The forbidden fruit

November 29th, 2007

When a son marries a beautiful girl, his father surely appreciates his choice, but the matter is that the father is a widower, so he tries to hit on his son’s wife….. Very, very interesting!

My mother passed away a long time ago. I and my sister were brought up by our father. He never got married again and gave all of his time to our upbringing and work. We really love him and appreciate all of his efforts.

A few years ago I got engaged and my future wife moved in with us. My dad and my sister both adored her from the first day. My dad said Susan reminds him of our mother and that she looks like my mom when they just started going out together.

So they say that boys unconsciously search themselves a wife that reminds them their mother. So we got married.

Susan also loved my family. She said that my father who’s 42 looks much younger and is extremely charming. We started living like one loving family and got alone with each other quite well.

Susan is an outgoing beauty, she’s stunning, and when she walks on the street she makes men stare at her. She’s sexy!

That’s why I was ok and not surprised when my father would be checking her out like a real man. Especially when in the mornings she would come out to the kitchen in a short tiny silky rob with nothing else underneath. I must admit that it even entertained me. After a year or so since we started living together something happened that has changed our lives forever.

On Sundays I usually play football with my friends and wake up earlier than the rest of the family. They all sleep till afternoon. That Sunday I woke up and felt sick in the stomach and didn’t feel like going to the game. My father and my wife were still asleep and my sister left for the summer trip to Europe. I went to the downstairs bathroom and stuck there for like fifteen minutes. I heard my dad coming downstairs to the kitchen. In a couple of minutes Susan got up as well. I heard her steps. She was making coffee.

I heard my dad asked her where I was and she replied that I was gone to play football just as usual. I heard them whispering something and giggling. I listened and heard them moving something…

I got out from my shelter quietly and decided to trick those funny guys.

I sneaked out and crept up to the kitchen. I opened up the door just a bit and was thinking I’ll scare them but instead I was shocked myself. I froze.

This is what I saw: my beloved wife was bending over with her elbows on the dining table and her rob was lifted up at her back. Her legs were wide open and she was sweetly moaning from my own father enthusiastically putting his dick inside her!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could never imagine such an amazing girl like my Susan doing such a thing. I would understand her if she would cheat on me in some strange condition and would take it as a mistake and surely wouldn’t enjoy it that much. But this was unbelievable: right in the middle of our own house with her own fucking father-in-law. No way!

Of course I felt shit! I felt a double cheating. It wasn’t just my wife cheating on me but my own father was doing this to me. I could start a fight right there with both of them but suddenly I remembered the words my father said when he saw Susan for the first time.

He was saying it’s amazing how she reminds him of our mother. I looked at him again and saw his happy face. I’ve never seen him happy like this in my life. I looked at my wife who was moaning and sticking up her ass in front of my father.

I thought to myself all of his life father spend on me; he raised me the best he could and never got married again after my mom died. He had no private life as I knew.” And perhaps it is the first time he is that happy with a woman as he hasn’t been for a while.” I ‘m almost sure he was imagining his own wife, my mother.

My anger and frustration left me and I realized that two of my closest people whom I loved the most were having so much pleasure and were so happy, why should I be mad about it? I looked at them with a totally different point of view.
By that moment dad has taken off Susan’s rob completely and she was standing there absolutely naked. I have never seen my wife during her lust from the side. That was so turning on!

Her delicious ass was gracefully sticking out for her partner and her tits were swinging back and force as he pushed.

The final was great! My beloved girl was moaning and shaking in orgasm convulsions. She sat down on her knees in front of her father-in-law and made him cum with her delicate mouth. She swallowed all of his sperm. To be honest from watching all this happening I almost came myself.

I didn’t start a fight with them, but I also did not pretend that I don’t know. I unveiled my presence after they finished up and after a strange conversation we all came to even stranger conclusion.

Susan told me she loves me and can’t live without me in her life and that this is just an additional affection towards my father. My father told me that he really does see my mother’s image in Susan, that she reminds him the woman he loved so much, and that it is obvious her young body is a natural physical desire for any man.

For now it has been a year since we happily live in this kind of relationship where both I and my father are Susan’s sexual partners. Of course we don’t sleep in the same bed or anything like that! And my sister does not have a clue about it! But when she’s not home my father can even go in when Susan is taking shower and he doesn’t care if I know.

Sometimes in the early mornings when I’m still asleep Susan goes to my father’s bed room to bask in his arms. And when I get up I get pleased by Susan and I’m so turned on by that “jealousy” that my beloved wife was with my beloved dad.

Susan says that she is so happy to be in such situation when she gets pleasure from young and tempered me who is so sensual and has the youthful ardour and it is based on love. While from my father she feels so much experience, tenderness and a sense of forbidenness is so tempting.

Of course this kind of relationship is far from ordinary considering that she is twenty years younger than him. He is her father’s age. When she first stepped into our house she called him “dad”. And even now when she goes to his bed she says: “Daddy, I’m coming, fondle me.” And I heard him saying: “You’re so wet and so sweet…who’s your daddy?” when he was licking her pussy.

In the last while I’m thinking of trying to please our lustful libertine together with my father. I mean at the same time. I think that would be interesting! I hope to find approval from the others.

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21 Responses to “The forbidden fruit”

  1. Jack Says:

    I think this is great! Your a big enough man to let your Father enjoy some pleasure with your wife. He obviously thinks you made a great choice. Your wife needs a little erotic play, and if she can get satisfaction fucking your father she won’t have to look anywhere else. Do you get to watch them often? They don’t mean to hurt you. I am glad you wrote about this because my wife and her father have a special relationship now that his wife, her mother has passed away. I loved it the first time I saw her suck him off.

  2. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    that is disgusting. thats fuckign nasty. i mean thats even moree nasty than when i walked in on my parents and they acted lik nuthin happedn.

  3. Nick Says:

    This is so fucking gross!!!

  4. Jam Says:

    You’re a generous person, i’m not that generous to share my wife with others, not even my father

  5. [email protected] Says:

    Ohhhh! I LOVE IT! Gimme more!!!!

  6. midnightminx Says:

    i thought it was kinda gross but kinda sweet too.
    i can see where ur wife is coming from with the fact that she likes ur dad coz hes forbidden and i can see where ur dads coming from in that he sees ur mum.
    i want a threesome with them coz i think its really dirtty and nasty…which is a turn on.

  7. fucker Says:

    ah sexy…
    my cocks are hard

  8. titan Says:

    sick bastard!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    i want any mother fucker stories

  10. saas Says:

    who is there

  11. teddy Says:

    I loved the story, send me another one just like that one.
    I would love to have watched it.

  12. zuzu Says:

    when I read this I got a strong desire…..last year I fucked my aunt while she was drunk and sleeping. She even does not know that I did her….and I do not dare to tell her…I guess she would never let me do her.

    But her snatch was so tight and wet….wow…I wish I could get that opportunity again.

  13. angel Says:


  14. your gay Says:

    This is retarded why would anybody let there wife fuck there dad? I would divorce that bitch and my dad would be missing some teeth sorry thats my oppinion and I needed to get it out

  15. cougar 307 Says:

    some things are understanding but what your sister

  16. Sam5 Says:

    I want to fuck ur wife bcoz i think she is bitch and before mariege she was fucked by her father and brother

  17. micky Says:

    uhm i would’nt be able to live knowing every once in a while my WIFE is fucking my dad and enjoying it. and then fucking u. i mean ur father???? thats kinda messed up. or in other words shes a sex toy for u and ur father a wife would stay loyal.or in other words ur wife is a slut. but she is hot ;) lol BUT UR DAD??? lol just my opinion

  18. gundalo Says:


  19. your a fucking queer Says:

    this is fucking nasty!

  20. zombiegirl Says:

    I LOVED THIS STORY! It made my pussy super creamy wet! It made me wana fuck my boyfriends dad. I played with my clit the whole time i read it.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    This is a very very big sin!how could u bear seeing ur wife ur dad fucking!i’d curse them u r so disgusting!!

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