Can you imagine having a girlfriend who never lets you close to her pussy? That is possible only on the condition that she gives you really great head!

Ashley was home alone waiting for her boyfriend. He was supposed to call at her at five and she was all excited about his visit. They had been dating for a year already but they still hadn’t had sex. Howcome? You will probably ask? Well, Ashley swore to herself that she would have sex only on the day of her wedding, that would be her wedding night, she thought of it as a very romantic occasion, candle lights, champagne on ice and stuff like that. She only managed to keep her boyfriend with her by giving him a terrific blowjob. She knew he would leave her if she hadn’t satisfied him in bed, so she did everything to please him.

The doorbell rang and Ashley hurried to open the door. Dane was standing in the doorway with a pack of beer in his hands.

“So, I am in here for a party, babe”, He said and smiled.

“Come on in”, Ashley said and closed the door behind him.

Dane walked into the kitchen and put the beer in the freezer. “Damn, it’s fucking hot outside and the beer is warm now, we’ll have to wait until it cools off in the freezer”,

“Why don’t we do something in the mean time?”, Ashley said and gave him her sluttish smile that turned Dane on so much.

“Why not?”, Dane said and smiled in return. He felt his cock getting hard in his pants.

“You seem so tense”, Ashley said and put her arms around Dane.

They slowly walked in the bedroom and Ashley playfully pushed Dane onto the bed. She got onto him and started unzipping his pants. Dane got used to the fact that Ashley never allowed him to fuck or touch her pussy. He enjoyed her head and he knew that there was probably no girl on the face of earth who could give such terrific head.

Ashley meanwhile unzipped Dane’s pants and freed his cock. It was huge with a purple dickhead all covered in precum. Ashley always teased him a bit before taking his dick fully into her mouth. She protruded her tongue and licked his dickhead. Dane moaned and arched in bed. Ashley kept playing with his dickhead and that turned Dane more and more. What she liked most about Dane is his man stamina, she licked his dickhead totally clean and to her surprise more precum appeared on it instantly. She laughed and took his dick fully in her mouth. She then grabbed the base of his cock and started giving him head, her mouth was going up and down on his cock, in a few minutes Dane placed his hands on her head and started impaling her on his cock to make sure she was going to swallow all of it. When his entire cock got inside her mouth she gagged and the saliva ran plenty from her mouth, landing all over Dane’s balls.

Dane started moaning louder. “Babe, your tongue is doing wonders on my cock, I’m loving it”, he said in a low voice and made himself comfortable in bed.

Ashley kept sucking on his cock, feeling that he was going to release soon. She now swallowed it real deep and her tongue was wondering all over it.

“I’m cumming babe!” , he moaned and Ashley immediately got on her knees, Dane stood up and directed his dick into her mouth.

“Open it, babe!”, Dane cried out.

Ashley opened her mouth wide and Dane started jerking his cock, he was so excited that already in a second the first jets of his got, gooey cum hit Ashley’s face, she didn’t turn away and she didn’t even close her eyes. Instead, she opened her mouth wider as if welcoming Dane’s cum inside.

Dane meanwhile was jerking his cock and all of his cum was landing all over Ashley’s face and in her mouth, she was swallowing it immediately. When Dane drained his balls, all of Ashley’s face was covered in his cum, he let his dick go and Ashley immediately grabbed it and started sucking on it again. She didn’t want to lose any drop of his cum, when she licked his dick clean, she smiled and lay in bed, Dane lay close to her.

“So, I guess the beer has cooled off already, let’s go check on it”, Dane said and got up from the bed.

“Beer sounds good!”, Ashley said and they both proceeded to the kitchen.

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