Vera and Vlad!

October 19th, 2007

It’s so nice to meet an old friend of yours, it’s even better when you meet him quite unexpectedly and you don’t know what’s on his mind.

Vera turned the key in a door. The door opened and there she saw he old friend sitting in an armchair. A few greeting words ensued, it was just formal words. She said she was in doubt how to spend the whole holiday with someone who had already become a complete stranger to her now but anyway, she felt some kind of warm-heartedness and affection to this guy. Reminiscence about love long passed.

Vlad, his name was Vlad, explained that he had been looking through her photo journal when suddenly wild desire collapsed onto him. He asked Vera to turn back and took out some present for her. Vera smiled and kissed him at lips, but he held her leaving only a few centimeters between them. He was looking at her eyes, passing his hand over her hips and tight ass. Then he approached her lips to hers and they joined in kiss. Lips met and each one felt insufferable desire.

Taking her by head, he fixed his lips in Vera’s mouth and his tongue slide in fondling her palate. He turned her around, pressing his body to hers, kissed Vera’s earlap whispering: “Honey, babe, my kitty!” She closed her eyes, feeling some warm pleasure filling her body. Her body started with growing excitement, “You are my number One, I want you so much, honey!” she put her hand on his back, her fingers fiddled with his locks, Vlad, took lifted Vera with hands and took her on the bed. There, Vlad put her on her stomach, removed hr every piece of cloth leaving hr nude.

Naked and adorable woman was lying on the bed, after putting Vera on her back; he finally saw her sexy tits and passion seized his mind completely. He began to cover her whole body with hot kisses, and smell of her pussy made hi mad. He left some love bites on he belly, after that he just opened her legs wide aside, and pulled in very carefully. When his cock covered with her love juice enough he started banging her and with his every thrust she was reaching new tops of her pleasure. Ooo, so hot, exciting and fucking nice that was! Very very good. Bodies moved in one rhythm, one pulse, one breath, one motion, no thoughts left, just wild vehement passion. Their minds misted over, they moaned and cried….

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