October 17th, 2007

When your father brings home a stepmother, you sure don’t feel ok, but what if she is sexy, young and just drives you crazy, you can’t resist her and the only thing you want is to fuck her…

My love for my mother vanished nine years after her death. In spring of 1999… I could only feel bitter indifference whenever I thought of my mom who had been with me for eighteen years of my life and now was buried under the ground. I used to visit her tomb rather often, but all I felt was dull pain and disgust at death. So, my visits to the cemetery were not really helpful. Fading poppies on the marble tomb were symbols of my despair. I used to blame myself for being cold and callous. I tried to make myself remember the smell of her hands after laundry, her kind eyes and her a bit hoarse voice.

I was looking for a new object for love. I was studying Freud and Bern trying to find answers to all of my questions. I still believe that there is a land where there is no light and some day I’ll be there too. That’s where I’ll get answers to my questions.

I thought my farther had the same feelings as I did. When he came back home in the evening and put all his notes on the table to look through them all over again, I thought I saw sadness in his eyes, in his gestures. Now and then he was shuddering hearing sudden noise. I think he hoped he would hear some noise in the kitchen, like that when mom was cooking dinner for us. We both were extremely tired of never ending apprehension of that what had already happened. So, I wasn’t too much surprised hearing him say: “Son, we’re gonna get married.”

She was sitting in his armchair. Her legs were crossed. I had just come home from work, standing in the doorway to the living room. My dad stood up from the couch to tell me the news. I murmured congratulations and went out to the bathroom. No, I’d better say I ran out to the bathroom. While washing my hands I hated me for not saying even a part of the things I wanted to say, when I was looking at my going-to-be step mom. But actually my dad’s happy face made me realize it was meant to be so.

His new wife was a student at his university. He was tutoring her. She was a girl with long legs. I don’t know for how long they had been seeing each other, but I suddenly realized something I had refused to notice. The thing was that my dad changed recently, from the beginning of the term, actually. I saw some new expensive things in his room. Even his manner of walking was different. Sometimes I could feel the smell of good wine when he got back home. It’s probable that they went to restaurants. God, my dad was dating a student! I could have hardly imagined anything of the kind just a year ago.

There was no wedding. It’s just that someday they told me now I had to cook for three, as Tracie, that was my stepmother’s name, had no time for cooking. Well, I only had to cook dinners, as we hadn’t had breakfast for decades I guess, and we never had lunch together either. So, in short, it wasn’t too difficult for me. I took her constant presence in our home easy. Maybe it was due to the fact that I myself didn’t spend much time at home. I was busy with my work that time. Later I got ill cuz of working too much. I had to stay in bed for almost a month. It doesn’t seem too long, but so many things happened during that time.

I should describe my stepmom. She was not tall, with plain face and transparent eyes. She was slim. Her small lips were always parted as if she were always going to say something but couldn’t. Her thin lips were purple red. Her slender long legs were always covered by black stockings. Her breasts were very small. It’s hardly possible that she could seduce my dad. She looked so innocent and naïve that no one could probably get under her skirt, you know what I’m talking about.

She was home almost all day long, safe for those hours she spent at the university. When she was home she loved to wear a very short blue dressing gown. The study became her room. Dad spent whole days at the university. Sometimes they went somewhere to hang out. But usually they went to restaurants or to my dad’s friends. When she was home, her friends used to call on us. I didn’t really give a damn about them.

I didn’t give a damn till I got sick. I can’t say I was attracted to Tracie. Besides I had a girlfriend, so I had no problems with sex. When I got sick I could no longer see my girl, and in about a week I had a disparate desire to fuck somebody. I was lying in my bed for hours listening to my hormones rioting in my blood. I had insomnia at night. I was taking pills, made keen on whisky from my dad’s bar. In other words, I began to give a damn about that slim girl with bare knees. First it was just excitement. Then it gave way to obsession. And then it all happened.

I was listening to their voices behind the wall, jerking my dick, pinching the foreskin. Sometimes I went to the kitchen waiting for her to come there too. As soon as I saw the soft skin of her calves, her gentle milk-color toes, I got back to my room and ejaculated. This torture lasted for two weeks. I was like an addict I wanted more and more every day. I was trying to peep at Tracie when she was taking shower (I could see hell nothing), now and then I came to the study as if to take a book to read. When I could no longer stand it I figured out I needed a hand drill.

When Tracie was out studying, I began drilling a hole in the wall. It took me an hour to make a hole of almost an inch in diameter. There were bookshelves in the library that hid it. I rearranged some books on the shelf to expose more space for me to watch. So, I had a window to the world of my innocent step mother. The hole wasn’t noticeable in my room either. There was a poster that covered it. I had thought everything over. I was very clever. But the most important thing was that I managed to do it all till she got back home.

When I heard the front door open I got back in bed. My heart was beating very fast, though I wasn’t aroused. There was a fear that my plan would be revealed and I’ll be punished for it, you know the feeling offspring usually have when they do something wrong. She was alone. She took off her coat (I heard it rustle) and went to the bathroom. She was taking a shower. I was waiting for some thirty minutes while she was busy in the kitchen. She was drinking milk (she loved it a lot). Then she finally went to the study. I was thrilled with delight watching her through the hole. I could see everything well. I saw the couch, the armchair. So, I could see all the places she could use for standing, sitting, lying on.

I saw her in her blue gown. She was walking round the room, then she took her bag and got her cosmetics bag out of it. It took her time to put on the makeup. She was sitting on the couch. I was leering at her legs and neck. Then she took her notes and a book from the shelf, now she was lying on the couch, reading.
I was playing with my dickhead for a while, till I got tired of it. Nothing interesting was happening behind the wall. It was once that she reached for the phone when somebody called. The only thing I managed to see was her hip. That was all actually. I closed the hole back when dad came home.

They were making love at night. I heard specific sounds behind the wall. I was lying in my bed, I was all sweat, but I couldn’t peep. It was some boundary I couldn’t cross. And I guess I never will. It was the boundary marked by our blood, by blood of my dad and mine. Anyway, my cock was rocky hard when I woke up next morning. I heard some noise behind the wall. I pressed my ear to the wall but couldn’t understand what the sounds stood for. I decided to look in through my “magic window”. My innocent stepmother was standing in the middle of the room. She was dressed. She was wearing a jacket and jeans, she’d probably got back from the university. She was bare-footed. Her guest was holding her right foot in his hand. He was sitting on the couch. She gave him her foot as a lady gives a hand to kiss. The guy was holding the slim white foot in his one hand, watching it closely, caressing it with his fingers, fondling her snow-white ankle. Sticky and thick juice burst from inside of me. The blanket was wet. Totally satisfied, I flung back on the pillow. My body was satisfied, but my heart was aching. Why?

Still enchanted by the view of her bare foot I went to the bathroom. I washed my hairy pubis. I was washing it as if I were a surgeon washing my hands before an operation. There were all different creams, deodorants, tubes on the shelf at the sink. They were all hers. I squeezed some cream on my nipple to feel like I were her. I guess I fucked up. The cock was hard again, that was all I could feel. OK. I went to the kitchen. I waved my hand and my dad’s cup of coffee broke into pieces. It was all pieces, actually. I saw the girl in the doorway. She was looking worried.

-What’s up?

I was leering at her chin. I was afraid to look into her eyes. She was wearing her damn short gown. When did she change clothes? I don’t know. What a shame! I was looking at the floor. I saw my favorite Knees (right with capital “K”!). The sunlight was resting on her skin. Her soft caves, oh, god…

-It’s such a pity, – she whispered, tucking up he toes, it was so funny!

My pecker got even harder, I was standing, smiling.

-What’s wrong? – She asked. She looked down on my prick. – Is it gonna bust?

She was mocking at me. I was still smiling.

-You clean, – she added.

She went out of the room. Her hips weren’t swaying at all. It was so strange. I got back to my room and got myself busy with peeping at her. I found another advantage of hers. I could hear something of their conversation, including kissing…
I saw the guy kissing her neck. He was such an ordinary guy. He was whispering something to her. I bet he was swearing to love her forever, fucking asshole. I felt offended. She was sitting beside him, giving him to kiss her neck, looking up in the sky. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Cheater! “Enough.” She stood up. I was fondling my cock, waiting for the continuation. It was all in vein. Something was going on between them. He was whispering something; she was trying to break him off. I wasn’t in a hurry to cum, I wanted to see the end of the “film”.

A knock on the door. She ran away from the room. All I could see was the student’s sad face. She was out for long. My phallus was waiting. She was back. She quarreled with the student and he left. So, we were alone. I was lying in my bed. The room smelled of pills and medicines. I was pretending to sleep. My neck was aching. My balls were aching too. She was behind the wall. It was silent there. An hour passed by. It can’t last longer, I said to myself. But I couldn’t do anything. I was all stiff, sweating. I don’t know why but I was afraid and felt so disgusting as if I could foresee the things that would happen next.

I can’t say how much time had passed. I felt draft on my hot forehead. I knew for sure the study was empty, and Tracie wasn’t there. Something was to happen. She opened the door to my room, not knocking. I guess she had been standing before my room for a long time, thinking, hesitating, maybe. I don’t know what made her do it.

She was looking sad. She was looking at me inquiringly. I was lying under the blanket. I had no pants on. My throbbing knob was trying to lift the blanket. Tracie came up to my bed. She sat on the bed edge. Funny. Her eyes were red, had shy been crying? Her bare knee was right in front of my face. I could feel her soft smell in my room. She was driving me mad.

-Does it hurt?

Her hand was lying on my hip. I didn’t know what to say. I felt I was about to cry. I was a 22-year-old man, crying in front of a slim girl in a blue gown, in front of my dad’s wife! She saw the tears nobody had ever seen before. Tracie was holding my hand in hers, kissing it. I felt her warm lips on my skin. Her lashes were wet – she was also crying.

-We’re such crybabes, – she said quietly.

Her eyes were so close. Her pupils were widened. She was breathing heavily, licking my nose like a dog. Nose first, then my cheeks, eyes, my face was burning under her hot tongue. I could feel sour smell of milk on her lips. She stopped kissing me. We were looking at each other.

-It’s difficult without her, right? – Tracie said. She meant my mom. She never knew her.

-Not any more, – I said sullenly, feeling like trading my mom.

She sobbed.

-What do you want?

I heard despair in her voice. I couldn’t say a word; I could only feel like crying again. Man, it was awful, I thought I couldn’t cry anymore.

-Do, … do whatever you want and I’ll go.

She stood up from the bed, pulling off the gown. I could no longer see her ankles, but I could see her girl-like body. Her hips are so slim, I thought that moment. Her small breasts with pink nipples were no less arousing as a black string of bush on her pubis.

She knew what I wanted. She came up very close to me, still hesitating. I took her by her buttocks, they were unexpectedly firm. My head felt dizzy with desire to feel them up till my fingers hurt. I was pressing my face against her stomach. I felt her muscles pulse under her skin. I began licking her body like a pup or something. I was spreading salty saliva all over her slim body, getting to my favorite knees, then back to her armpits, then back again to her toes. She lay on the bed with her back to face me. I lay on her, spreading her buttocks, impaling her on my pulsing cock. She was crying of pleasure, raising her butt up for me to enter deeper. I started ramming her, trying to get as deep inside her as possible.

When I’m fucking a girl all my sense are acute to the limit. Maybe that’s why I managed to hear the front door open while my stepmother was crying, cumming. Then everything was very fast. Tracie was bucking under me, cumming, then she put on her gown in a hurry to go and see my dad in downstairs, as all good wives are supposed to.

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10 Responses to “Stepson”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Did this guy really fuck his step mother? What about his father? He doesn’t have any decency, it’s so unfair and mean! I remember I loved my friend’s mother, she was 15 years older than me, once during a birthday we all got drunk and it was too late to go home, so I stayed at my friend’s and we were sleeping in a room with his mother, we were lying on one bed, his mother, her son and I! So, what do you think I did? You’re right! When my friend fell asleep I started licking his mother’s pussy, she didn’t stop me, she was just moaning sweetly, I was afraid that my friend could wake up but I kept on licking her pussy she had an orgasm and then I stuck my dick into her pussy and fucked her! I was fucking her while my friend was snoring close to us, he still doesn’t know about it. That’s how I fucked my friend’s mother!

  2. Dairren Says:

    Hey, that’s not nice to fuck your father’s wife, even if she is a stepmother to you!!!



  4. PFC Espinoza Says:

    wat r u fags talkin about? pussy is pussy.If n e 1 is 2 blame its the chick, because she offered.if 1 of u “guys” were in the same position, i doubt u wood turn her down.

  5. Cooltouch180 Says:

    How about d guy in her she was kissing, i was thinking she saw him tru d hole and wantd threesome.
    Is there a PART 2

  6. Cooltouch180 Says:

    Na wa oh.
    The boy no even fuck her whel, the way she for fix appointment for another fuck.
    2 bad

  7. Danthe man Says:

    I think the son and dad should both do her at the same time, a nice slut stepmom like that would prob love a bit of father and son DP. she could have 2 generations of spunk in one go …lol

  8. bighead Says:

    crazy stepmother!! i think better she go da hell…thats all.

  9. CummiBear Says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with their behavior. It just happened. Sex is not evil.

  10. Nabzz Says:

    Me if my stepmother gave me her ass i would fuck her till death

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