The blonde and the laptop

July 22nd, 2008

This hot blonde is having problems with her computer, she calls a computer geek to fix it but he wants more than that…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Hi everyone, I’ve been here on the site and read a lot of stories and a lot of experiences. They were really turning me on and I decided to share my experiences with you. First, let me describe myself, I am an ordinary guy who is very much into computers. I am an administrator and my responsibilities include managing various computer systems for various organizations. I have a lot of work because most people do not know how to use computers and run into various problems.

Once, I got a call and a voice which belonged to a lady asked me to arrive to a certain address. The lady told me that she was having problems with her laptop and that was a matter of life and death.

“Where is your company located?”, I asked mechanically as such calls were rather frequent.

“It’s not quite a company, I am calling from home”, she said in an excited voice.

“I am sorry, but I deal only with private companies and service numerous computers”, I answered and was going to hang up but I just couldn’t

“Wait, please, this is really important, you have to understand me”, she sounded really desperate.

“But listen, why don’t you turn to someone else, I am really busy at the moment”, I said as I didn’t feel like servicing a laptop after a lady.

“No, you don’t understand, I really need a pro and you’re the one to help me, I will do everything to thank you”, she kept begging me.

“ok, ok,” , I said. As a matter of fact, I was free and didn’t have any calls, so why not check on that lady, I thought to myself.

She told me the address and in about a few minutes I arrived at her house. That was a posh mansion which had two floors. I came up to the door and rang the bell, no sooner than I pressed it than I heard the hurried steps on the stairs, in a few seconds the door flung open and I was really astounded.

A tall, gorgeous blonde was standing before me. She was actually much taller than me, she was wearing a short, white skirt that looked gorgeous on her slender legs. It seemed to me that she came down from the modeling pedestal after taking the first place in a modeling contest.

I was standing on the threshold not knowing what to say, it seemed that I was hypnotized by her beauty and charm. My confusion was broken by her “I’ve been waiting for you, come on in”, she said and I followed her, while walking after her, I kept my eyes on her butt swaying back and forth and her legs which were swaying in rhythm with her gorgeous ass.

I even forgot what the purpose of my visit to her was. When we finally got to the room she pointed to the laptop.

“It’s infected with a virus and I can’t access all of my documents”, she said and I heard desperation in her voice again.

“So, let’s see what the matter is”, I said and got down to work.

It turned out that the problem was really not that serious. There wasn’t an anti-virus software installed, that’s why all the bugs were attacking her laptop in every way possible. I installed the anti-virus software and ran her computer for viruses and immediately found the ones that were bothering her.

“It’s all alright now, I said and smiled”, my eyes kept traveling all over her legs so beautiful and long they were.

“You’re a magician, all of my friends couldn’t figure out what the problem was”, she said and looked at me with respect.

“I guess it’s time now to thank you”, she said and placed her hand on my shoulder. She turned the chair I was sitting on around and kneeled before me.

I didn’t even know what to think, it was going so fast and now her hand was unzipping my pants and freeing my cock.

She took it in her hand and started rubbing it. I was sitting back in the armchair really enjoying the situation. My cock got rock hard and her gentle hands really knew how to take me to heaven. That was just a beginning because in a about a minute, when my dick was as hard as rock, she brought her face close to it and started licking my dickhead, it was all in precum and she didn’t stop until she was sure that all the precum disappeared. When she thought that she had enough with my dickhead she swallowed my cock really deep and started sucking on it, she was doing it so avidly as if it was her favorite hobby. I opened my eyes and nearly came when I saw what was going on: a gorgeous blonde was kneeling before me with my cock in her mouth, she was sucking on it while her hand was playing with my balls. It was so exciting and hot, but I really didn’t want to cum so soon, I wanted to prolong the pleasure.

In about a few minutes when I was really close to cum the blonde stopped and said “that’s jut a part of my gratitude”, with these words she stood up and started mounting my dick, she took it in her hand and directed it to her pussy. It felt that her pussy was already wet, my dick easily penetrated inside and she started riding me, it was now time for her to enjoy, she was in full control and her pussy was going up and down my cock faster and faster. I felt my shaft being squeezed by the walls of her vagina, this merry-go-round lasted for more than five minutes. I soon felt that I was going to cum, she felt it and got off from my dick.

She kneeled before me again and took my dick in her hand again, she started jerking it and in about a second the jets of sperm covered her face and her breasts. I just kept and kept cumming
When she finally drained my balls she took my dick in her mouth again and started licking it clean of my cum, she didn’t stop until every single drop disappeared in her sexy mouth.

Then, she stood up and smiled.

“By the way, my friend is having problems with her computer too, can you come and fix it?”, she said and smiled.

Of course I was going to fix the problem and fix her pussy too.

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  1. sluttyroxy Says:

    would you wanna do me??

    i mean my computer???


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