wife’s body was excited a lot; in fact she didn’t know what to do with herself for impatience. In a while, her patience broke and she exclaimed:

- What the hell are waiting for? We needn’t wait; this night must pass with sex, not with disputes! We will find enough time to discuss our life and analyze it. I can’t understand why she has to be late so far! Let’s have a warm-up!

Ann turned to me and put her hand onto my knee. Then it slowly passed up to my penis. The bulge on my jeans started growing. The only touch was enough to cause immediate erection. Now I could say what I was in for. I was loaded and ready for everything.

While Ann was caressing my cock through the cloth, I tried to shove my fingers right between her legs. My left hand groped her nipples; I took up working up on them. A moan escaped her lips: “I have not had it for so long!” I thought so too. “You have not done on me like that for ages as well, honey!” I said. “Apologize?” “Not at all! But…” “So….” She interrupted me: “we have always missed some simulation for all this time! To make us flare up with passion again! Now we have it, we just became very phlegmatic and lazy; we didn’t see those daily pleasures that surrounded us everywhere. This family routine, that characterizes most families would bring us down, but we have to find a way to escape it and from now we would have to make choice how to get on by this routine! We both are ready to let someone join our private life. This is gonna be next, upper step in our sexual life, we just crossed the brink of conventions and sex, from now, must provide new feelings and emotional experience, unknown before”

All this time she went on stroking my bulge: “I can’t say we need and must have use for this third person, moreover, there is no need in this person to turn us on, but it adds some kind of savor in our life, this is what I have wanted to do fro a long time, despite risks it carries, anyway, I am gonna take everything from Marry tonight.” With these words she stopped, put me on the sofa and got down to undoing my jeans. I looked at her down-top, my wonderful woman promised a wonderful nigh to me. I was really happy. Within this time, my imagination together with strain grew stronger, leaving no doubts about what happens.

My cock soon slipped out of my cloth, it was so red, cock’s head turned flesh and was so huge that prepuce of penis hardy covered it. Though, I had never had any exhibitionistic features, it excited me on a lot. A man could offer something in this case. Ann seemed to feel it, I heard she swallow her saliva. She bent t it and then I sensed her lips swallow my cock gently, her tongue moved very tenderly. I said:

- Let me tell you, you said we have not had sex fro about 2 weeks, and, as far as I don’t have any other woman, but you, you should forget I have a load in there to shoot.

Ann just cooed and gave not a sound; she went on sucking on my pecker with enthusiasm.

- Keep sucking my cock, keep sucking it, babe! I was whispering: don’t stop! You will see what happens next, I thought you were gonna put your tongue in Marry’s pussy.

I felt it very distinctively, one more minute and I would have to blow up with my cum in her mouth. I now sensed that my body had been missing life, rich in sex for ages, it needed sex like the desert might miss the rain out there. No thoughts, work or hobby, could now deliver me from this awareness. Ann was in that condition when she was doing me reaches the top of delight with her tongue. This tongue was on the run all the time, it deliberately made me feel fucking hot pleasure down there. My body started and convulsed, she was trying to get me cum in her mouth. I knew she always loved this kind of sex, oral one, at this jiff her wild nature wok up and wanted for more….

Soon I couldn’t stand it any longer; I was like an ejaculating penis, my whole body turned into one hard and strong hose that shot a hot torrent in her mouth. When it happened, she swallowed everything. At the very last second the door bell rang. Something tore inside me, Ann looked at me: “Mary”

But sometimes in your life, whenever it might be there happens moments, when you are ready for murder. At this moment I was ready to kill her.

- Are you going to meet her? Ann looked at me attentively: all right, don’t move, I will go. That was enough for me, I was truly fed up, in the long run, I didn’t even know this…Mary! But Ann pressed me down to the sofa, approached her eyes to my face and said: you will stay as you are! She was persistent: it’s hardly to conceive any other trick to meet our guest than this one, any discussion would be needless. We do want to arrange sex orgy, and she must understand that we are ready for it…

She went off, I remained lying that way. Mary turned to be a person of a kind I hardly met ever. She was just a true personification of sex, her only presence drove all thought away, and any man who might meet this babe would have only one desire: to saturate his wild passion with this hottie. When my wife welcomed Mary, her voice trembled and so much excitement I could hear from her voice.

Well, live and learn! It appeared that even in the hallway both women found a lot to discuss, as I understood, juts common female issues. I was confused to expect what the hell Mary might think of me if she saw me lying like that, with erect cock, on the sofa. My Ann must have gone mad! Let it be dating for sex only, let it be just wild desire to have sex, but anyway, we had to, at least talk first and know each other a bit. Moreover, I kept considering Mary as someone I was definitely indifferent to.
And just right at this time, when I was pondering all pros and cons he door opened and both women entered the hall. Holy shit! My perplexity seemed to excite Ann more than ever.

- My husband! She said smiling: and this is gonna be the most interesting and tastiest part of his body! She took my cock.

They both laughed. I turned red, didn’t know what to do. Still smiling, Ann approached me and began jerking it off slightly; casting looks at me and at Mary, who couldn’t tear her eyes from my penis. My dick was still hard-on, and knowing that somebody strange looking at it at the same time made it grew more a bit.

- I worked on it juts before you came! Ann said. But we didn’t finish the deal. It’s now ready to go on fun again. You want it?

She stopped talking waiting for Mary’s reply. We all knew and the situation became clear, Ann wanted to continue business she just started recently and Mary was supposed to pick up the baton and go on like that. I looked at Mary, due to my lowered jeans I couldn’t rise to greet he, so I just smiled, but my smile looked so stupid! A smile in response ensued. Then she uttered:

- Well, I wanna finish this game! You are very nice person, Ann, if you let me have fun with your man. I am so happy to join you, guys, tonight, but I think your husband feels cheap, he is so strained. So, first. Let me kiss him first!

I was naive, very naive, you know, guys, I didn’t know and I’m still in a dark about what specific ways of having fun. I couldn’t imagine what word: KISS might mean at this situation, but when she approached me and her lips covered my cock’s end, my heart was thumping with excitement when she was doing al l thus to me. I couldn’t believe this woman was sucking on my cock, I couldn’t understand why women regarded sex juts as some play, and some game without any commitments, no pride and prejudices. I was a new man in this game where exchange of partners was just as common as the sex itself. My wife joined this game and learnt these rules at once, easier than I could imagine. Ann said: “don’t be so shy, honey! It’s ok! Juts relax and take it easy!” now, I could kill her for what she said. Mary’s tongue was lifting me up on the clouds. The mere thought that our guests was sucking on me made me mad. When I looked at Ann, I saw her masturbate on the armchair: “What the hell are you doing?” “Can’t you see, I’m doing fun….” this shamelessness couldn’t get away with it, for I had to keep my mind on what Mary was doing to my penis. That was going too fucking far, I couldn’t stand any longer and uttered: “I’m gonna come!” the thought that I would soon blast my cum in Mary’s mouth turned me on a lot, it drove me crazy. It seemed Mary realized what state I was in, as her tongue moved faster and more intensive, excitement grew with every second, Mary appeared to know how to perform good blowjob, and after her fingers started caressing my perineum and balls, I seemed to have received an electricity shock. Something hot was boiling inside my balls. “Come on!” Mary said. All this time Ann went on masturbating gazing on us. “I’m coming” my balls had already developed a load to shoot, it was clear that Mary could do a lot to any man so he would be able to come and reach the tops of its pleasure. When I erupted my load my eyes closed immediately, and from that moment I couldn’t remember what happened next. All my thoughts and emotions left me; I turned into one boiling and seething torrent of cum. I could hear distinctively how well my new partner was swallowing every drop of sperm.

Clouds of pleasure enveloped me in its mist of delight. After she drained my cock totally, Mary turned to my wife. She wanted Ann join this wild game, as for my wife, trembling with excitement, she submitted to Mary with enthusiasm I never noticed before. I came to my senses in a few minutes and opened my eyes. When I saw Ann lick Mary’s mouth and eat the rest of my cum, I figured out what she wanted to get. My desire began to build up again, and despite my recent ejaculation, I still had a cock stand. When new portion of blood fleshed it, it engorged again, like a gun… “Let’s go” Ann asked Mary to settled onto the sofa right next to me. as long as I was exhausted for a while, so they paid no attention on me. With closed eyes Ann lay down on the sofa, Mary leant over her, and they both got down to kissing each other with all the passion they could offer. And now I had no doubts left about my wife’s plans, and that was something she had wanted to do for ages.

- You are so sexy, honey! Mary was saying, her voice trembled: you are both great!

- You too… Ann replied

- I want you all! Mary uttered in ecstasy: I have been dreaming about you, may I?

Thought Ann had no idea what Mary wanted to do, anyway she agreed and let her go ahead. Mary stretched her hands to white panties of my wife and removed her underwear with one jerk; Anna’s pussy looked very vulnerable and so defenseless to Mary’s tongue. Besides, she opened her legs wide evolutionary and let the situation take her over.

Within this time I reached that state when I couldn’t control myself, this sight I saw, roused my desires, and I was able to stand them. I had never seen lesbo games before, and after Mary buried her face deep between my wife’s legs I hardly kept from shooting once again.

Ann opened her mouth and licked her lips. Without a doubt she couldn’t comprehend what the hell was going on and where she was at this point of time. She was now like a spirit, like a ghost, washing up in waves of heavenly pleasure. She suddenly moaned, Mary moved fucking lips of my wife and started licking her cunt. I couldn’t do anything to me, unable to realize what to do with fire burning my cock, I began to jack off… “Here this woman!” I thought. No disregard or loath to this woman left in my mind, after I saw what this babe was able to do with me and my wife I wanted her to stray with us as long as possible. My hand moved faster and faster, with my every breath I felt this hot fire burned me from inside like the hell, my hand sped up jerking this fucking cock off, I couldn’t also tear my eyes from these 2 bitches having fun out there at that.

My Ann’s cries became gradually louder and louder, and sucking process – more intensive with every second, as for me I felt my excitement grew up willing to erupt like a volcano; I was longing for cumming right into Mary, but still kept myself from doing it. Soon, my legs moved forward, taking me to these 2 bodies, approaching Mary from behind, I just put my hand on her ass and stroked it, our guests uttered some loud roar unable to stop licking my wife, “Now or never” I thought and took her ass. It took my breath away when I lowered her skirt, my bulge stuck against her ass, and for the first time in my life I was dying fro joining group sex, threesome kind. She looked at me: her eyes gave me pleading look, and lips were wet with my wife’s juice. Next, she got back to sucking on Ann, I finished lowering her skirt and removed it all, when it was finally done, my eyes saw 2 fucking leaking holes, seducing and hot! Her ass poked out like a huge ball, at this time I heard might pulse in my cock, like it was filled with a steam of blood, Mary moaned moving her tongue vehemently, and Ann twisted under her like a snake. “Fuck me, please…” Mary moaned. All thoughts left my mind after her request, after that my hands removed her panties, her fucking sweet ass impressed me a lot, I took my cock, set my knees onto the sofa’s edger and banged this bitch. Mary moaned, her voice resounded through the whole room, at some second I had to moan also: her pussy turned to be fucking tight! I sensed her thick love juice lubed my pecker from the inside, and I took up thrusting her cunt. That was juts a simple coition, nothing more. Fuck her, fuck her: this inner voce kept running through my mind, no thoughts, no feelings, only one wild primordial animal passion. Oh, my God, it’d been an eternity since I had another woman except Mary! It’d been ages! Now I was fucking Mary like never before. I was feeling my balls were building up one more load of cum, and that was terrific! I was happy, on the verger and when it happened I lost my mind, and feel onto her filling her cunt with my sperm. At the very last moment I saw my wife’s eyes. They shone with happiness. She was on her clouds.

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3 Responses to “Wonderful night!”

  1. DAIR^en Says:

    That guys is sure lucky, he could fuck his wife and another babe at the same time, that’s nice sex, I should say. But I read somewhere that men should have sex not more than 4 times a week, otherwise it’s having a negative impact on your health, I am doing much more than that, can you prove that I am wrong?

  2. Bond Says:

    Hey, man relax! You can have sex as much as you want and it won’t harm your health! Don’t read that crap in the magazines, don’t believe it, just fuck as much as you want and get a life!

  3. Faygo_Kisses17 Says:

    actualy, it improves health. sex is a cardio exercise, and you burn calories like crazy. the rougher the sex, the more calories… and orgasms…

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