December 1st, 2007

When your husband doesn’t satisfy you, the only one you can turn to is your female friend, you can share your problems with her and she’s sure going to find a way to help you.

Rita was wearing erotic sexy lingerie that fitted her very well and stressed her slim body. She was lying on the soda bored. It was all about her husband who was suspiciously late. He would advance her at once when saw his wife lying like that. His brown cock turned red standing straight like a spear; it was like he was gonna fuck her brains out. He stripped her panties away, and pulled in her cunt. Rita moaned and moved towards him accepting more of his flesh in there. After several furious thrusts he came: it was fast, he twitched and fell onto her. Sex, as she might call it, couldn’t be notable for its diversity at all. It was routine set of several movements that end as always. Rita turned away looking at the wall. Her eyes filled with sadness and sorrow. She was so expecting form this night, but….

Though Rita had tried to bring up a problem concerning their sexual life for several times, but she didn’t succeed. In vain. She was hinting at different sex literature etc, but her husband kept referring on that she had had an awkward shape of a vagina, so that’s why their sex life couldn’t be better. As he said, he had had lots of women for sex before he met Rita and never faced such problems at all. Repeated attempts to diversify their sex failed at the very beginning. Husband didn’t crave for satisfying her burning passion. He was her first man, and she trusted him sincerely, that’s why she had to accept this situation.

Once, when husband was away, one girlfriend of hers came to see Rita. They spent the whole evening over a bottle of wine. It was very late when there started some porn on TV. Seeing this Rita reached out for a console to change the channel, but Vera stopped her:

- Don’t you like porn?

- Actually I do, but I think it’s… she mumbled something inarticulate and dropped her eyes

And then Vera noticed Rita’s eyes were full of grief and sorrow. No sooner had she opened her mouth to remark as Rita’s eyes burst out with tears and she buried her face into her palms.

- Oho! It’s not OK! Come on. Tell me everything! I’m your best friend!

As Vera was listening to Rita’s story her astonishment was growing with every new word. At last she just exploded with anger:

- Fucking asshole! It is not enough that he is coming very fast, but this idiot is making you suffer! Should kill this fool!

- Don’t say it! I love him!

- But he doesn’t love you! This cynical selfish cretin would make you cry over and over!

- May be I have something wrong?

- Something wrong? Don’t make me laugh! On the last days of your life I would be closer to you than this selfish idiot! Show me it!

- No!

- Show! Come on!

Vera was a very nice girl, she was beautiful, and though her life was rather far from OK, any way she felt responsibility for Rita. She was like a model from some site, tall, sexy and slim. Her brown hair fell onto he shoulders confined with fillet. She was sitting in her shirt mini skirt that hardly covered her secret place.

Rita opened her robe and opened her legs slightly. This conversation made her pussy get wet and feel excitement.

- Now we are gonna check this out: Vera smiled: let’s see what we have here! And suddenly she touched her pussy with a tongue.

- What are you doing? Rita Cried out

- Don’t be afraid! We are gonna do some examination: and smiled playfully.

Then she went on pleasing her hussy. It was like a wave of pleasure that covered her entirely. Rita had already stopped resisting and just let her body shudder with delight. In a period of a mere minute she came and her body pulsed.

- How long you have not had orgasms?

- Long ago! It’s been an entire life! Rita confessed

- I want you now! Take it easy, honey! It’s all right!

And Vera pulled Rita to her lying on the carpet at the same time. When she settled on the floor and spread her legs wide, Rita fell onto her pussy to lick it and enjoy. Soon Vera began to moan hardly, and then she begged:

- Squeeze my nipples!

This request made Rita turn on once again, and she obeyed. Making her way along Vera’s body, kissing and licking every piece of it, then, she squeezed her nipples so that Vera came furiously. Her orgasm was stormy and tempestuous. By this time Rita was leaking with juices, sweat poured down her ass and belly, she set her hands against the sofa’s edge, opened her legs and moved towards Vera, her tipsy girlfriend guessed what Rita was about and moved the same way too. They met close with both pussies rubbing each other, and started rubbing them till they came simultaneously.

- Listen to me! Uttered Vera in a few minutes: she was lying on the carpet smoking: how about giving your man a good lesson!

- How?

- He said that you are not OK, right? But I am, I am fine. So let him fuck me! Then we will see what the reason is! You may spy on him, if you are not jealous, of course! She smiled ironically.

- Yeahh, she replied soon: I’d like to watch it! And Rita’s eyes sparkled

Girls were planning upcoming intrigue until got tired and went to bed.

In the morning they were awakened by a door ring.

- It’s strange, my husband must come late at night: said Rita

- Open the door! Or you have someone else up there: he husband’s voice resounded

- Two of them! Rita grumbled heading for the door. At this moment Vera waved her hands:

- Let’s do it now!

- Now???

- Yeahh, sure! She rushed to the door absolutely nude

- You? Rita’s husband sounded confused: but how…

- I’m waiting for you! I have some questions! Vera smiled: you said Rita had some troubles with her… she pointed at her pussy. But I don’t! Come on, you, stud! Show me your force!

This guy was on the verge as his jeans shaped a bulge down there. He stood still like a column, Vera approached him, and set on her knees, and put this warm flesh onto her tits. All this time Rita was standing behind the closet door spying.

- So nice and massive! I think it needs some work. She set him free from his cloth bondage, leaving him naked as well. She then started sucking on his shaft watching his reaction from beneath.

- You like it, yeahh? She cooed

- Wow, it feels so good! This man seemed to forget that there might be his wife near by

It lasted for 5 minutes until he came and he dropped a load on her face. She swallowed his cum.

- What is it? Is it just a pre cum? You came so fast! And went on sucking on him again

- Let me go… he croaked

- Go! She released his dick. And she made her way to the bathroom to wash up while Rita’s husband remained standing in the middle of the room alone

- Put your cloth on, Casanova! Exclaimed Rita entering the room and followed her girlfriend.

- Well, you made sure? Asked Vera when Rita joined her

- Let’s have some fun? asked Rita

- What about your,,,

- Fuck him! He is out for this day! Done!

Nude babes rushed out and ran to the bed room. They settled on the bed and began to please one another with tongues. After a while husband came into the room: he was hard on and his shaft trembled slightly. Girls simply opened their mouths.

- See, he wants some more! Now it’s your turn Vera said

Rita approached him over the bed, took her left boob and began to pass it over his cock. Vera came up from behind and squeezed her nipples hard.

- Lay down, on the bed: she commanded

Husband obeyed and lay on the bed. Rita settled onto him, put his meat into her pussy and began ridding him. She was moving furiously so that poor guys came very soon. He tried to stop her, but Vera kept holding him tight. Despite he was trying to set his cock free from her pussy clutches, he couldn’t even move. She was fucking his flabby shaft making it drain his balls with more sperm. it lasted for a half an hour, until she came, a wave of orgasm flitted across her whole body what made her black out and fell on the pillow next to her husband.

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