Photo studio

October 25th, 2007

It’s nice to work in as a photographer in a photo-studio, you get to take pictures of the pretty models and if you are lucky, you can get more than that!

I work in a photo studio. I’m a manager there. My duties include supplying photographers with films and different necessary stuff. Sometimes, when the administrative assistant is too busy I also answer phone calls and do similar stuff about the office. But sometimes I get some more pleasant tasks, like, for example, to meet models and show them to the dressing room. Models always put on airs. They get a lot of money for every hour of work and are not really talkative with such small potatoes like I am.

I met Angela last week. She was also a model and I was totally sure she was as self-assured and pompous as other models. She looked just great. She had some oriental features and snow white skin. She wasn’t tall, she was some 5.4 ft, I guess. She was wearing an expensive grey business suit. She really looked like wow. Moreover, she was wearing white gloves, though I couldn’t get why she had them cuz it was pretty warm. Soon I found everything out.

Our agency offered her a job, in spite of her small height. They wanted her body. They wanted her hands, if to be exact. When they were through with shooting, it was me who had to take the film to get developed and then get photos back to the studio. Angela had some business in downtown and I agreed to give her a ride.

So we were going along the highway on that sunny day. We were just in the middle of a huge traffic jam. (When I say “we”, I mean me Angela and a film box). We were talking. Angela was telling me how expensive it was to change the transmission in her Saab Turbo X. Judging by the price, when she bought the transmission her car would be five times faster than mine.

-Think. Isn’t my speed not fast enough for you? – I said.

My remark seemed to both of us to be a bit ambiguous. That made us feel free with each other. She kept on talking about cars when I had to brake as some asshole was running across the street right in front of my car. My hand touched her glove. I squeezed her hand slightly. She seemed to be perplexed for a moment but then her hand slipped out of mine.

I was watching the road. I didn’t notice her hand get closer to my hip. It was a big turn on when I felt her hand lying on my leg. My cock immediately became rocky hard. I was so surprised that almost got in a car crash.

-You can’t drive! – She shouted.

-Well, then show me how to do it, – I said rudely.

I was to go to a photo lab first. We parked by the building and Angela insisted on going in with me. She said she’d never seen a film get developed. Michael, head of the lab, said it would take him some 45 minutes to develop the film. He told me I could show Angela round the lab. I did. I opened the door and pushed Angela to enter the room. It was dark in there. I locked the door and turned on the light. It became pinky red in the room. I was getting ready to explain what chemicals were used while developing.

Angela turned to me. The light made her skin shine.

-You know the only thing I care about here is YOUR one. Can you show me how it works? – Angela said, switching off the light.

It was dark again. Her hands were cupping my neck in a sec, and we were kissing. I got my hand under her skirt, and I was damn glad to find out she had no panties on. While I was caressing her back, she undid my belt, pulled off my pants, and set my aroused phallus free. Suddenly I realized that bitch wasn’t going to dress off! She was still having her fucking gloves on! I took her in my arms. I put her on the table. Her legs were round my waist. My dick was fucking her warm vagina. I felt her vagina muscles contract responding to my frictions.

Her small hands were embracing my body. I don’t know how but I managed to last till I heard her moaning. It meant she was on the verge of cumming. When I felt her bucking and moaning, I spurted a gob of cum in her pussy. She never let me go. We heard Michael’s voice in a while:

-Hey, Alen, I’m done.

-We gotta go, babe, – I whispered to Angela.

I took my shaft out of her pussy. She jumped off the table, came up to the light switch and set her skirt right. We went out of the room. I took photos from Mike’s office. Then we went out on the street. I gave her a ride.

-OK, bye.

That was all. I was to get back to my office. The top manager was waiting for the pics. He looked at his watch and said:

-Hey, buddy, you’re pretty fast! No extra business on the way, hah?

-No, sir. – I replied. – Business is business.

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