Southern stories

September 3rd, 2007

A woman in the south meets lots of men in Internet and lets them fuck her the way they want. She loves fucking and she is set to finding the best lover, she finds him and she is happy!

Actually I was well prepared for the trip, I placed my info on the dating site with a picture added showing my butt, it was more decent than the main one but…. there were lots of calls and messages afterwards.

In a while, I managed to find time to see one of the most active new acquaintances of mine… I must say I will never regret I did!

He was like an explosive mixture of hurricane and tsunami. As soon as I had some spare time I exchanged dinner for the date and called him. His portfolio read he liked butt fucking and watching women during doing that. Well, we’ll see.

Alex, that is his name, gave me a lift from the suburb to his mansion. I was shocked to see a large dog cell before the front door. We had to pass by a huge Rottweiler. An idea stroke me right away that there was no way out if my master did not want it. It was scary, exciting and arousing at once!

The first thing I liked was that he made the clean bed, gave me a clean towel. Alex joined me when I was in the shower. He began touching, kissing me. When we were back in the room I saw a cucumber in the condom. Is that for me?! Oh, I like toys and games.

He laid me on the bed kneading everywhere. Caressing was intensive, active, I felt him by every bit of my bod. He asked me to get down on my knees, that was his favorite, yeah, I like it too!!! I got on my knees facing him, bent down and sucked his pecker while he was bending over me and entering my asshole with the cucumber. Wow!

It turned me on. I did not really know why, but the more he tortured my butt, the more I sucked, licked and fondled his dick. He was growling. He turned me around and entered from the rear. His shaft was huge, he entered deep inside. I shrieked, he kissed me on the lips, ouch.

Now I was on my back, the show must go on. He banged in my ass, pussy, deeper, it was hot…! Finally I needed a break, and he let me go.

I bent over the sink in the bathroom, splashed some water in my face and felt his hands on my hips. Unexpectedly he owned me. What was I left to do? I clutched on the bath moaning loudly. He came growling like a Leo or a tiger. He almost lifted me up on his cock!

We walked to the bed. He was satisfied, it was obvious. I flung myself on the bed. Oh, it was good. Alex sat at my feet starting to finger me. I did not cum in the bathroom so I willingly got involved in a new game.

He got deeper, I felt there were several fingers in me. I was whispering something when he entered my vagina with his hand. Oh, that was unbelievable! He opened me spreading my lubrication, sucking it. And he entered balling his hand into a fist, stretching the pussy. It felt like my own self turned into a puss, which wanted a non-stop fuck.

Moaning I told him he could twist the hand, oh, my… so many sensations, I can not find words to describe. It was amazing! As soon as I came, he told me to bend down. I did, though I was weak in my knees. My hole was in his hands, and his hard-on in mine. Seemed, he came even more that the first time. It was fast, luckily for me, as I could hardly do anything after my orgasm.

He took me back home. I was silent and exhausted. He was speaking all the way. I wanted to see him again, I liked him. A lot.

Number two

It was very odd with Michael, at least from my blog perspective. Usually, people first read my blog and then chat with me on the internet. And the luckiest ones get to see me personally. This satiation was the total opposite to the rest.

We met on the dating site. Three days were more than enough for us to exchange dozens of pics, messages. So we clearly understood what we wanted to do together. Then we met. And only after that I gave him my blog link.

Finally, I had a chance to escape with him for a couple of hours. He promised to come with a friend, but unfortunately, the friend was busy that time.

On my way to the dating site I got a “take off your panties” message. “It is impossible. I’m on my way, but don’t worry, I am wearing a thong,” was my answer.

Oh, here we were. Michael was tall with beautiful wide shoulders, rather handsome, just like his photo on the site. We were driving somewhere along the wonderfully picturesque road between the sea and the mountains. His hand was caressing my leg. Yeah, baby, it turns me on. We were discussing fisting. He suddenly raised his hand.

- Is my hand big?
- Oh, yes, it is, for sure
- Will it get in?
- I do not know.

We got to a motel along the road. I undressed. I did have black thong with a rose in the back and a black bra on. In a minute I was naked, and he was holding my boob in his large palm (it was really, really large!). Breasts are not my main erogenic zones, but he fondled them arousing me. But shower first, maybe event together and then straight to bed!

He slid down to my pussy. Oh, his tongue was so sweet! It was tender and careful at one moment and sharp, persistent and playful at the other. He was licking so well that I forgot about the world around and only wished him to go on and on.

He turned around somewhat hanging over me, making real 69. I grasped his hard-on with my lips. He continued to fondle my snatch fingering me in the both holes. He came first, I followed him. He was skillful, I must say. I am not the one to come quickly, you know.

Break, but I wanted more. I turned around and started playing with his nipples and penis, moving slowly, fast, slowly again. I was licking him around, playing with my fingers. I reached his hole, he was not resistant. One lubricated finger, one more. Two fingers were enough for him. I could go deeper reaching the men’s favorite zone, oh, I wish my fingers were longer. They could only reach the prostate edge; I could already distinguish that “nut”, but could not knead it properly. Anyway, he seemed to like it. I was pinching his cock, when he suddenly stopped me. That was a pity; I could do it much longer.

I found my self lying with my legs wide open on the bed. He wanted fisting. Oh, God, I could not handle it! Even his four fingers were more that enough for me.

He spread lubrication on me. I started to feel like fisting too. He began to stretch wider and wider, he literally filled me with his hand. Was he in? Yes, he was. I begged him to make a fist. Ooooooh! I gave hism advice how to move inside. I could hardly speak but moan.

His hand was so huge pressing against all the sides. He pulled the hand out. Why? “Just to get back again,” he said smiling impaling me on his palm. It was not painful anymore.

I wanted to get butt-fucked. He entered my hole with four fingers. Trust me, four fingers in the puss are nothing compared with four fingers in the butt. I came on his hand. It was beautiful! And very fast. He could make me come like he had known all my zones for some 10 years or so.

We wanted to meet another time. But there was no time. Damn work, as always.

Number three

My vacation passed so fast. I wanted to get some more southern Cuban adventures, Alex wanted the same, but had to leave on a business trip that lasted three days longer that it was supposed to. Finally, I got mail reading that he was back for another day to meet with me.

By the end of the next day we could spend some time together. We could have done it earlier, but he was terribly busy with some new clients.

It was show time, I jumped in his car and we headed somewhere away from work, phones, people. It was dark. We were surrounded by stars, mountains, music… He unzipped my jeans and entered me with his fingers.

-What are you doing? You should be driving!
- Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.

I slid down the chair a bid and moved my legs apart. It was perfect. Suddenly an old friend of mine called me, saying he missed me in my blog. I told him what I was doing at the moment, it began to feel even better!

Here we were. The same mansion, the same god. Everything was very familiar, like it was my own house. I was holding my jeans, hey were still unzipped.

I showed Alex my new purchase, musical balls almost 2 inches in diameter. He liked it. We were kissing. I desperately wanted him. No more games, let’s get it on! I had already soaked my panties wet. He entered me like a hurricane, it was deep, strong. I cupped him with my arms and legs. “Get on your knees,” he said. I did, pressing my head against the bed back with my finger on the love button. He entered me with my balls first, they were knocking inside. He owned me from behind.

Seemed, he was not ramming me, but hooking me on his prick. It was very strong, deep, and fast. Balls followed his tempo in my twat. More.. Do me that fast and that strong. I was throbbing on his dick, squeezing and vibrating inside. We came almost simultaneously.

We had a rest talking, kissing and hugging. He sat across the bed recumbently. I tried to cup him lying on my side with my knees pressing his back, head on his knees. He embraced me caressing my back. I sucked in his cock.

-Look what I’ve found?
-What is it?
-I guess it is a penis!
-Where? No way!

We were laughing, I started to blow him. He got between my legs playing with my lips and clit. Then he put me on his legs head down at the bed edge. My ass was facing him. He began to finger me. I can not say for sure how many fingers were involved and what exactly he did with them… I was at the verge of bliss. I grasped his legs, bucking, crying. He never stopped but pressed me tighter against the bed. It was so scrumptious, so sweet! He never forgot to remind me he was looking at me, he told me how beautiful my butt and my cunt were, told me how he entered them, called me the pretty girl he never wanted to stop drilling.

Now he is far away from me and we’ll never meet again. It is horrible. I want to see his eyes, hear his voice, his words, get on my knees for him. It was my best night in the south. Oh, Alex, I want to see you again, if not in this life that in all others!

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  1. Bond Says:

    Well, it’s really hard for a woman to find a guy who can satisfy her, I feel sorry that the story ends and a babe is alone again, but I am sure she’ll find someone to fuck her pussy!

  2. joe Says:

    vien sur cete adresse [email protected] pour on discute de sex

  3. yash Says:

    great work sweetiii

  4. cholex Says:


  5. Porn King Says:

    That was a very good story. But if I may add it was drug out some. Please continue writing.

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