Right in the changing room!

November 21st, 2008

This girl meets a guy who likes to work out, well, he’s going to do a great work out in her pussy and she’ll definitely luv it!

Actually I don’t know why I’m writing all this. Probably because I just have something interesting to tell you.

I’m a student at university and have a part-time job. I’m going to be a fashion designer but work as a waitress. A bit contrasting, isn’t it? I like looking perfect that’s why besides working I do some sport. I prefer aerobics but last year I used to go jogging at the stadium near my home.

At the very first day when I started jogging I saw this guy. He looked handsome with long wavy hair. He was dressed well but for some reason he was sweeping the yard. I wondered what made him make a living this way.

When I first ran past him he obviously noticed me. Of course, he didn’t stop working or stood staring at me, no! He kept on sweeping but gave me glances from time to time. As for me I pretended to be interested exclusively in sport. I’d been jogging for a half an hour and then went home to have a shower and get ready for the university.

The next morning wanted to see him again. And he was there! With a broom again. A strange yardman, I would say… I ran a few circles around the stadium and then squatted to have a rest. Neither far from him nor close. I didn’t want him to understand I needed his attention.

He started sweeping the stadium in my direction and soon was near me. We greeted each other and he asked if I really liked that morning jogging. I don’t remember what I replied but to continue the conversation I asked why he did that job. He turned to be a night watch man at college but now had to sweep the territory as the yardman was ill. I said that watchman was not the best job for a young guy. He laughed and told me that was a part-time job for he was a student. He studied at the same university but the department was different and he was a year older than me. We got acquainted. His name was Dave.

The next morning he didn’t come. I realized it was his day off and decided to wait for his workday. He appeared two days after. We met as old friends and talked a lot. That day I didn’t jog as we chatted until 7 a.m. Then he told me he had to go. I hoped he would ask me for a date but he didn’t. Possibly he wasn’t so interested in me. It offended me a bit. I know that men like me. It is clear when you work as a waitress.

The next morning we met again. We talked a lot as usual and then he said he was going to quit this job as he had found a better one. To tell you the truth I was taken aback. It meant that if we didn’t agree to meet today we could never meet again! The only idea I had was to tell him I had hurt my foot while running.

He took me to the building of the college where he worked. We entered the gym and he led me to the shower room. I washed myself there but decided not to put on a trainer and hoped back to the gym. I told Dave I had to dry the blister foot.

We sat on a low bench, very close to each other. He wasn’t stupid and understood what was going on. A few minutes later he dared to embrace me. I had a feeling he was inexperienced in sex for he was disrobing me too slowly. I would say he was a little irresolute.

He carried me to the mats. Having spread our clothes under us we lay on them absolutely naked. There was an hour ahead before teachers or students arrived. So, we had plenty of time. Dave started kissing my breasts so tenderly that made me excited a lot, I was ready for everything at that moment. However, he was in no hurry and kept on caressing me. I restrained myself as long as I could but then I got his cock and started kissing it.

We made love for a long time. When he entered me I realized that in fact he was very experienced. I’d never felt anything of that kind before! I had come three times while he was enjoying me. And when he ejaculated I climaxed again.

We lay for some time recovering our breath. Turning on my side I saw three girls sitting on the bench near the changing room watching us!!! I pointed at them but Dave just laughed as an idiot! We got dressed quickly and ran away. As for the girls they didn’t react in any way. They were just sitting and smiling as if they were in the cinema!

We started dating regularly but about a year later we parted. He moved to another city and sometimes writes me. Frankly speaking I miss him loads! But everything is over for now…

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