Too much reading

October 24th, 2007

This babe has two lovers who love to drill her sweet holes, suddenly they meet and find out that they know each other, why not try a threesome then?

I’m writing this letter at four o’clock in the morning. My two friends went out of my house just a couple of minutes ago. I’m so aroused by the thing that has just happened that I can’t wait for the morning to come to tell you. So I’m doing it right away. It’s the craziest night in my whole life. I hope you’re gonna like my story.

I’m writing this story because of your site. I read the “Bon appétit!” story here and it made me so hot, that I couldn’t resist anymore and agreed to go out with Frank, an old acquaintance of mine. I know him pretty well. He’s a handsome guy with a huge cock, a guy who’s ready to make my most pervert fantasies come true.

We met in one of Brooklyn cafes. We were drinking cocktails, talking and laughing. We were about to go to my place to have some fun there, you know what I’m talking about. And suddenly I saw him! Jessie! My lover. He told me he was out of town… Then what the hell was he doing there in the café? The worst thing was that Frank knew nothing about the other guy.
So I guess you can imagine me at that moment. I was all shivering. Jessie came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Frank saw it! Moreover, Jessie was trying to feel up my breasts. I guess Frank guessed we were pretty good friends. I was waiting for some kind of a row, when actually I heard Frank say amicably:

-See you’re also fucking Carroll.

It was the worst moment in my life. My lovers knew about each other! I was surprised to admit it was all pretty normal. Jessie bought beer for Frank, and they were sitting side by side, as real damn friends. They were talking about me, they were cracking jokes, laughing. They were sharing my most intimate secrets, like for example, my behavior during sex, my favorite positions, my blow job “techniques”. I could get mad at them, but instead, I was getting more and more aroused. I was listening to Jessie telling Frank about our anal sex while I was ordering pizza. Then I heard Frank telling Jessie about his ramming my asshole. I was so wet in an hour, I wanted to fuck that much that I told the guys I wanted both of them.

Frank asked Jessie if he wanted it too. He said yes. We stood up from our seats and went out to the hall. We knew about a quiet nook at the end of the hall. I began kissing the guys. Their hands were fondling me. Their fingers touched my love button and they felt how hot I was. Jessie unbuttoned my jacket and began kissing my boobs. Nipples were getting hard. I was leaning on the men’s room door, Jessie knelt down, his head was right between my hips. He pulled off my panties and began kissing my clit. I was so hot that I came as soon as his tongue touched my button. The guys knew me well and they realized they could start fucking me with their dicks now.

Frank put me on some boxes and impaled me on his huge pecker. Jessie wasn’t wasting his time either, I was sucking his stem. I was kissing and sucking it like crazy. I love to feel a cock in my mouth, while cumming. I contracted my vagina muscles to feel Frank erupting his semen into me. Jessie took Frank’s place drilling my pussy. He was impaling me more and more on his shaft. Frank came up to my face for me to lick his prick clean. Jessie let me cum and then came too, his sperm was all over the place.
Then we all went to WC and got back to our table to drink some more beer. In spite of our wild fuck at the back door I was getting aroused again. The guys took me home and asked me to put on the sexiest lingerie I had. They were sitting in the room, drinking beer. I was sitting in front of them masturbating with a dildo. Then they joined me. I didn’t need the dildo anymore. We were having sex for several hours. We were doing the craziest things ever! Jessie and Frank were insatiable, they could cum over and over and over again, non-stop. I can’t say how many times we managed to cum.

I’m sitting now all alone and writing this story. I still feel their juices inside my body and on my skin. I wish you could see me now!

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  1. prem Says:

    hey what your bra size

  2. prem Says:

    i just wantb to make love to a lovely lady

  3. Fucker Says:

    Fuck Me ah aha aha aha i wat to catch your boobs and squueze whore

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