The break up!

April 26th, 2008

A girl has a boyfriend with a tiny dick, she is a hot chick and she definitely wants something bigger and when she meets the guy with a huge cock she doesn’t pass up the opportunity to get it into her holes…

We extend our thanks to the author OSCAR.

Eva is a hot milf. She is one of the most gorgeous and hot females not only in The US but the whole world. I think she is absolutely sexy and sweet. Her sexuality is a sort of subject students should write their diplomas on. She is raven haired well built (very well built) sexy girl, with big beautiful bright eyes. Her smile is absolutely sweet and voice is so exciting. She’s got a nice tattoo on her back just above her sweet ass. By the way, concerning buts! Eva is graced with the juiciest ass all over, and watching her walking down in a very short sport shorts early in the morning is the great turn on! Eva loves to wear skimpy clothing that opens and emphasizes her sexuality. Open neck tops and blouses, shorts skirts revealing her slim fit legs and hugging her sweet round ass. And sure, fucking this woman would be an utmost luck for any chap. She is a type of women who are always loved and wanted. Well, for the recent 3 months she’d been dating with one guy, a fair plump man, whose name is Andrew. He is about 7.5 feet, well fed with crew cut hair and stumpy. To be honest, he fell in love with Eva, sure it’s hard to date such a babe without loving her. He presented her wonderful flowers, sang songs, prepared romantic evening, devoted love poetry to her, hundreds times per day telling her how much he loved Eva and that he would fade away without her. But the one thing about him is what desperate his girlfriend. This guy’s got a small penis, approximately 5 inches long, it’s now obvious that such a stunning sexy babe can’t get enough of this organ. She saw his organ when he once took a shower at hers, and the sight of his meat, but mainly its size made disappointed. So that’s why it is no wonder that she doesn’t let him fuck her. Despite Andrew is dying for fucking her, he respects her decision, doesn’t insist on intercourse, but never loses hope to fuck her.

My name is Alex Parry, I’m 23, and I work as an instructor at the gym class. I always keep my body fit, I love pumping iron, coz it makes me feel good and my health is really OK. Friends say I am fairly popular, good looking and likeable, but I’m known by everyone almost exclusively as “the basketball player”. I love basketball, it is what fills my life with any sense, and I train a lot, but never played on pro champs, this is because I’m an amateur. When I have any spare time, I got in for basketball. I don’t drink, I seldom hang out with friends, go in healthy life style, no drugs, no drunk orgy parties, and of course I don’t fool around with girls. I am primordially and deliberately focused on sport, nothing else. Therefore I have ever had almost no relationships with women not only in college but also in my hood as well. After a while I start to behave nervously around women, their obvious attraction towards me only makes me uncomfortable. Friends say that I’m of high interest for females, but I can’t say the same about myself. Though recently I’ve begun to be more social and found a life outside of sports. I began talking more to girls, for the area I lived in was crowded with various hot chicks. I have always considered myself to be a horny guy, that’s why I rarely talked to girls, I thought that if I talk to any – she would be laughing at me. And my shyness made having sex with women extremely difficult. One thing about him is absolutely eminent: his cock. As one friend of mine said about me: “This guy has a huge monster shaft, about 11 inches long!”

Well, I met Eva when I was playing a basketball alone on the sport ground. I was rushing around the yard with my ball when I saw a cute girl sitting in a squatting position next to the wire netting that surrounded grounds. She was sitting on the grass observing a flower of rose growing there, nice pink rose. I was spellbound by the view of a beautiful girl enjoying the smell of flowers. You know, nowadays it’s so hard to find a cute girl who loves poetry, flowers, fresh breeze of air and knows how to enjoy all joys of life. I think tons of chicks today are perverted, crazy about money, glamour, fashion; they all are dying for picking some rich fat cat! And here I saw a nice lovely angle squatting before a flourishing rose! Yeahh, I knew I had to do something, and then I approached her. I stepped around the wire fence, ad came over to this angel. She looked at me with eyes full of romance. I smiled, she gave me back smile. It was a good sign, actually I feel shy with girls, but this time my oral skills appeared to be very charismatic.

“Hi! How is it going?”

“Hi! I’m fine, thank you”

“Nice day” I looked around: “Let me guess what such a beautiful girl is doing here alone?” she smiled sadly, dropping her pretty eyes with very long lashes, and trifling a flower she had already picked. I added: “I love flowers”

“Do you?”

“Yeahh!” he lied: “My dad owns a flower store in Virginia, he knows a lot about them!”

“It’s so nice! I’m Eva!”

“I’m Alex! Alex Parry! I just want to say you are the most beautiful girl I ever met! Trust me! And such a stunning girl lie you shouldn’t be alone in this good day!”

“Oh, thanks, but I think such a handsome boy like you never lacks females attention!”

“Well, shall I surprise you to say that I have no girlfriend! You smile? Don’t’ you see I’d rather go to my girl than playing a ball round here?”

“How often do you play here?”

“Almost every day! I love basketball! By the way, where do you live?”

“2 blocks away from here! You know Brian’s store?” I nodded head. “So, I live near by, but I I have to go, so…”

“I could see you home, if you like!”

“Yeahh, I’d love to”

So I took my bicycle and we went off walking down the street and talking things. While we were talking I knew lots of interesting details about Eva Angelina. I learnt she lives alone, her parents live in Ohio, she has a boyfriend and they had been dating about 3 months, she loves pets and fishes, she enjoys listening to Bob Marley, but little did I know that her sexual life was boring. When I asked her warily if she prefers guys like him, she smiled playfully and said it depends on many reasons. Encouraged, I went on my advance, and asked her if she agrees to come on dating with me, on this weekend for example. She paused thinking, and then said OK. She gave me her phone number, and I told her again, how beautiful she is. I also said that’s he is very hot and sexy. And if she was my girlfriend, I’d make her enjoy every minute with me! I can’t say what in my words definitely affected her, but right upon her door she asked me whether I mind to come in! It was luck! Absolute bingo! Sure I did, and we came inside. She showed me around the house, and then took me her bed room. Her bed turned to be of a pink color, a huge bed for 2 persons. I imagined how many dirty games this poor (or lucky) bed had seen. She offered me some drink, and we talked further. She appeared to be very talkative and humorous girl; she loved making jokes and always laughed. I think at this moment she was happy. Plucking up my heart I dared say that I’d be happy to be this bed for a moment and feel her silky skin on me! She looked at me with eyes full of surprise. Anticipating her saying something, I said she was very sexy and hot, she was a dream girl for any man, and being with her was a great turn on. Then suddenly something broke inside me and I uttered:

“I’ll show you fake.” I took her hand. I think she was a bit offended but did not resist. I placed her hand on a huge bugle on my pants. Sure it was already double size bigger than her boyfriend’s and wasn’t even hard yet! I rubbed her hand up and down my cock. I started thinking: My God, what am I doing! Is it right! Myriads of thoughts and ideas rushed across my mind. I can’t believe that I just did that.

But then she started thinking about that massive dick of mine. I realized that she was wet. Just then I could feel her hand was rubbing my bulge without any enforcement. She stared up into my eyes. Then she couldn’t help it. She looked at my now hard cock bulging out of my pants. I smiled:

“Your pussy can’t match this, girl!” with this I pulled down my pants to reveal the biggest, red cock she had ever seen. Eva’s jaw dropped. I stepped forward right before her and put it right in front of her face.

“I want you take care of this thing!” escaped my mouth! I couldn’t believe it, but she was turned on by that.

She slowly reached to take my cock, kissed my shaft and took him into her mouth. Eva’s mouth had never stretched so wide before. She was just trying to get the head inside. “Good girl,” I said. I couldn’t believe how I was talking to her – like I was superior to her and she was some dirty slut from the back street. And she loved it. She let out a moan and went deeper, taking half of my thick cock into her throat. She started sucking on my dick carefully.

“That’s it, slut, suck that cock.” She was turned on even more and I surprised who dirty and perverted I really was.
Eva took her mouth off and said, “I love your big cock inside my mouth.”

She then started to lick my balls while stroking my “beautiful” as she said love tool. I was moaning, “Yeah, suck my balls bitch. That’s right, suck them you white whore. I bet you have never loved cock so much.”

Well, I was right. Eva was totally wet and soaking abundantly she had ever been while not only sucking a cock but having intimacy! She was flooding! Eva looked up and said, “You can cum in my mouth.”

I smiled: “I will cum wherever I want, slut.” His words turned on even more. After that I helped her remove her cloth, only now I could realize how hot she was. Eva had a tattoo on her back, it looked very good on her ass. She settled on her hands and knees and gave me the best blowjob I could ever dream of. She swallowed my cock, taking her lips up to the base of my penis, and then moved backwards, so that soon my cock was all wet with her saliva. She spit on it a few times making it glisten more, she tickled my balls applying with them and deep throating me vehemently. She was horny, this girl. She needed sex, some good fuck, so I was ready to give it to her. I lay on my back and watched her working her tongue ad lips on my shaft. It all disappeared into her mouth. Blowjob was heaven! I loved her doing job on my penis, on my throbbing organ. Then, I pulled out of her mouth, I turned her on her side, lay behind Eva and thrust my cock in her wet cunt! She cried out. Slowly, very slowly it began making its way deep in her cunt. There was a back beaver, triangle, neatly trimmed on her pubis, I flicked with her pubic hair while fucking her hard. Her boobs, big boobies bounced up and down, she wanted more of my cock. I could go in all of my 11 inches, so deep her cave was!

I pulled out, and took my cock close to her face. She opened her mouth and took it all inside, enjoying the taste of her juices. It was throbbing in there, and I felt I was about to cum. Sure I didn’t want to cum fast, that’s why I asked her to lay on her stomach and pop her ass up in the air. She gave me a nasty look and did what I said. I saw a pink ass hole, it allured me very much. I wanted to eat her arse, so I protruded my tongue and began devouring her ass hole. I stuck a finger inside and began making her backdoors wider. Even wider. She moaned, begging to go on. I pushed 2 of my fingers inside of her marvelous hole and began to stretch her ass wide. Then I spit inside, and took up pushing my saliva deeper in. There I saw her ass juices building up, I told her to push her ass. She did and her gooey ass cum appeared on surface. In a second I got down and drank all of her ass juices! Yeahh! It tasted very good!

Now I could go on. I put Eva down on her back and stuck my cock in her cunt back again. She threw her head back closing her eyes, and spitting her lips. Standing in a push-up position I set on my hands and began to pump her dripping cunt heavily. “Oh, God! Fuck me! Fuck my slut cunt! You, bastard!” and I did as she said: I fucked, screw, banged and pumped her, drilling her fucking cunt! Of course such a crazy race couldn’t last long. I felt her cunt tightening around my shaft, what instantly reacted on my balls. My nuts built up a big load I needed to unleash! With that, I cried out I was gonna cum, pulled out in a jiff and blew a huge load all over her breast! Tons of drops! They fell on her tits, perky nipples, chin and a neck! She managed to catch some of my flying out spurts; this gooey mass covered her body! When I felt my balls were drained totally and remained empty, I pulled out of her. She was rubbing my cum all over her boobies, then said: “I have never done it with my boyfriend! He is such a loser and softie! His cock is no match for your monster!” “Poor guys” I smiled. I now knew, from this moment, my life has changed a lot. In a better turn of course…

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  1. kaashira Says:

    i am 24 years young boy and and i lobve sports, i am a student doing MBA. thanks bye i live in pondicherry , i am interseted in one to one sex but not ready to pay for the activities.thanks

  2. Jewell Says:

    I just found out that words can turn me on a lot more than watching porn!!!

  3. red Says:

    Made me wet anybody with a big dick wanna fuck [email protected]

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